Best Html5 Online Editors


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It’s very common to make mistakes while writing. Today, we have many editing platforms such as Grammarly and Hemingway to help us with editing texts. But, what if you’re writing HTML code online? Are there any online editors that can help with the same? Fortunately, there are and we are about to discuss about them in detail.

HTML5 Editors

HTML5 is the current and fifth version of the HTML standard and also the most standard language for creating web pages and web applications. So, by using an HTML code editor, you'll get to leverage its vast set of functions and features, which can help in the easy creation of web content.

Although you can use any text editor to control the HTML markup, however, using an HTML5 online editor is a more advanced option and can offer you added functionality. For example, it will enable you to work with related technologies such as JavaScript and CSS. It can also facilitate communication with the remote web servers through FTP. Now, let’s get a better understanding of what HTML editors actually are.

What are HTML Online Editors?

HTML online editors are basically online editing programs that can help with writing and editing HTML codes. When referred to as open-source, the editors are publicly accessible to everyone for viewing, modifying, or distributing the code as per their need.

Unlike text editing tools, the HTML code editor can assist you with coding. For example, it can add closing brackets for your tags, color codes, and highlights. This will greatly help in increasing your typing speed. Also, it enables users to work on a webpage. Such users may not have much knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language coding.

Top 6 HTML5 Online Editors

Many website creators often opt for online code editors to create websites or web pages. Some look for free HTML editors online while some look for advanced HTML5 editors based on their needs. So, regardless of what your needs are, here are some of the most prevalent and best HTML5 online editors that you can use:

  1. Aloha editor

    Aloha editor
    Aloha editor

    One of the highly preferred HTML editor software is Aloha Editor. More than facilitating fast editing, the process is very easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. This tool requires less than 5 minutes to be integrated into your webpage.

  2. Maqetta - WYSIWYG HTML editor

    Maqetta - WYSIWYG HTML editor
    Maqetta - WYSIWYG HTML editor

    This open-source html5 editor doesn’t need any extra downloads or plugins. It can get WYSIWYG authoring for all HTML5 user interfaces. The HTML5 conversion for pages done by using Maqetta ensures compatibility across almost all common browsers.

  3. Rendera Editor

    Rendera Editor
    Rendera Editor

    Rendera is one of the popular online HTML5 editors available now. What makes it exciting and reliable is its ability to render the real-time preview of all the editing that you carried out. Further, it is also capable of transforming the same into exceptionally structured CSS.

    The editing tool, unlike many other online editors, supports SASS and HAML. It is based on Sinatra Coffee Script and enables effortless working on CSS3 and HTML5.

  4. JSFiddle


    This online editor supports HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript. The best feature of this tool is that it is easy to use and allows you to select different types of languages or versions, which includes XHTML 1.0 Strict, HTML5, HTML 4.01 Transitional, etc. The editing tool is free to use but it will have interfering ads.

  5. JS Bin

    JS Bin
    JS Bin

    This online HTML code editor is super fast and also supports CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Its basic version comes with various features such as auto-ending brackets, code casting, custom starting code, highlighting brackets, real-time output, mobile testing, etc. However, if you wish to access more additional features such as email support, Private bins, or Dropbox sync, you need to pay for it.

  6. Codepen


    If privacy is all you want, then this is the best HTML editing tool for you. It has many features such as website deployment, automatic pre-processing, file uploading, etc. Besides, it allows you to upload any type of files, be it JavaScript, CSS, PDF, image, or even a short film. The tools provide plans for individuals as well as a team.

Features of HTML Online Editors

HTML online editors are helpful for both beginners and advanced developers. They can provide an advanced approach for the editing and creation of web apps and pages instead of going through the headache of creating them manually.

However, that's not the only feature they have. There are more to it and some of the key features are discussed below:

  • The auto-complete feature helps in code completion. It detects what you are typing and then, inserts the rest of the code automatically.
  • With the library feature, you can add Hyper Text Markup Language entities by just clicking on the mouse.
  • It also has a site explorer that enables you to navigate your website files hierarchically.
  • With the split-screen view, you can see half preview and half code on your screen.
  • You can see real-time results as well as use the drag-and-drop feature to update the result.
  • Syntax tracking highlights different parts of the code to make it more readable.


So, basically what we are trying to say is choosing the right HTML5 online editor will depend on your needs. It will include what type of design you want, how much you are willing to spend on the editor, and how flexible you want it to be. Therefore, try out the different editing tools that we’ve mentioned here and learn what works for you. Even though the above tools provide options for code editing and HTML5 conversion, if you’re still confused, hiring a professional web design services company would be a better decision.