Animated 3D logo design services

3D Logo Design Services

MAP Systems has a proven reputation in the niche of logo designing, both traditional and 3D. Here creative people backed by advanced tools and technologies are guided by insightful strategists to come up with crafts that offer best value for their clients. Our team understands the requirements thoroughly and provides visually attractive professional 3D logos that are well align with the business.

When you think of a product, brand or any other company for that matter, the first thing that strikes your mind is its logo. Involuntarily your imaginary vision will show the logo of the relevant branded stuff you associate with. As you know, it is considered as the face of a brand, product or any kind of organisation. It is actually a visual summary of a specific brand, for the people to get acquainted with, familiarise and endorse.

These days, 3d animation service providers, have wide range of computing tools and applications which gives ample scope for experiments. Eventually the graphic industry, especially animation, has witnessed a revolutionary transformation. And when we are talking about logo, designers heavily bank on empirical and cutting-edge technology to keep up with the market demands. It so happens that business heads mainly want their brand or company to be unique and hence want their logos to create an instant impact and prefers to go for very vibrant and striking designs.

Therefore, the branding logo design services providers have switched towards using three dimensional logo formats from mere two dimensional ones. By doing so, such designs effortlessly create a niche in the business scenario and when promoted on public platforms via TV, Smart Phones or online gives a boost to the company and adds to the brand value.

We at MAP Systems significantly aim to be the best logo design company owing to which several leading companies have established a strong association with us. Our highly creative team follows strategic steps for logo design process for achieving professional, precise and perfect outputs that meet your expectations.

Creative 3D animation logo design services at MAP Systems

At MAP Systems, we take into account various perspectives when working on a client’s logo design. First thought process revolves around the client company’s business and its objectives; then moving on to promotional materials like marketing and advertising procedures. Extensive brainstorming happens on choice of colours, befitting shapes and character or font styles while designing a brand image so as to establish an impression on audience right away once the final logo is out.

Different types of 3D logo design services we provide

  • Symbols or icons

    When dealing with such requirements, we focus on making the designs visually bold but simple at the same time. Considering the nature of client’s business, we work on a design using abstract object so that it is easy on eyes as well as one that customers can relate to effortlessly. For example, take Apple or Nike or even McDonald’s logos which are symbolic and even iconic.

  • Wordmark or Logotype

    This is when the client wants their company’s name incorporated within the symbol. We are quite experts when it comes to handling 3d text logo. We sort through different style of fonts that matches with logo and client’s preferences. Then we move on to come up with an eye-catchy 3D creative logo. Images of popular brands like Google, Coco Cola and Visa among others come under this category.

  • Letter mark

    Here the typography plays an important role; where the title or initials of the company or brand is represented. This method is quite effective when the name of the company or brand is very long. Say for example, like logo of GE or LG Electronics.

  • Combination Mark

    This type effectively blends a symbol and text design together to present a very meaningful and impressive logo. The catch here is, it conveys the brand’s identity even if both the elements are separated. Take the logos of Nike, Nestle or Puma for instance. The skilful designers at MAP Systems have good experience in custom 3d logo graphic design, by working over the years with similar style demands.

  • Emblem designs

    For this, we creatively incorporate the company or brand’s name within the main logo. BBC, Ikea, Levi’s is popular examples for this type of logo design.

  • Conversion from 2D to 3D logos

    MAP Systems have come across many client requests to transform their traditional logo to much attractive one. That's when our team get down to work and focusing completely on converting a 2D to a 3D logo. The older one undergoes visible change with modern styles and technical formats. This logo conversion process completely enhances the look and feel and it also gives refreshed and sophisticated outlook of the brand or company.

  • Logo Animation

    By using animated 3D design format, a normal, traditional logo undergoes huge transformation and creates a big impact. From simple two dimensional to a vibrant eye-catching design will have a massive effect on the brand’s visibility and audience. MAP Systems has earned a remarkable position within global companies for extending exceptional logo design services in diverse animation formats.

Tools and software we use

The dedicated creative workforce at MAP Systems always retains to keep up with changing technology. Not wanting to compromise on quality and customer’s satisfaction, we proficiently make use of advanced and best 3d animation software and computing tools, especially while dealing with animated 3d logo design service.

Our 3D logo design workflow

At MAP Systems, we strongly believe in following a methodological and ethical work process, to deliver only the best to our valued customers. Hence our designers involved in 3d logo design service at all times seek to achieve perfection. At each step of any project, the assigned team has a work cycle to avoid chaos and unsatisfactory results. While working on a design project, we have a standard yet seamless work format; such as:

  • A thorough discussion with client to know about their interests and requirement
  • Extensive research over market trends and studying similar popular logos
  • Creating a logo base, to have a rough idea about the final output
  • Sharing the rough designs with the client to make any changes or improvise
  • After approval the designers further work on the final quality of the design

Benefits of our animation 3D logo design services

By associating with MAP Systems, one can be assured about the originality of the designed logos, since we focus on customizing designs according to the requirements given by clients. Each project stands as a testimony for our timely deliverance, without compromising on the quality and being very cost effective. What makes us more approachable is the fact that we are ever ready to avail you customized logo designing packages that are apt for your need and budget.

  • Fully customized and unique logo designs
  • Extensive research over market trends and studying similar popular logos
  • 24&7 customer support
  • Minimal turnaround time and proper communication all through the project is guaranteed
  • Our services are affordable and we ensure cost savings

Get in touch with us today to get high quality 3d logo design services, for the benefit of your esteemed company.

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