14 Best Video Editing Tools You Must Know

Video Editing

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Are you passionate about video editing?

You do not need to be an expert editor to bring your ideas to life in this digital era.

The most popular user-generated platforms help even non-professionals to try out video production.

Online video editing tools are easily accessible and make the process much easier. Customers these days love to watch short videos instead of reading articles. This is turning video marketing into a new trend, and most companies are using these tools to increase their business.

In recent years there has been an explosion in technology and platforms. Creating and distributing videos have become very easy these days. There are numerous videos released every day.

Video Editing tools

But why is this video retouching important?

  • The process helps in confirming that your audience gets the actual message
  • A consistent flow of the video narrates the actual sequence of the video, helping it to make sense
  • Reducing minor glitches takes place during the process
  • A perfectly edited final output can tempt the viewers to view it again.

Even beginners can easily create and edit visuals with several video editing software available. This article will let you understand more about those video editing tools.

  1. FlexClip

    • Best suited for the short presentations and ads
    • It is easy to use and comes with various customizable templates
    • It has powerful tools and resources and can help you personalize your visuals
    • You can add text, effects, and filters to add more fun
    • Easy to navigate interface
    • It has a large template library
    • Stickers, overlay options, and animated text to jazz up your video
    • It has an option to record voiceovers directly.
  2. Magisto- best for marketing & brand videos

    • One of the easiest online video-makers to use.
    • There are prompts to guide you through the process.
    • Uses AI and puts video together in minutes with minimal inputs
    • Enriched with stylish fonts, ready to use palettes, and transitions
    • Easy navigation and customization with an option to download HD videos
  3. WeVideo

    • It’s a cloud-based editor with a massive music library
    • Many online tools like screen recording, motion titles, green screens, etc.
    • Easy to use, simple, and intuitive tool
    • You can upload videos to any cloud services and then access them
    • Available for everyone to use and allows multiple people to work on the same project
    • After working on your visuals, you can easily download it or leave it on any cloud service
  4. HitFilm Express

    HitFilm Express
    • Simple software with professional visual effects and tutorials with motion tracking and several cropping tools
    • There is an auto stabilizer to make every footage look amazing
    • Audio mixer for fine-tuning sound for professional-quality output
    • Different transition options, such as zoom, push and dissolve
  5. DaVinci Resolve

    DaVinci Resolve
    • Specially designed for advanced professional editors
    • Single production tool combining audio post-production, color correction, professional 8K editing, and visual effects
    • Saves time when retouching and trimming with intelligent auto-editing
    • Facial recognition to detect faces in your clips
    • Quick navigation, trimming, and cutting are easily possible with this software
  6. Moovly

    • Create any great videos with Moovly, as it has custom templates.
    • Have options of text-to-speech support, speed up or slow down, automated video generation, etc.
    • This tool has accustomed branding and also a green screen removal.
  7. Wave.video

    • Has a simple interface and an easy drag and drop feature
    • Allows to import visuals and clips from other sources
    • The best online editor that allows you to customize templates
    • A higher level of customization is the special feature
    • Millions of royalty-free stock images & visuals
  8. Shotcut

    • Support for the latest audio and visual formats
    • Allows users to import files directly with native timeline editing
    • The multi-format timeline that helps match and mix frame rates and resolutions
  9. Mixmoov

    • One of the simplest and easy to understand video editing tools
    • It gives the editor a white-labeled visual editing online toolbox.
    • Special features include transitions, sound effects, visuals, frame-level cuts, etc.
  10. Lightworks

    • Efficient online video editing software
    • Has amazing features like YouTube exporting, precision trimming, etc.
    • It supports a wide range of video formats
    • Simple, high-quality trim functions and speed optimization help to edit
    • Real-time project sharing gets possible
    • Easy sharing, Facebook, Instagram, etc. with fast export feature
  11. Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush
    • Add transitions with easy click and drag
    • There are built-in templates for editing and adding polished titles
    • The best option is to make quick video logs on your phone
    • Easy creation of engaging video content to grow the customer base
  12. Adobe Premiere Pro

    Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Most well-known editing software for Windows
    • Packed with special effects, transitions, audio synchronization
    • New functions can be incorporated without reinstalling
  13. Kaltura

    • First open-source online editing platform
    • An easy to understand interface
    • It can be conveniently used even by amateurs
    • Provides support for open-source community-supported solutions


Online video makers can turn a fine video into an excellent marketing tool. It helps in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Hope the above-detailed compilation of some of the best video editing tools will help you make your workflow more efficient and streamlined.

Keep this article handy next time you need any new video retouching or post-production software. This comprehensive guide will help you find the best one to include in your video post-production workflow.

In case you require any kind of additional support in editing your video projects, you may reach out to expert external agencies. These professional video post-production companies offer high-end video editing services to a varied clientele and have diverse domain knowledge. Take help from these external teams and get professionally edited videos at a fast turnaround time. Good luck!