ePublishing Services FAQ's

MAPSystems ever since it started has been covering a vast array of services which range from eBook creation to document conversions.

The eBook conversion segment involves

Apart from this, we also offer services including Flash Flip Books, Fixed layout and reflowable ebook conversions, are provided.

In the document conversion arena, the work spreads over data conversions, word processing, data formatting, digital prepress services, text conversions as well as conversions from different formats like HTML/XHTML, DTBook and XML.

Providing proficient services is our sole motto. We have a highly trained and qualified team which comprises of coders, editors, specialists in documentations, programmers, project leaders and multimedia specialists etc.

According to the specific requirements of each project, the team is shuffled and formulated to get the best results.

We use both machines and human coders for conversions, depending on the project need and time allotted. Machines make the task faster while human coders are more suitable in situations where the chances of unformatted output are high.

The reception and sending of files can happen in any possible electronic format with us; let it be MS Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Acrobat, TFF files, MS Excel or Acrobat, HTML and any other digital formats.

We are open to receive files in hard copy, through CD’S/DVD’S/, FTP and e-mails.

At our facility, the cost of epublishing project depends on the complexity of conversions dealt with, the text density, languages used, format changes, amount of images scanned and used.

Apart from these factors, source format used, complexities of title format, use of tables, graphs, illustrations, headers and footers and the expected output format determines the final cost.

Depending on the complexity of scripts, different languages need different methodologies for digitalization. The degree of challenge and complexity involved in integrating keys and tones for different languages leads to difference in cost.

Since every project differs in respect to the complexities involved, word count, project nature and specifications, the time taken will accordingly be determined. The use of images, charts, illustrations, graphs etc. increase the delivery time. Also, the layout choice and formatting specifications will be the influencing factors.

At MAPSystems we accept payments through PayPal which is our payment partner or through wire transfer. You will have to pay an additional surcharge when you make payments through your credit card or PayPal. Payments can also be made directly to our bank accounts.

We have taken sufficient measures to ensure the security and safety of our esteemed customer’s shared data. We host a Biometric control system and Camera surveillance. Signing of Non-Disclosure agreements with the staff and use of safe versions for data transfers leads to maximum safety.

To provide full assurance and to instil trust in our clients, we offer them a chance to avail a sample of our services. Not just this, we also sign an agreement with our clients which assures them of all the promises we make in a legal manner.

Once a project is assigned to us, our project leader takes the charge of formulating the apt team for the same. The contents are checked by QA executives after conversion happens before delivery. The entire process is undertaken under strict supervision for best results.

At MAPSystems be rest assured of the safety of your documents, we take all the necessary technical steps and even sign a confidentiality agreement for our clients satisfaction.

You can establish a contact MAPSystems through Skype, E-mail or a telephone call. You can also provide to us your contact details and our correspondents will call you, at your convenience.

The free applications which claim to perform the most diligent conversion actually perform a lot of formatting errors which need to be corrected with proofing of the document. These programmes are unable to preserve your initial format and often include unwanted text in the original file.

It is here that our services which help in generation of automated headers, footers and keeps the initial text and format intact becomes a preferred choice for those seeking perfection in their work.

Yes, we do. Incase if you need a cover design for an ebook, you can contact us by filing the form, our graphic design experts will design compelling covers for your digital books.

This is an additional service which we provide apart from our basic conversion service for which we don’t provide assistance directly however, we could suggest suitable channels.

We understand the value of your time and guarantee completion of work at the earliest, starting from the day we receive the book. It is quite possible that we may deliver before the estimated delivery date.

Yes, as the content which needs to be digitalized increases, the amount of time and labour involved in doing so also increases leading to escalation of costs.

After approval of the quotes, the starting and end dates for the project are adjudged according to the specification of the project and are accordingly intimated to concerned parties.

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