10 June


Outsource fixed layout ePub conversion

Why outsourcing fixed layout ePub conversion is highly recommended?

The epub conversion trend is nowadays at its peak and as a developing market, India too has adapted to this inclination of the vast reader base. A lot of outsourcing companies are there in India providing numerous types of epub conversion services. One of the most popular trends in this domain these days is outsourcing fixed layout ePub conversion services by top digitization companies to Indian vendors.

It’s an indisputable fact that low quality of content presentation in a book repels the readers. Certain books like that of children’s books, cookery and travel books, restaurants and business guides, comics and others may have many complex inclusions such as multi-column text, graphics, illustrations and photo albums. With fixed layout ePub conversion, these elements remain intact in digital version exactly the same as in case of the original work thus allowing finest illustration. This, in fact, boosts the quality of reader experience and makes the content more attention-grabbing and outstanding than the actual printed version.

Though the functionality is dependent on the platform of access, fixed layout versions always stand to a superior standard when it comes to functionality. Most of the bookworms in India or even globally prefer this standard of ebooks and there are some obvious reasons why this format is highly recommended.

  • Great features like bookmark, thumbnail navigation, dictionary linking and text search are enabled.
  • This layout format offers the most comfortable option to magnify the pages in contrast to many others.
  • Rather than normal two page stretched manner, it is also possible to read the eBook in a single page. Sometimes its automatic based on device orientation and in many cases, readers can control it.
  • The interactivity feature can be incorporated in a most effective manner in this particular format. Audio, video and animations can be included in addition to the ‘read to me’ feature.

Leon William

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