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The Amazing Upsides Of Virtual Reality Technology

VR technology can be hardly defined by words. It is, in fact, a feeling, an experience that you get by becoming an active participant in a specifically created environment as in case of movie watching or videos games. Virtual reality importance is reflected from the fact that it immerses you in a newly created world by manipulating your senses. From outside, others see you wearing some headset smiling, grinning, laughing or simply waving hands. However, you are completely drawn into a unique world experiencing things and interacting with different elements.

Six common misconceptions related to VR are:

  1. VR is fad

    NEVER. It is never like getting a small TV fixed onto your face. Also, it is not the successor of 3D movies by any means. At the same time, it’s not just about gaming. It’s an emerging and evolving technology that will positively be a boon to multiple sectors because of infinite reasons. Present strides indicate that this technology will soon be adapted to all the domains as a VR business and it would be a huge leap forward, not another mere incremental step.

  2. VR is augmented reality

    NO! Augmented reality, as a word suggests is ‘amplified’ reality. This forms a layer and makes you view real world over it; it’s an enhanced version. AR thus obviously enhances the perception but doesn’t replace it completely. Virtual reality solution alternatively secludes you from reality and bestows to you an unmatched sense of immersion. This is what keeps it ahead of all other technologies.

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  3. VR is used only in gaming

    people is that VR is used only in the gaming industry. Well, the use of virtual reality technology for gaming has been increasing over the years. However, this use is not restricted only to the gaming industry. It comes with a wide range of application. Today, business firms from engineering, production, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare and other industries are pairing up with virtual reality service providers.

    It is important to note, that the VR game benefits are many. Gaming is only a small niche in the sector. In the coming years, the use of VR is going to expand and penetrate into other industries as well.

  4. VR gear is too uncomfortable and heavy

    One of the common misconceptions about a VR wear is that it is heavyweight and causes discomfiture. However, technologies have been evolving and the design of VR gears have undergone changes. You can easily wear a high-quality VR headset, adjusting it according to your requirements. You can tether the gadget to your desktop or use it in your phone. Today, most of the brands are manufacturing these headsets with utmost flexibility. These devices come with an ergonomic design and padding, that enhances the comfort level of the users.

  5. Virtual reality is expensive

    People often think that VR is expensive and beyond their affordability. However, the VR gear price is reasonable and you can get them at reasonable rates. Whether you use it on your iPhone or other gadgets, you will enjoy a good experience with the VR gear. These products come across various price ranges, and you simply need to get the product customized according to your budget. Companies from various sectors have realized the advantages of virtual reality in business. They are integrating the technology into their platforms.

    You can use virtual reality across four types of devices. These are:

    Mobile phones: In case you are looking for an affordable solution to use VR, you can get a mobile phone. You simply need to get a VR headset and a smartphone to experience the effect.

    All-in-one: Well, this category is often overlooked, but is one of the most effective solutions for VR. You will not require any computer or smartphone in this case. Certain headsets can be operated with an HDMI cable or onboard Operating System. You should know the benefits of VR technology in your business and use them accordingly.

    PS4 and PSVR gaming consoles: People looking for a cheaper solution than the computer can go for gaming consoles on PS4 and PSVR devices. The VR on PlayStation has been on the market for long. In case you are having a PS4, you can get a PSVR for $400 to $600.

    Computers: Using virtual reality on the computer can give you a good experience. In this field, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the two key players. You can gain a good VR experience from these devices. The impact of virtual reality on business is profound, and you can get a computer to experience it on the device. However, the process involves the cost of buying a computer.

  6. Immersive technology hinders physical activity

    Most of the high-end devices need to be tethered to the desktops. Certain users believe that this hinders the physical activities. The technology is further being streamlined for a hassle-free experience.

    Evidently, the benefits of virtual reality in business are immense and you need to integrate the same into your platform.

    There are two ways to experience VR for a mere understanding purpose. Google’s Cardboard headset is a good idea to experience it in its very basic form. However, it is far away from the actual VR experience. A 360-degree video is something different and it too never gives you a complete VR experience.

    The concept of VR experience was earlier restricted only to fictional books. Now things have amazingly improved and it, in fact, becomes a reality. Many virtual reality companies have emerged by sensing the scope. Soon it will be changing the face of many relevant niches.

MAPSystems has a fleet of experts with extensive experience in offering unmatched quality flawless virtual reality services. The clienteles include gaming industry, defense, sports, training and teaching, research, fashion and a lot more.

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