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Apparel Photo Editing Services

With huge advancements in e-commerce, online stores selling apparel continue to multiply. If you have launched or planning to launch your online store, you must implement advanced and proven techniques to maximize your revenues, to support your growth plans, and to stand out. Whatever strategy you adopt, you have to admit the fact that the aesthetics of your online store play a significant role in creating an impression among your prospects. In a nutshell, you must make sure to use high quality images of apparel that you want to sell online so as to create a long-lasting impact in the minds of the prospective buyers.When captured, raw images may lack the appeal to impress the target audience and this is the reason why you may want to make use of apparel photo editing services. Professionals at MAP Systems deliver bespoke retouching, refining and photo clipping services, bestowing a more authentic and appealing look to apparel images.

clothing photo editing services
Apparel image editing and retouching services



Key provisions of apparel clothing photo editing services

We are a reputed company with apparel image editing as one of our key specializations. Assistance provided by our expert image editing professionals are well-tailored and precise. We have been addressing the image editing requirements of diverse businesses in diverse industries for decades. We work towards ensuring that your apparel photos garner the maximum attention and display the product features in the best possible manner. We serve as a one stop shop for all your clothing photo editing and related requirements. Our comprehensive fashion apparel photo editing services include:

  • Clothing colour enhancements
  • Removal of unwanted accessories
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Fixing of creases and scratches
  • Photo editing for smoothening wrinkling effects on cloth
  • Image straightening services
  • Cloth colour changing support
  • Black and white effect additions
  • Stain removal from cloth image

Image editors working with us are appropriately skilled and trained to provide high end photo retouching services for different categories of customers. Our expert apparel photo editors can tweak any image based on our customers’ specific requirements and preferences.

Removal of ghost mannequins from apparel products

Ghost mannequin photo editing refers to the process through which the fittings and designs of your fashion accessories and clothing are enhanced. Professionals delivering this support need a lot of editing knowledge for transforming photos into ghost mannequin images. These images look more appealing than normal photos. Our experienced and professional team of image editing professionals and graphic designers analyses the nature of your photography and enhances their looks by changing the colour, design, shape and fabric accessories through a customized image enhancement process. While removing ghost mannequins through Photoshop, our professionals incorporate an accurate representation of dummy photos in your apparel and fashion images, showcasing your online stores. The application of ghost mannequin photo editing techniques includes several processes including:

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Creation of a stylish effect in the photos
  • Background removal and Photoshop clipping path
  • Fixing of creases and scratches
  • Photo editing to give a smooth appearance to wrinkled cloths
  • Working on the neck joint or adding services
  • Elimination of unwanted color cast
  • Removal of ghost mannequin and ghost mannequin retouching in Photoshop

Benefits of apparel image retouching services from MAP Systems

We are a leading service provider for product photography retouching; apparel image refining is one of our core competencies. Our clothing photo retouching services are affordable and excellent. Besides, we deliver projects within a really shorter time line. Since inception, we have been serving customers from different domains and we have been witnessing a continuous growth in our passion to provide our clients with value-added services. We have delivered photo retouching services to photographers, garment manufacturers and retailers, real estate professionals, publishers, sports institutions, editors, advertisement agencies, fashion businesses, and modelling institutes.

Our image editing experts fix all types of flaws and make sure to deliver high-quality outcomes. We have different pricing schemes in place to suit the requirements of diverse clients. Save your resources, effort, and time by relying on our skill pool.

We are always willing to provide you with free samples to allow you to analyse our professionalism and standard with regard to apparel photo retouching service delivery. Contact us to discuss further.

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