Benefits of 3D Modeling in Augmented Reality Marketing


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Augmented reality marketing sets a new trend for brands as they can now communicate with their potential customers through interactive content. It helps in improving the viewer's experience and allows them to see the product with a birds-eye-view. This becomes possible due to the expert 3D modeling services available, which help attract more clients. 3D models for AR can add curves, depth, and other essential features to increase the realistic appearance. It helps customers in making a quicker buying decision. 3D models prove to be an efficient technique that can bring life to digital experiences of the product and can promote brands in a much better way.

3D Modeling Designs in Augmented Reality

How do we define Augmented Reality?

It is a technique that enhances real-world experiences. Augmented reality works by mapping 3D objects into a realistic environment. In simple words, it's an ability to add digital elements that help perceive a live experience. This technology is appealing more to marketers and is turning into one of the hottest topics in marketing. Tech giants, including Google, Facebook, etc., are adding new augmented reality capabilities to their platforms and are developing outstanding experiences. With augmented reality (AR), you can provide your potential customers with interactive experiences by just tapping on their smartphones.

Try out the product anytime, anywhere!

AR technology creates an immersive customer experience. Big brands are concentrating more on creating augmented reality apps for their customers to try out the products loved by them anywhere, anytime. From the comfort of their home, customers can try out different clothes and how they would look on them. If you are searching for furniture for your home or office, you can check its look, width, height and match it for the place you have thought of before you buy that product.

Boosts the popularity of your product

Augmented reality is the most suitable marketing tool these days. Branding campaigns using this technology can help you boost the popularity of your products. Customers can be kept entertained while they shop for their products. Fun and promotion can be the best way to keep your customers engaged in your product for more time.

Learning interactively

360° product views help customers trying to learn the use of new products effectively. User manuals sometimes are not helpful as the customer is confused and wants to learn more about the product. Customers find the AR environment exciting and more accessible.

3D modeling for Augmented Reality

The success of an AR project depends upon the preparation of the 3D models. Significant factors include the smooth execution of the mobile devices, the user experience, and the quality (graphical). 3D models need a certain degree of optimization as content creation for Augmented Reality marketing deals with many devices. 3D models are the cornerstone upon which Augmented reality technology rests.

3D modeling provides the tools to properly design and export 3D models inside Augmented Reality experiences for mobile applications. Online 3D configurators are becoming the new norm for online retail. It helps clients understand a more complex product by exploring different variants through an online interface.

The quick development of new products

3D modeling for Augmented Reality can be used while creating new products. The lengthy process of sending sketches to the manufacturer's prototype creation with several rounds of revisions can be sped up with the help of 3D models.

How can 3D models for Augmented Reality improve your sales activities?

  • Researchers suggest that using 3D models for AR technology; there can be an increase in your website conversion rates by 40 to 80%
  • Using Augmented reality can help you maximize your returns on investment through social media advertising.
  • It also plays a crucial role in boosting brand loyalty among your customers.

How can Augmented Reality help you get an edge over your competitors?

  • AR can enhance the customer's shopping experience in different ways.
  • Customers can also examine the product in detail without visiting the shop with product lifestyle and silo renderings.
  • They can try the item in the space they want it to be kept before buying it.
  • Customers get a personalized touch.


AR technology is a bit new to the users, but it plays a significant role in revolutionizing our lives. That's why we recommend taking advantage of investing in AR. Whatever be the new experiences, new social media channels that come out every day, believe it or not, they all will rely on the three-dimensional models.