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indesign tips for magazine design

6 InDesign tips to enhance the quality of magazine layout

To make the best use of InDesign for crafting an attractive magazine layout, you need to understand certain effective tips. Five among the most operative ones that facilitate exceptional quality magazine layout design in InDesign are listed below.

  • Make it quick

    Make it quick

    This software offers its users the Gap tool and Live Corner Effects that help them to speed up their work. The C5 and 5.5 updates have also made the software very easy to use.

  • Create you margin

    Create you margin

    Margins are a vital part of your layout and will allow you to enhance the image for the viewer. Adjust your margin in InDesign by going to Layout option and select margins and column from the top menu. Try to adjust your existing margin by making the bottom and the top margin size as 10mm. You can set up the margin sizes as per your preference.

  • Get your borders right

    Get your borders right

    Margins are a vital part of your layout and will allow you to enhance the image for the viewer. It is important that you set the borders and bleeds in the initial phase itself. On the contrary, if the same is adjusted in the course of your work, it will alter the rest of the layout which can be troublesome. You can also control the bleeds by going to the ‘Marks and bleeds’ section on the side of the menu.

  • Create an easy to understand index

    Making a magazine layout in indesign

    There are various types of indexes that can be created using the software. The index is used to give the reader an insight of your document. You can also use the style sheets in InDesign, just as most of the companies do for some great typesetting.

  • Pay attention to frames

    Pay attention to frames

    All working in InDesign happens within frames. Everything from texts and images are to be placed in separate frames. You can import the text by heading to ‘file’ menu and choosing place option. Image frame will work for same, images can be placed inside the box manually or simply import by dragging them from other files in your computer. This will automatically create an image frame.

  • See the preview before finalizing the layout

    See the preview before finalizing the layout

    ‘W’ key is used to toggle between the document and working view. It is advised that you get used to the said shortcut. This allows you to get a better view of the entire document beforehand and assists you in finalizing the document with complete perfection.

If you are beginners, you can also avail the assistance of professional companies offering magazine design services. For the apex class of services, assure to select the best magazine designing company.

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