E-Publishing solutions for educational sector

MAPSystems blazes the trail in the domain of specialized educational publishing with state of the art technological interventions and best in class expertise aimed at enriching the value of bespoke solutions. We as a seasoned ePublishing solutions teamrelying on innovation, market insights and experience to develop productive and streamlined solutions for higher education, K-1 and professional sectors.

Our complete array of academic solutions and cutting edge services are intended at helping instructors, pedagogic experts and students more value additions. We believe in making learning more experiential, efficient and robustly administered. Teams with us strive relentlessly and do everything possible for the same.

We have formidable experience in the field of educational publishing. Our digital conversion experts hail from illustrious academic backdrops and can hence work on the project by accurately understanding the needs. We extend help at all phases encompassing planning, designing, implementing, and following-up. We cater according to the precise requirements of clients and can intuitively understand their expectations through our rich expertise in this domain.

Ready to deploy interactive eLearning solutions

MAPSystems have customized ebook conversion services and solutions for educational institutions and businesses of various scales. We believe in optimally coming with innovative approach, foresight, market trends, and contemporary technologies to provide best in class solutions to our onshore and offshore clients.

STM (Scientific Technical Medical)

MAPSystems caters meticulously to the epublishing requirements of Scientific/ Technical/ Medical (STM) fraternity members. The contemporary processes are uniquely designed to streamline and ramp up the efficiency of production and composition jobs of highly specialized nature. We assist seamlessly in the production of multiple output modes from inputted content through XML prioritized and integrated workflow. MAPSystems prides itself for being the provider of world class and cutting edge digital STM publishing solutions to top notch academic institutions, healthcare institutes, research facilities, and global enterprises. Our professionals work in close coordination with clients for developing tailored digital STM publishing modules aimed at prospective markets.

Pre K–12

A learner’s cognitive capabilities can be adequately enhanced through interactive didactic modules. MAPSystems blend CSS3 and HTML5 for transforming static learning content into dynamic, engaging and interaction oriented Pre K-12 eBooks that would hasten the pace of training and development across all stages from initial schooling to college levels. Extensive and individualized solutions are developed in aesthetically pleasing manner replete with images, attractive videos, purposeful games, puzzles etc. Our eBooks are compatible with all prevailing e-devices, operating systems and all major eBook publishing platforms.


MAPSystems offers an exhaustive bouquet of academic solutions ad relevant services intended to minister to the higher educational needs of learners. With global scenario in perspective, titles are converted into interactive eBooks for diverse topics pertaining to mathematics, science, history, political science, sociology, health, law and others. To make the content more user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate, we ensure that adequate provisions of interactive elements such as drag and drop, drop down, popup, video tutorial etc. are made. Interactive eBook conversion is in fact one of our main fortes.

ELT (English Language Teaching)

ELT publishers are extended concrete support by MAPSystems with state of the art solutions aimed at unique needs of diverse phases like elementary, intermediate, pre and upper intermediate etc. Customized ELT solutions can be seamlessly and deftly prepared from educational materials that contain high level of illustrations and are enriched with multimedia content.


MAPSystems has embraced sophisticated advances in technology to ramp up the process of journal production. An array of cutting edge and feature rich tools and solutions is applied for actuating the various stages of journal publication. We ensure that our technological interventions would curtail production turnaround time for publishers to help them gain a definitive edge in market at competitive prices. We hold the expertise of meticulously digitizing journals for various subjects of different complexity levels while steadfastly adhering to the editing and publishing recommendations.

Animation and simulation development

MAPSystems can efficiently develop animated and simulated prototypes that would help businesses in preparing engaging solutions by integrating them at various levels. 2D and 3D animations along with stimulating simulations would cause prospective audiences better respond to the call of action of companies. Practical scenarios can be lucidly articulated with visually enriched graphics, reverberating sound, educative diagrams, and multimedia enriched e-Content. We specialise in offering both 2d animation services and 3d animation services for education domain.

Learning Management System (LMS)

ELearning training modules can be effectively delivered by MAPSystems. We have the strategic blend of industry exposure, technological infrastructure, and adept manpower to assist businesses of all scales in creation, management and administration of e-courses. We are experts in offering the entire gamut of learning management system services and solutions with our services ranging from site setting-up, security provisions, learning system tailoring, installing plug-ins, migrating to servers to unabated after sales support.

Interactive Assessments Development

MAPSystems offers strategic assistance to academic institutions with K-12 framework through development of interactive assessment solutions. The aptitude of learners can be assessed by colleges, institutions and other educational bodies through modules embedded with features such as drag and drop, complete the blank space, true or false, short answers, multiple choice assessments and others. As per the specifications and expectations of clients, customized solutions are developed.

Mobile learning

MAPSystems hold the expertise in offering the complete spectrum of mobile oriented learning services intended to support educational bodies and businesses in offering cutting edge learning opportunities to aspirants through smartphones, tablets, Kindles and other e-devices. Our experts can develop interactive and feature rich academic and learning apps, engaging interaction based appraisals, game solutions etc. We cater to operating platforms and viewing devices of all types such as Android, Blackberry, Apple’s iOS etc.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We help in conversion of flash videos, SWF files, flash driven web portals, eLearning training modules, animations and e-learning content into HTML5 with interactive features so as to flawlessly make them accessible across all underlying viewing platforms and devices.

Industries we support

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Whether it is read aloud eBook conversion services or any other type of conversion needed for availing digitized education solutions, our experts can assure simply superior quality outputs. Reach us now!