Importance of Flash to HTML5 Conversion


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Recently, there has been a lot of significant developments in the concept of digital content delivery. Content creation was never a major issue, but what mattered the most was to increase the content’s reachability to maximum extent.

Before we move further into this discussion, let us discuss what is Flash so that we can answer ‘what will replace Flash’ too.

What is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is a program that can be used to produce web and desktop applications, animations, mobile games and apps, and browser-supported video players. And HTML5-based content is rapidly taking over Flash-based content.

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Reasons for flash to HTML5 conversion

Reasons to switch from Flash to HTML5

The first and foremost cause was because Apple rejected Flash as a digital content distribution platform. Mobile devices discontinued supporting Flash and Flash websites. Moreover, HTML5 standard was introduced by WHATWG to replace the former.

As a vendor-neutral platform, HTML5 is envisaged to assure a standardized level for content distribution. That’s why porting the huge Flash-based content to HTML5 will be beneficial.

There are certain options in the HTML5 conversion process that are operative. For example, Adobe Flash Professional CS6 has a complementary extension. CreateJS enables to leverage the animation and drawing potential of Flash to the maximum possible extent. Google Swiffy is another tool which accepts SWF files as input.

Flash is not compatible with every browser and always require plug-ins. On the other hand, HTML5 is flexible, easier to use, has multi-browser compatibility, and doesn’t need any plug-ins. Therefore, you can avoid the conversion of Flash to HTML5 plugins.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and tend to utilize it to the maximum extent. Therefore, they mostly seek power saving options and tools to save their battery from draining out. That is why HTML5 is preferred more than Flash as it drains a lot of battery power.

Conversion is important when it comes to enhancing the learning experience of the users. Therefore, convert your Flash videos to HTML5 as it contains high-quality multimedia features that make the content more engaging, interesting, and ensures that it has high user retention capacity.

Converting interactive SWF to HTML5 can also bring many advantages to businesses. They can save maintenance costs and promote learning culture among the employees as they can quickly access the e-learning materials on multiple devices. Overall, it results in business productivity and profitability.

HTML5 also possesses enhanced features that nullify your security concerns. However, Flash is vulnerable to various security issues such as cross-site scripting, executable codes, service denials, overflow, etc. Besides, security updates and support won’t be available for Flash after 2020.


Though the reasons to get these services are prevalent, some problems may arise while replacing Flash with HTML5 content. If most of your prospects use Internet Explorer or browsers without HTML5 support, then opting for HTML5 conversion services may do more harm than good. Sometimes, portability can also be an issue during the conversion. Google Swiffy may convert the Flash files that are created by ActionScript 2.0 but those created by ActionScript 3.0 may not be completely convertible.

However, keeping the above in mind, there are many digital conversion services offering flash to HTML5 conversion services. They make proper use of advanced HTML5 tools and techniques for the purpose. They also understand your business, and give an insight whether the conversion is needed and can maximize your business impact or not. In that case, all you need to do is choose an apt digitalization service provider suiting your requirements.