Top 15 Popular Types of YouTube Videos in 2024

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Over the years, YouTube has become no less than an Internet phenomenon. All of that started with a humble 19-second video uploaded by Jawed Karim, one of the three founders of this largest online video streaming platform. Within a span of 18 years, YouTube has amassed more than 2 billion monthly active users and over 37 million channels.

Well, these whopping figures are evidence of the legacy YouTube has created as one of the most popular video-sharing mediums. Now that YouTube has over 500 hours of content uploaded daily, one must be aware of the different types of YouTube videos that work best in 2024. To leverage the tremendous potential of this video streaming giant, one must be through with three things:

  • The most popular YouTube video type
  • The best content for beginners to try, and,
  • Tips to choose the best-performing content category on YouTube

This blog will shed light on all the above topics, guiding any beginner or professional YouTuber to launch their channel successfully. Stick with us till the end and keep reading. By the end of this blog, you will have an idea of how to start a YouTube channel and grow its subscriber count.

Let’s dive in.

With the influence of YouTube crossing nations and boundaries, more and more channels are emerging. Travel vloggers, food vloggers, online reviewers, make-up tutorial artists, and daily lifestyle vloggers—there are so many different types of YouTube videos these days.

However, some content works and some doesn’t. Often, we see that certain channels have an envious number of followers and subscribers, whereas others are barren. So which types of videos truly work on YouTube? If one has to create a video for YouTube, what kind of content must they think of? Let’s check out ten of these.

  1. How-to guides

    It is a known fact that people do an online search whenever they need a suggestion or are stuck with anything. Simply put, they want to know “how to” do a particular thing. It can be decorating the Christmas tree, arranging the garage, using a new electronic appliance, or even how to fix a sink.

    In short, for every task we find ourselves at a loss for, we quickly do a Google search for the solution. Likewise, YouTube also has a plethora of these “how-to” videos that garner the most attention. Most importantly, these content are timeless and evergreen. That makes them all the more potent.

    Create a step-by-step “how-to” guide and see the boost in your subscribers.

  2. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    If you have a steady community of followers, one more type you can try this 2024 - AMA video. These interactive, real-time Q&A posts first began on Reddit but soon covered its grounds on YouTube. And now, AMA videos comprise a significant part of YouTube's content categories.

    In these kinds of YouTube videos, questions can be asked without fear of judgment. Hence, their influence is pretty strong among new-age online video consumers.

  3. Video game streaming

    Another very new mix of content on YouTube is online video game streaming. Usually, young males love this content category and subscribe to these types of YouTube channels. Video game streaming or walkthroughs usually showcase someone playing the game while commentating as they progress.

    One of the most famous games to be streamed online is Minecraft, which even has a legit website listing the top channels that stream the game in real-time. A YouTuber who deserves a special mention is PewDiePie, a notable Swedish YouTuber known for his comedic formatted video game streams.

  4. Unboxing or unwrapping videos

    An inherently 21st-century phenomenon, unboxing or unwrapping videos occupy the topmost content categories on YouTube. These are the most watched YouTube videos these days, given the curiosity factor. These entertainment content can be considered similar to unwrapping gifts on a Christmas morning.

    Such is the vibe of these videos, where the viewer witnesses someone opening a new product out of a box. This gives them a sense of personal connection with the person in the video and thus has massive potential in 2024.

    With more unique products launching on the market, get some of them if you have time and can invest. Start filming yourself unboxing them and uploading the videos for your audience. You will see the boost in your audience stats.

  5. Social/current event commentary

    A lot has been going on around us. Be it the BREXIT, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the advent of ChatGPT, the gender pronouns issue, Twitter’s logo revamp, climate change, or the imminent Metaverse - people love discussing them.

    Considering the grave importance these social issues and current events have on our lives, any content revolving around them is bound to gain public attention. Social commentary videos can be your personal space to share your voice and opinions about the things going on in the world.

    The idea is to simply talk about the most searched current events right now and speak in a logical, objective manner.

  6. Shopping hauls

    Haul videos or shopping sprees are not just fun to watch. They also give viewers the right information on current fashion trends. Usually, these haul content features an eCommerce platform, such as Amazon, Shein, etc.

    However, the content creator can also shop at a flea market or a thrift store, or shop for heavy sales/discounts and showcase all those on their video. This is also an effective marketing strategy that connects millions of shopaholics and retail therapy enthusiasts.

    The popularity of such content has risen to the point that brands leverage them for their marketing purposes. Most of these eCommerce brands hire professional YouTube video editing companies to develop polished marketing videos for them.

    As a starter, you may shoot a video on your smartphone about what all you bought for $100 from an online site.

  7. ASMR mukbangs

    Mukbang is the newest addition to Internet content, originated in South Korea. This new type of entertainment originally emerged from the solo-eating population in the country and has become increasingly popular. Mukbangs feature the mukbanger eating a large amount of food while filming themselves.

    ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) mukbangs give the listeners a pleasant sensation in their ears when they hear certain “noises” and sounds while the mukbanger eats. A portmanteau of “meokneun”, meaning “to eat”, and “bangsong”, meaning “broadcasting”, “mukbangs”, are now one of the most popular forms of YouTube video content that millions of people tune in to.

