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ecommerce photography editing tips

E Commerce has gripped the internet with such force that its presence is strongly felt in every nook and corner of world markets. Product images play an important role and their impact on eCommerce business is really huge. When it comes to photo editing for e-commerce, you should understand certain facts and there are some tips to be adhered by. The top 8 photo editing tips are detailed below.

  1. Size and zoom

    Size and zoom

    The size of a product photo has to be sufficiently large to provide enough detail. It also helps to provide pictures with better quality if the website allows. Some of the pictures also require a zoom feature. This helps consumers to verify the authenticity of the product. Trademark signs and detailed size specifications can be verified using the zoom function. This specific function either requires the mouse to be rolled over the image or needs to click on it to be activated.

  2. Color and shadows

    Color and shadows

    Product colors must be striking and elective. If a particular product has 4 or 5 color selections, then try to include every option in the slide bar or a roll to provide consumers with product looks from various perspectives. Suitable shadow application can also provide wonderful results. It also helps to reduce jagged effects caused due to enlarging of pictures. Color variation is an important aspect of product image editing and it requires some time to be an expert in the field.

  3. Background selection and angled shots

    Background selection and angled shots

    This is particularly relevant for apparel photo editing. Providing alternative angles for viewing product images works well with multi-sized images. The fact that the background needs to be clean and unique is also an important aspect of product photography. Detailed photos exposing the shape and size of a specific product will surely earn some customer favors. Even the slightest  image editing for eCommerce purpose requires proper shot angle selection for better results.

  4. Inspired by the looks

    Inspired by the looks

    If properly edited, images that depict the quality and specification of a product will surely attract many prospective buyers. If you doubt that looks affect purchase impulses then it is right to an extent. But customers depend on product photos only when they are authentic and provide appropriate information. Having said so, it is equally important to maintain the credibility of the website by providing genuine results and specifications.

  5. Effort that is paid well

    Effort that is paid well

    It is easy to clip just any image in but those that radiate perfection require time and patience. Once done, these will surely turn many heads to the website thereby boosting sales and increasing revenue. eCommerce photo editing is an art which requires some talent. Product images are what most of the online buyers verify.

  6. Ensure that the quality is top-notch

    Ensure that the quality is top-notch<

    It is quite reasonable to make sure of the image quality. It is of peak importance that the customers get crystal clear view of the image, both figuratively as well as literally. No marketing or nothing will work in your favor if you fail to display images with superior quality. This is the reason why eCommerce always befriend a reliable photo editing company.

  7. Include different views

    Include different views

    You should display the products with different views. You already know that the customer is never touching or interacting directly with the product. So, your aim is to create an experience too closer to that. For the same, show the product from various angles and proximity to avail customers the exact feel as if he is in the physical store directly.

    If possible show the product being used. With proper product photography editing, you can definitely do that. Suppose if you are selling dresses, show how they appear when worn. This will communicate an exact idea to the visitor to your store regarding how the dress will look when they wear them.

  8. Retain consistency

    Retain consistency

    To keep your brand value intact and provide unified shopping experience, try your level best to make the pictures of products consistent. Whatever you do, apply them all over the site as consistency is a critical factor that customers involuntarily look for.
    See to it that product images are from a single source. There are three ways via which product snaps are obtained by business owners.

    • Manufacturer may provide images on his websites
    • Professional photographers are hired to snap
    • The company allocates their own staffs to take pictures

Top service ethics that you should abide by

Delivering top quality photo editing service to your clients would mean that you do not only focus on the technical aspects of your job, but you make sure to improve the service or the qualitative aspects of delivery as well so as to ensure excellent experience at a holistic level.

  • Being Timely: You should make sure that you deliver timely support to your clients who are depending on you for sincere assistance. Make sure to adhere to deadlines even if the project is complex and you have too many similar projects to handle.
  • Being Proactive: You should take a proactive step to identify areas of improvement even if your clients fail to identify these areas. They may send you a different set of specifications and instructions, but being a specialist, it’s your duty to advise him further and take the best course of actions.
  • Being Knowledgeable: You should keep yourself updated about the latest design trends and technologies in order to remain capable of addressing the most complex project needs.
  • Being Responsible: You should understand that you are responsible to send regular project updates to your clients so that they can have peace of mind knowing that their projects are proceeding at the right speed and manner and would be completed on time.
  • Being Accountable: You should take your clients’ feedback seriously and make sure to implement changes that they want you to handle

It is to be noted that, unique photos taken by photographers is most preferred. This may seem to be an extra investment but it’s really worthy. If you have enough funds, go for it without hesitating.

A lot of digital image editing companies can be found online that have a huge array of product image development and professional photo editing services including photo retouching assistance, which boost online sales. If you are not aware of the whole editing scene, then better leave the process for professionals. This will fetch you great outcomes, for sure.

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