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Augmented Reality: How is important for various businesses?

Although Time Travel is still a distant dream, technology has reached a long way and almost works hand in hand with day to day lives. The technical finesse has influenced people’s lives drastically so much that the lines between reality and digital world is gradually blurring. Thanks to augment reality development, a mere flick of finger can do amazing and astounding feats in terms of experiencing different feelings, new environments and items.

benefits of augmented reality in business


With rise of mobiles and different applications, the use of artificial intelligence has achieved a huge status and is spreading its wings in diverse domains. Simultaneously there are several augmented reality technology companies, which have been mushrooming everywhere, with a view to boost up commercialism.So what is this Augment Reality all about? And how it has great impact on our lives, business, education, tourism, factories and other fields? So let’s take a deeper insight into this augment reality and analyse how far it is beneficial to various businesses.

Uses of augmented reality technology in various industries

The term AR is a technology used to project the real life settings in virtual world incorporating computed information. However there is slight difference between VR and AR although both use 3D video and audio.While the virtual reality is developed using artificial environments alone, the latter effectively blends in additional digital objects with existing locations through another layer to give an overall enhanced feel. Nevertheless augmented reality enjoys more benefits than virtual reality, since its usage have greater hold on businesses. And market research has proved that compared to VR, AR has huge demand and it will expand vastly in coming years.

  • Mobile

    The rise of AR app development through mobile phones and tablets has given a big boost to business, so much that in future, the dynamics of commerce will have a complete makeover. For instance, one wouldn’t have to go to retail stores to try clothes or check any new gadgets. They can simply explore or surf through the item list within the comforts of their homes or from anywhere. AR will enable people to have a virtual idea about the products they want to buy. Such will be the benefits of augmented reality in business, and in future its utilisation will grow not double but triple for sure. Not only business, the AR will expand its control over education, manufacturing companies, traveland trade and so on. Let’s go further into these areas.

  • Shopping

    Already online shopping has developed into a huge trend. Through iOS and Android devices, augmented reality applications have introduced novel ways for the users to enjoy online or offline shopping in much comfortable manner. The buyers can sort through different clothing options and choose their apt size through virtual trial rooms. This will reduce the exchange services or product returns. Be it furniture, car or even flat, business organisations can come up with innovative augmented reality apps customised according to their products, so that their customers can have enhanced quality experience. Similarly marketing campaigns can rely on such digital technology through augmented reality aids.

  • Manufacturing

    When it comes to AR in manufacturing, the management will have the advantage to govern different processes and evaluate work quality by simply flipping through real time settings. Manufacturers can assess the actual developments as well as save enough time with AR applications incorporated in their tools. For instance, managers can see step-by-step procedures of a building and monitor how much work has been done so far.

  • Tourism and Travels

    On the other hand, AR apps will be a boon for tourism department. In such a way, that by using the virtual app, tourists can have a fair and virtual idea about new locations, get directions and even read signboards in different languages. Travelling to a new destination will not prove to be hassle anymore since AR will give the required information to the travellers before hand in detail.

  • Education

    One cannot work out enough the benefits of using augmented reality in education, which will be relatively far more inspiring. With AR apps, there will be complete transformation in the learning experience. There will be greater potentialities using AR in the classroom, such that students can actually have hands on understanding about different academic theories in virtual style. One can handle apparatus and analyse scientific experiments through AR technology. While students of medicine perform surgeries efficiently without making mistakes, astronauts can prepare for their space expeditions well in advance.

Though there is n-number of advantages in various fields, the usage of AR technology is heavily depended over its cost factor. It might ensure authentic virtual and impressive experience for people and highly influence their lives, visually and perceptually. However each business industry has to face different augmented reality app development cost, which depends on their services or products. There are certain documentation guidelines to be followed to enable users enjoy the benefits of AR app completely. To have a thorough understanding about the same, there are three essential aspects in terms of AR app development cost: one, the location or object where AR should be incorporated. Second, the information that needs to be conveyed to the users. And third, how the AR experience is going to be delivered. All these involve extensive use of 3D rendering and animation motion sensors. In order to introduce augment reality app in Android and iOS, there are assorted tools which needs to be implemented. The idea of incorporating AR techniques is not new yet it is still catching up within the business mechanism.

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