32 Most Popular Websites To Download Free eBooks From


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Good books are our best friends. With the advent of the eBook revolution, the demand for paperbacks has dropped, which is helping our ecology by reducing the rates at which trees are cut down. Additionally, you can read eBooks on a device of your choice from any location in a convenient manner. Getting access to best free eBooks is a bonus especially if you love reading or if you are looking for free resources on a topic that interests you. Do you know that there are many sites from where you can download eBooks free?

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free eBook download websites

  1. Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg

    You can access 50,000+ eBooks in text, Kindle, HTML, and ePub formats. You need not register or pay any fee. You can also share free ebooks online with the website’s user community.

  2. Open Library

    Open Library

    Books in the Internet Archive are listed in this open library. You can edit the library catalog of this open source project. You can download from a collection of 1 million+ eBooks. You can search by the authors’ name, title, or subject.

  3. Google eBookstore

    Google eBookstore

    You can access this bookstore from your Android mobile or tablet. Under the ‘Books’ section, free eBooks have been listed for reading. Hundreds of classic and contemporary eBooks in different genres are available in various formats such as PDF, ePub etc. You can also view the ratings and reviews provided by other readers.

  4. Amazon Free Kindle Books

    Amazon Free Kindle Books

    If you use Amazon Kindle, you can download eBooks for free by logging in your Amazon account from the device. You can then select your eBooks for reading based on name, genre, or author. Before downloading an eBook, you can read the user reviews. You will come across genres such as thrillers, novels, romance, classic, science fiction etc.

  5. Internet Archive

    Internet Archive

    You can access eBooks that are not available on other portals. It is actually a search engine that would allow you to look through 466+ billion webpages. Users can get access to old eBooks related to history and academics as well.

  6. ManyBooks


    This website features an attractive Home page and users can search for eBooks based on titles, language, authors, user reviews etc. from a collection of 33000+ eBooks. The eBooks are compatible with iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other e-Reading devices.

  7. BookBoon


    You can download free ebooks in PDF format. You need not register to access 1000+ eBooks. You may come across ebooks in genres such as academics, travelling, business, etc.

  8. OnlineProgrammingBooks


    You can access eBooks contributed by publishers and authors in subjects such as computers, mathematics, marketing, science, internet, IT, business, etc. The layout is appropriately designed to promote ease of use.

  9. LeanPub


    You may download eBooks free or choose to pay your own chosen price. The book’s value can be decided by you. You can download eBooks in PDF, ePub, or Mobi format. This site is beneficial for engineering students, developers, and techies who can get access to a wide selection of eBooks pertaining to JavaScript, PHP, C#, and other programming languages.

  10. SnipFiles


    This website allows users to download free eBooks, screensavers, and legal software that are donated by persons with PLR or master rights. The site features an easy-to-navigate layout.

  11. Bibliotastic


    One can access modern eBooks published by Indie authors. Users need to register with Bibliotastic in order to gain access to its repository. The genres include history, mystery, romance, science fiction etc.

  12. BookYards


    Users are allowed to publish or download eBooks, educational content, or other information. Users may also donate if they wish. One can search by authors or categories or may visit the academic links using the iBooks app.

  13. FeedBooks


    You can read eBooks in public domain and download them in PDF, MOBI, ePub, and other formats. Categories are provided in the left menu. FeedBooks lists classic novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, etc. The website is noted for its smooth navigation.

  14. The Online Books Page

    The Online Books Page

    Users can download free ebooks from a list of 30,000+ eBooks. There are five key categories and many related sub-categories. One can search by author, subject, new listing, title, etc. Archives, features, and news are also available for browsing.

  15. eBookLobby


    This site lists many eBooks falling under diverse categories such as business, computer, and academics. There’s a top10 eBooks collection that facilitates selection and quick downloads.

  16. Myanonamouse


    You have to register with an email ID for accessing the database of this private bit torrent tracker. There are 2 million+ torrents related to free eBooks and audio books. You have to adhere to the rules set for the community.

  17. AvaxHome


    The eBooks free download option is available for many eBooks that are grouped under various categories such as ‘eBooks & eLearning’. The site has many pages and so you would need to get acquainted with its layout before browsing.

  18. O’Reilly


    This platform was founded in 1978. You can freely download digital magazines, eBooks as well as tutorials. One can find resources under different categories such as technology, IT, computers etc. For accessing PDF eBooks for free download, you have to provide your name and email ID for a sign-up.

  19. LibGen/Library Genesis

     LibGen/Library Genesis

    This is actually a Russian search engine through which you can download science related articles and eBooks. You can download paywalled PDF content that is available on Elsevier’s Science Direct website for free.

  20. FreeBookSpot


    There are 5000+ free eBooks in 96 categories including science, IT, and fiction. Registration is not required to earn the eligibility to download files.

  21. Free eBooks

     Free eBooks

    You can read eBooks published by independent authors in genres such as business, self-help, health, drama, fiction, romance, etc. You have to register a free account for downloading eBooks in PDF or text format. There are different categories such as ‘latest arrivals’, ‘Top10 list’, ‘latest audio books’, etc.

  22. Ebook Bike

     Ebook Bike

    Users can get free access to audiobooks and novels. Other categories are also available. Direct sharing of eBooks on social sites is also allowed.

  23. Issuu


    Tutorials, eBooks, digital magazines, etc. published by popular independent writers can be downloaded for free. For downloading eBooks, you need to have a free account on site.

  24. LibriVox


    The website allows people to download free audiobooks as well as obsolete and classic books.

  25. GetFreeEBooks


    This website includes a repository of many eBooks for a huge database consisting of titles including computing, business, fiction, academics, and other genres. Many articles are also available for reading.

  26. FreeComputerBooks


    There are 12 categories and 150+ sub-categories for downloading eBooks related to computing, mathematics, programming, tutorials etc.

  27. Baen


    You can read popular eBooks and download some for free. The free resources section consists of non-fiction and fiction eBooks. eBooks can be downloaded by converting them into ePub, MOBI, RTF, or other formats. The eBook will be downloaded in zip format.

  28. Books Pics

     Books Pics

    New eBooks and magazines can be downloaded from this platform for free. For faster download, you need to pay for the premium version.

  29. FreeTechBooks


    This site allows for free download eBooks, notes, lectures, monograms, and tutorials related to computers, engineering, programming, technical subjects, etc.

  30. OpenLibrary


    This open source site facilitates the downloading of older eBooks from internet archive. Users can get information about any published book. If the book is not available online, reference is provided about its offline availability.

  31. KnowFree


    You can share or download eBooks, video tutorials, lecture notes for free. Popular genres include magazines, IT, research papers, white papers, case studies etc.

  32. Open Culture

     Open Culture

    This site offers coursework-related eBooks. You can download 800+ student oriented eBooks. Classic eBooks by William Shakespeare and others are available. The category list gets updated frequently.


I hope that the article was helpful in finding the most reliable websites that can be visited to download the best eBooks for free. So, explore these free ebooks sites and access the desired books of your choice to read whenever you want. Book lovers can add the collections to their digital library and do not have to worry about losing physical books or spending a dime to buy them. Since these eBooks are free to download, there is nothing to worry about even if it gets deleted. Apart from that, it is far more convenient than the physical ones as you can carry it anywhere you want and will only require you to download an app on your smartphone or laptop.