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Steps to Illustrate your Children's Book

Illustration and artworks may seem like a walk in the park task but it’s not so. You have to be attentive and dedicated to come up with good results. People from across the globe outsource illustration and artwork requirements to expert Indian companies as they are the best people to rely on in this context.

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As an experienced outsourcing company, we have availed our services to customers from different geographical locations and children book illustration is in fact one of our main areas of expertise. For those who have a passion for artwork and illustration, we are jotting down some important kid book illustration tips that have boiled down from the insights garnered over years.

Persistence is pivotal

It may scare you when you come across the hassles in mastering artworks and illustrations. This is where you must showcase great level of confidence and untiring persistence. Keep drawing and keep creating new works. Keep on evolving by continually bettering your style and never give up contacting people.

Don’t just see- perceive!

Inspiration is everywhere. Let it be a book, song, movie or even the innocent cute gestures of your baby, there is always something that can inspire you to be creative. Keep on browsing different websites for getting ideas and resources. You can rely on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and blogs etc.

Blank paper is your foe

Blank papers can really be intimidating. It is always great to keep on drawing rather than simply keeping yourself immersed in thoughts. Sometimes even while watching TV or talking over phones, you may have bled your most creative masterpiece on the canvas. Taking initiative to make the first stroke may sometimes seem challenging for an illustrator but you have to do it.

Be a perfectionist

It is obvious that the first draft of artwork may not be always perfect. It may even be disgusting but patience is vital if you want to succeed with your children book illustration services. Every craft starts with an idea and proceeds with a sketch. You can edit and revise it until satisfaction.

Find your style or invent it

You can win’– one of the bestselling books from renowned Indian author Shiv Khera says “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently”. There are a lot of ways in which you can carry out the artwork. Adopt the style that suits you the best in all possible aspects. You can also invent a new style to add more uniqueness in the services you offer.

Invite another person to comment

It is a fact that an artist often fails to notice the pitfalls in his craft that an external eyes can easily spot. This is because of his over involvement in the work. So, invite a person to look at the work. If you have co-workers or creative friends, mail them your work and their creative support can help you in bettering your work.

Illustrating children’s books: dos and don’ts

We have summarized a few dos and don’ts that you should follow in order to create effective illustrations for children’s books.

The dos

  • Pay attention to the story brief. You should understand the storyline first in order to determine the most important scenes that you need to highlight.
  • Find inspirations. Compare the story to other similar stories in the same genre so that you gain an idea about what you should draw. Check what your fellow artists have drawn and this would help you develop a preliminary concept.
  • You should discuss with the author regarding the illustration styles that you should adopt. You should discuss if you should use watercolor, crayon, vector-based graphics, photorealistic imagery, airbrush, or traditional illustrations.
  • In order to understand if your illustrations would appeal to the children, you should show your work to a group of children belonging to the age-group that the book is targeting. Their feedback is important and would help you proceed in the right direction.

The don’ts

  • Don’t ignore having an in-depth discussion with the author. The author can guide you better on the storyline in case you have any doubt and this would help you complete project successfully.
  • Don’t skip taking feedback from multiple people including veterans and target readers, With proper feedback, you can succeed in developing appropriate illustrations.

Rejection is also a learning tool and many reputed service providers were once amateurs. Keep on reading and perfecting yourself.

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