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The traditional methods of publishing books have taken a backseat, and the latest trend these days in the publication world is outsourcing fixed layout ePub conversion.

The epub conversion trend is nowadays at its peak, and as a developing market, India, too, has adapted to this inclination of the vast reader base. Many outsourcing companies are there in India, providing various types of epub conversion services.

What is Fixed Layout eBook Conversion?

This is the new way of learning in the digital publishing world as it enhances the reader’s experience inside and out. Using this technique, the readers can reach any reading material in just a few clicks. This digital version of the books and other material is a replica of the physical printed ones, but for the greater good.

With fixed layout ePub conversion, the elements like complex inclusions of multi-column text, graphics, illustrations, etc., remain intact in the digital version precisely the same as in the case of the original work, thus allowing the most exemplary illustration.

This boosts the quality of the reader experience and makes the content more attention-grabbing and outstanding than the actual printed version.

Outsource fixed layout ePub conversion

Why Fixed Layout eBook Conversion is a Win-Win?

  1. Price Affordability

    One of the major reasons the publishing world is facing a shift in the readers’ interest these days from hardbound books to eBooks is its affordability. The ebooks are considered cheaper than their counterparts, like paperback and hardcovers.

    Besides the printing cost, eBooks are very far from the cost of physical distribution as these are available online at a minimal price, and some are even free for reading.

  2. Easy to Store

    If you are a book reader and you have a lot of books, then you want to keep all of them with you, and for that, you will need ample storage space where you can keep them safe. But in reality, the living spaces or the working spaces do not have so much room to keep all that stuff.

    This is why eBooks are preferred over physical ones these days, as you can store all the reading material in the most hassle-free manner in one place, which is just a click away.

  3. Ease of Accessibility

    Regarding the accessibility of eBooks, these can be downloaded or read on various gadgets we have in the modern world, like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, eBook readers and more.

    Also, with this level of accessibility, one can access and read their favorites or study material in the extra time they have or even while traveling to make the most of it.

  4. Shareability

    Another primary reason why this technology has taken over the traditional methods is because of the share ability, and through this, knowle dge sharing has taken flight. eBooks can be shared hassle-free with others while keeping one version with themselves, and this was not possible with physical reading or learning material.

    Today readers can share their study or reading material like novels, books, passages, quotations, and even images with others using some portals that help share these, like LMS or social media platforms.

  5. Advanced Features

    E-books are not only limited to the ease of access and sharing, but it also provides an ease of readability as it comes with many unique features and formats that help the readers in every way possible to make their reading the best experience with eBooks.

    Features like zoom-in / zoom-out, the page size arrangement, text highlighting, changing fonts and their colors to ease reading, searching for meanings of certain words, digital note making and much more.

    Not only this, but if you do not want to read the entire content, you can convert them into an audio-only format that will help you by reading line by line for you.

    While having the back of these features, one can master everything, right?

    Now that we have a complete idea about the fixed layout eBook conversion, it is time to get some more information on the industrial front about how outsourcing fixed layout ebook conversion can help publishers.

Advantages of Outsourcing Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Though the functionality is dependent on the platform of access, fixed layout versions always stand to a superior standard when it comes to functionality. Most bookworms in India or even globally prefer this standard of ebooks, and there are some obvious reasons why this is highly recommended. Some are listed below

  1. Cost-Effective Services

    While running a business, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is allocating the funds correctly with zero waste. Whether a big venture or a small startup, cost-cutting is a part of every vertical.

    This is the reason why businesses these days are outsourcing their work to other service providers to curb the cost of having an in-house resource. So is seen in the field of eBook conversion, where publishing houses search for cost-effective service providers who help achieve the desired goals in the given timeframe and are also very cost-effective.

  2. Subject Matter Experts Offer Great Infrastructure

    One of the significant advantages of outsourcing fixed layout ePub conversion services to professional service providers is that they have a well-trained team who always stay updated with the new technologies, latest movements, and trends in the market.

    These subject matter experts help achieve the best outputs and try to match their client’s expectations; for this, they use the most updated infrastructure and tools.

  3. Boosts Sales & Future Profitability

    Another primary reason the outsourcing of eBook conversion is on the high side is that it can derive the maximum sales out of your books or reading material.

    If the reading material has potential, outsourcing the conversion job adds multi-stars to it by placing the content professionally, following all the guidelines and with proper backlinking, making the content rich and informative for the readers.

    It increases the probability of maximum profit shortly as it presents your work in the most refined manner that readers can’t keep their eyes off.

  4. Old to Digital- An Easy Transformation

    There are a lot of possibilities when you decide to convert your old reading material or a book to give it a digital avatar. But outsourcing the conversion work makes it very easy as the service providers know the latest trends and readers’ preferences and tastes. This helps convert the old version to a new digital revolution that catches the eyes immediately.

  5. Overcomes Format Incompatibility

    Another plus point of ebook conversion services is that they easily overcome the issue of format incompatibility on various devices.

    Every business or publishing house wants to reach the maximum audience or readers. For that, their content must be compatible with all eReading devices, but how to get an error-free format that is compatible with all? This is why these service providers are called subject matter experts, as they know how to place the content that makes it easy to read and compatible on all devices.

    They also sometimes convert your one eBook format to another to make it compatible with a particular device.

  6. Adds Elements of Essence

    Plain vanilla content is not pleasing to the eyes until it is a research-based work or documentary. Hence, adding certain elements that have the essence of making the content more attractive and informative is in trend now.

    Interactive images, videos, informative graphics, table of contents, etc., are necessary, and the digital conversion service providers are aware of this. This is why it is prudent to have matters in their hands.


Digital conversion services are highly professional, and there is nothing wrong with saying that they are the masters of their field, yet the services are very cost-effective. The final results are beyond any explanation. This is why it is most prudent to outsource the conversion work to them, undoubtedly.

This will curb your extra business expenses and help you get a return on investment in the given timeline.

If you are looking for a professional fixed layout ePub conversion service provider, you will most likely get the best deals.

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