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5 golden tips for converting Flash to HTML5 to boost your business

Flash has been the market leader for over a decade but now it is swiftly stepping aside for HTML5. The accessibility and versatility assured by HTML5 has made it a highly stable and dependable alternative. Other virtues are interactivity and cross platform compatibility.

It is fairly easy to convert your swf videos, elements and website into an HTML5 equivalent without much planning if you follow certain tips. And by this your business can be exceptionally benefitted.

Flash to HTML5 conversion tips
Convert flash to html5


Sort courses based on a priority list

It is very important to have a sorted list of courses. The list not only helps to achieve efficiency while re-designing but also during validation of assets as a smoother conversion rate helps time management. It is also important to identify which courses need to be excluded so as to make it feasible because some courses which need a complete restructuring may not be worth it.

Focus on “The shorter, the better” principle

While it was popular to write large chunks of courses for flash enabled devices, it is a rule of the thumb to keep it shorter in the size of bytes to be compatible with multiple devices. It is appreciable to include a Performance Support Tool to supplement formal learning techniques.

Strategize update schemes

While certain courses or series are well worth the conversion only, some of them require a complete restructuring since the stuff has become old both in the instruction and design fields. It has to be carefully validated and sorted accordingly. This is one of the most left out tips to convert Flash to HTML5.

Accurate sampling to avoid last minute fumble

This is one of the important tips which are often left out. Moving your Flash to HTML5 may be relatively easy but it is critical to keep checkpoints during the test phase and do proper sampling.

Stay on the safe side, be future proof

Just like your legacy courses got investment locked, you don’t want your HTML5 courses to stay idle. It presents a long term option particularly due to its W3C standards but the dynamic changes that are brought forward in the learning system services encourage developers to create nuggets built with technology for ease of understanding. A whole new variety of devices will be covered in the future including wearable devices if Flash to HTML5 conversion services is used effectively.

These 5 tips will certainly lead your courses in the positive way. Those who are taking your series of lectures will find it more robust and user friendly. It is time to adapt to the evolving future, so abide by this success mantra and reap the benefits.

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