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Apparel Photo Editing Services

With huge advancements in the e-commerce domain, the online stores selling apparel continue to multiply at a faster pace. If you have already launched or planning to launch your online clothing store, then you must implement the proven techniques to maximize your revenues, support your growth plans, and stand out in the competition. Whatever strategy you adopt, you must ensure that the aesthetics of your store creates the best impression among your prospects.

In a nutshell, we can say that the key element to boost your online business is by using professionally edited photographs of the garments. However, to ensure this, you must choose reputed companies like MAP Systems that offer the best apparel photo editing services. Our company has been in the domain for more than a decade and has helped numerous clients with their clothing image editing needs.

The professionals at MAP Systems ensure that the images are of the highest quality and bring out the best features of the apparel to positively influence the purchasing decision of your prospective buyers. With adequate training and expertise, we can deliver bespoke retouching, refining, and photo clipping services to bestow a more authentic and appealing look to the photographs. It will compel your potential buyers to visit your online store frequently, resulting in increased sales and profits

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Apparel image editing and retouching services



Key provisions of apparel clothing photo editing services

Being apparel image editing as one of our key specializations, the assistance provided by our photo editing professionals are well-tailored and precise. Till now, we have been successful in addressing the various image editing requirements of diverse businesses across different industry sectors. Following is a comprehensive list of other services that are included as a part of our fashion apparel photo editing services:

Photo manipulation services

We use advanced strategies to improve the existing pictures of the garments. We can change or modify different aspects to bring out the details and other attractive features of the clothing.

Image Cutout services

With this service, we can minimize the time spent on the process of editing and quality checking. We ensure that the output images are of the best quality so that no further revisions are required in the coming stages.

Photo restoration services

Sometimes, certain circumstances might tend to damage the clothing pictures. In such cases, our skilled editors make use of the appropriate technology and software to revive the image quality and appeal.

Photoshop clipping path services

It is one of our top services that can help your business in marketing dresses or clothes. Here, we separate the background from the subject to give the entire product a clean and clutter-free look.

Image masking services

This process is carried out on the image background to mask the hairy or furry edges of the apparel. With our attention to detail and editing skills, we preserve the finer details and remove distractions from the product image.

HDR Image blending services

We combine different shots of the apparel photos to balance the tone, highlights, or shadows for enhancing their look and feel. It will further make the images stand out, which grabs the attention of the audience.

Ghost mannequin photo editing

We can carry out the removal of ghost mannequins from the apparel products to make the fittings and designs of the clothing apparent. It makes the clothing images look more appealing than their original version

Vector Image services

We can also use vector graphics to create or convert the clothing images if requested by the clients. It provides them with the advantage of resizing the pictures without losing quality.

Various techniques used in apparel image retouching

The image editors working with us have years of experience and expertise to provide  high end photo retouching services for the customers. They can tweak any image based on the customers’ specific requirements and preferences to create the desired effect.

We also have a team of professional graphic designers, who can analyze the nature of photography to enhance their look. They can include changes in the color, design, shape, or fabric with the help of a customized image enhancement process using Photoshop.

There are a lot of techniques involved in our apparel photo editing solutions, and some of those are mentioned below:

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Cloth color enhancement
  • Creation of a stylish effect in the photos
  • Removal of unwanted objects or accessories
  • Image straightening
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Addition of black and white effects
  • Background removal or replacement
  • Fixing of creases stains, blemishes, or scratches
  • Removal of wrinkles from clothing
  • Replacing neck joint and collar
  • Elimination of unwanted color cast
  • Showcasing front and back clothing
  • Re-sizing, cropping, or scaling images
  • Addition of drop, natural, or reflection shadows
  • Enhancement of fine-tuning

Benefits of apparel image retouching services from MAP Systems

We are a leading service provider for  product photography retouching, and apparel image refining is one of our core competencies. We have a proven track record of keeping our clients satisfied while living up to their expectations. Here are other advantages that you can receive once you avail our professional clothing photo retouching services.

  • Our services are affordable and are offered with different pricing schemes to suit the requirements of a diverse clientele.
  • We deliver projects within a shorter turnaround time without detaining the image quality and as per their needs.
  • Our image editing experts can fix all types of flaws and make sure to deliver high-quality outcomes for your clothing photos.
  • We assure you to keep your data completely safe and secured so that there is no loss or misuse of information with affordable pricing packages.
  • We use sophisticated image editing tools and advanced technology to produce aesthetically pleasing images.

Since inception, we have been successfully serving various domains with the help of our photo editing services It resulted in the continuous growth of our passion for offering value-added services to our clients. Our customized apparel photo editing services have also supported diverse clientele, including apparel photographers, garment manufacturers and retailers, costume marketing firms, outfit advertising agencies, fashion businesses, modeling institutes, and more. Thus, hire our services and let our experts save your effort, time, and resources while gaining a competitive edge for your business.

We are always willing to provide you with free samples to allow you to analyze our professionalism and standard concerning the delivery of apparel photo retouching services. Contact us to discuss further.

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