  8. Viral trend challenge videos

    Remember the “2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”? The viral Internet challenge that made people go gaga over it? Well, in 2024, the list is endless. Some of them are:

    • “Water bottle flip” challenge
    • “Mixed girl check” challenge
    • “Try not to laugh” challenge
    • The “Brain Freeze” challenge
    • "Fun accent” challenge

    - and many more. Whoever performed these challenges and uploaded the videos on YouTube has garnered a substantial audience. So, if you are new to YouTube and want to skyrocket your subscribers, you know the drill!

    Just take up a frolic-some challenge (of course, not the dangerous ones), shoot a video of you doing it, and upload it on your channel.

  9. Behind the Scenes (BTS)

    We are talking about “behind the scenes”, aka “BTS” videos, where the content creator shows what happened behind the scenes. Be it a product launch, a campaign, or a movie, behind-the-scenes humanize the brand and connects it to its audience.

    That’s the reason why more and more global brands are adapting BTS videos to create a deeper bond with their end users.

    For example, people love watching BTS snapshots of horror movies to dilute their fear. “Squid Game”, the South Korean sensational web series, uploaded the behind-the-shooting scenes that were watched by millions.

  10. Animal videos

    Last but not least… animal videos! Who doesn’t love them? These furry little creatures have not just won our hearts, but also won a major chunk of YouTube. Watching their silly antics helps to soothe anxiety and brings smiles into our otherwise exhausted lives.

    And among all that, the Internet is brimming with cat videos. Results even say viewing cat videos online is related to positive emotions and improving moods. YouTube channels that showcase felines amass over 26 billion views. In short, cats rule the Internet!

    So if you have four-legged friends at home, start filming them and make your content one of the most viewed YouTube videos.

  11. Prank videos

    Videos that have a humorous angle are viewed the most, owing to their simple narratives. A new addition to this funny category is prank videos on YouTube, where people film themselves while pulling pranks on each other. These pranks are usually harmless, practical jokes that keep the viewers hooked until the end.

    Certain channels upload compilations of such prank videos, featuring fake scare pranks, celebrity pranks, April Fools’ and Halloween pranks, tricks played on colleagues, etc. The viewership of these practical joke videos is fairly high. So get started with pulling harmless and fun practical jokes, record the entire act, and upload it on your channel. Soon, you’ll notice a large number of views.

  12. Product videos

    Be it a product launch, a campaign, or a product demo, if you own an eCommerce brand, your channel must have one of these in video format. There are several professional agencies available online that can develop highly engaging product related videos for corporations and enterprises.

    Most of these content are watched and shared by many, given the brand recognition. If there’s a product launch video from Apple, Samsung, L'Oréal, or even McDonald’s - viewers are likely to watch it. So if you are an e-tailer, consider uploading flawlessly edited and developed product videos on your YouTube channel.

  13. Video podcasts

    Video podcasts, or vidcasts, on YouTube have a massive global audience of over 2 billion active users. As video embellishes content, filming yourself in your podcast, or uploading a discussion with a guest can drive a good number of likes and shares.

    With podcasts becoming one of the most popular content formats, many professional podcasters have adapted video podcasts for their channels. Start uploading more and more podcast episodes in video formats and witness the rise in your subscriber base.

    If you are new to this, there are numerous expert video podcast editing agencies that can help you out.

  14. Reaction videos

    Another newest trend in the online video landscape, reaction videos. These reaction video content can be about anything. An electronic gadget, a food item, a movie, a web-series, a music video, or even video games. Watching someone react to something funny, scary, disgusting, or emotional is indeed engrossing.

    This is what drives so many viewers to spend hours on these reaction videos. Try this out in 2024 and try to offer an authentic reaction. However, as a thumb rule, if you are reacting to another YouTuber's or content creator’s video, make sure to seek permission from the original publisher. Also, give proper credit to them.

  15. Daily lifestyle vlogs

    Well, these daily life vlogs create a personal engagement between the content creator and their subscribers/audiences. These impersonal videos give an account of the “day in the life“ of the content creator and are one of the most popular content categories.

    The main driving factor behind this is the inherent desire to adapt and achieve the daily routine of the publisher. These vlogs are the best way to taste reality through someone else's eyes. The first and foremost rule for starting a lifestyle vlog is to find a specific niche and stick to it.


Well, there you go! A detailed discussion on the fifteen most popular types of YouTube videos one can try in 2024. Hope you have gained enough insights on the topic, the best types of YouTube content, the kind of content beginners must try, and how to choose the content categories.

Keep this article bookmarked so you can refer to it when you start creating your very first YouTube channel.

The sole idea is to create something that is presentable, crisp, and professional. Without these three traits, no matter how engaging the storyline, the desired impact won’t be created.

To ensure your content has all these qualities and is optimized for YouTube, work with a team of professionals. Hiring an expert provider of outstanding YouTube video editing services is another excellent way to:

  • Make the content flawless and aesthetic
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Such is the power of professional video editing services. Moreover, not just for YouTube videos; these external teams provide different types of video editing required by individuals, professional videographers, and marketers.

So what are you waiting for? Refer to this blog and start developing unique content for your target audience. But make sure to get them edited by professional companies providing YouTube video editing services before uploading. Good luck!