Reasons why HTML5 Videos More Interactive


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There is no doubt that using visuals on a website can offer a trove of advantages to any business. Apart from rendering the website livelier, visual graphics keep the visitors more engaged and interested. Further, it can deliver various messages the business wants to convey in a manner that is both entertaining and quick.

interactive html5 video

When the concept of websites was still at infancy, web developers considered the idea of showing visuals on a website extremely daunting as they found it impossible to pull off.

However, as technology has spread its wings, more businesses are using this on their websites to communicate more effectively with the visitors. This leap has been made possible by this technology. By effortlessly integrating the element ‘HTML5 'video', anyone can add a video to the web page just as adding a photograph.

However, there are more to HTML5 videos that just meets the eye. Following are some of the reasons most of the web designing companies, that make HTML5 videos more interactive.

No need of third party Plug-In

Everyone hates plug-ins because they can make the experience of browsing a website annoying and not-so fun. Since HTML5 developers can embed with a simple element, it can offer richer and more streamlined graphics-viewing experience that is impossible to emulate with a plug-in. In the absence of a plug-in, it will render faster and smoother bolstering the user experience considerably well. The 'video' elements bestow the users with the options such as pause and play making it all the more interactive and value-adding to the ones who watch it.

Specify the most suitable video format

It may perhaps be impossible to find a web browser that can play all formats of visuals. This posed a serious concern to businesses that wanted to leverage the advantages brought about by visuals. The obvious reason was that it was impossible to customize HTML5 videos for every different browser out there. As such, businesses wanted to ensure exceptional and flawless viewing experience for everyone regardless of the browsers they used to access the website. This is where HTML5 aids aids web developers to indicate various HTML5 video formats for different browsers for the same visual file with the help of the element 'source'. This enables the browser to pick a file format that it finds most appropriate to render.

The power to play the exact portion

Most of the times, businesses are creating interactive videos to deliver exact information to the users and these clips may be of shorter size. With HTML5, the developers can add a simple fragment of the media file to display the exact portion as wanted by the business to be rendered by the browser. This helps the businesses to spread more specific and exact details as required by them and it is also one of the major reasons why many companies have begun to convert flash videos to HTML5.

Control the default behavior

By taking advantage of various HTML5 video default controls, developers can further improve the viewing experience of the users. As per the requirements, various attributes can be selected for the audio-visual file and embedded. According to the selected attributes, the behavior of the footage can be manipulated. For example, they can make use of the attribute ‘preload’ to make the browser download and play the visual automatically.

Describe the video thoroughly

With HTML5, the videos can be described effectively for both the users and search engines quite elaborately. By taking advantage of the elements enabling the web developer to add captions, chapters and subtitles to the file, can be made all the more effective and interactive in nature for the users.

Stylizing and customizing the visuals

Making HTML5 videos interactive is an art as well as a science. One needs to take a relook at every HTML5 video element. Web developers can make website visitors more engaged and entertained by intelligently customizing the graphics. It can be customized and stylized by adding borders, filters and converting the same to 3D as needed. The users can also choose the width and length being played along with setting HTML5 video default controls visible to viewers. This is of great use for businesses as it provides them with the flexibility to customize and create interactive HTML5 videos for their brand to improve brand awareness and reach.

Play videos on all mobile devices

As of now, all the major browsers support these technology visuals. Similarly, most mobile devices also support this and hence it can be effectively delivered to users everywhere quite effortlessly. This can further bolster the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of businesses using visuals on their website without worrying about how to create interactive video HTML5.


Building interactive HTML5 content would help you promote your branding strategies. As you have seen, it can add different kinds of videos to a web page and it can improve the user-experience of your website considerably. If you are a business wanting to take the benefits of this technology without having to worry about converting to HTML5 video, you can contact us for value-adding and affordable HTML5 conversion services.