11 Reasons Why Switching To Virtual Staging Can Be a Breakthrough for Your Real Estate Listings

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The world is modernizing, and ever-developing technology has become an integral part of present-day life. Today, we observe technological integration in almost all walks of life, be it the things we use or where we live.

This is why real estate has taken a step forward to match our way of living and develop the upgraded technology known as real estate virtual staging.

With the help of this, they are setting up the properties to catch the eyes of potential customers who want to have a look at the property sitting right on their couch sipping coffee.

Yes! This is the latest fad…haven’t you heard about virtual staging or real estate CGI?

Well, we must start with the basics first, i.e., explaining what this process is and then the benefits of virtual staging in real estate.


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virtual staging in real estate

What is virtual staging in real estate?

This is a process where the real estate sellers or owners stage their property with important elements like furniture, lights, curtains, fireplace, etc., to make the property look like it will be ready for possession even before the basic foundation is not laid for the same.

This starts with the photographs of the property taken in the raw format. Then the virtual stager or staging companies use the best in class photo-editing tools and software to enhance the way the home looks, leaving all the clutter or imperfections aside.

This technology also helps in giving a virtual tour of the property to prospects or serious buyers without visiting the same to the most real-to-life designs. This technology was recently in vogue soon after the pandemic hit the globe and has become an indispensable part of real estate.

Sounds interesting, right?

Now let’s move on to the benefits of this technology.

Why real estate needs virtual staging services?

  1. Saves Time & Money used for Physical Furnishing
  2. Change Aesthetics as per Buyer’s Perspective
  3. Professional Online Presence
  4. Makes Listings Appealing & Welcoming
  5. Triggers Emotions & Influence Customer’s Intention
  6. Offers Property Decluttering
  7. Brings More Serious Buyers to Listing
  8. Easy for Buyers to Visualize the Property as Future Home
  9. Gets You a Presence in the Market Even Before the Construction Starts
  10. Robust Virtual Experience Sitting at Home
  11. Staging Helps in Increasing the Property Price
  • Saves time & money for physical furnishing

    Often, the real estate owners or sellers try to furnish their property physically, which may take a lot of time as for this, they have to source the furniture and other furnishing elements.

    But in Real Estate, time is of the essence, and if you are using that time for furnishing your space physically, then you may lose many potential buyers to your competitors; not only this, it will take away a good chunk of money from you because beauty comes with a price.

    Not in the case when you choose virtual staging services for your property furnishing and decor. The furnishing price becomes just half or less of the physical way. Also, it is time-saving, as with experts working on your designs, the work can be done in a couple of hours or days, depending on the project type and complexities.

  • Change aesthetics as per buyer’s perspective

    The virtual staging process gives creative liberty to the creators to add or remove elements and sometimes change the whole aesthetics to suit the taste of different buyers as every buyer has an image of their dream house in their minds, and matching to their perspective is the ultimate goal of a property seller.

    Aesthetics play a vital role in generating buyers' interest in the property and ultimately leading to sales. Hence it is important to have multiple designs ready for your property to be suitable for buyers of all types.

  • Professional online presence

    As per recent industry findings, a major chunk of the buyers begins with online search as their primary step towards buying the property. This is why there is a sudden shift seen from offline to the properties' online presence, too professionally.

    Today we have a lot of platforms where one can find good properties listed, and hence this is where competition begins. To level up the game of real estate property selling, the sellers are using various ways to get the buyers on their listings, and once they have some interesting leads, they want them to stick with their offerings.

    This is why they choose virtual staging, as it allows the seller to showcase the best of their property.

  • Makes listings appealing & welcoming

    The process of virtual staging is easy, and the results are captivating; adding beautiful elements like furniture, lighting up the space inside out, and using nature to bring life to the property plays a vital role in making the listing appealing and when a listing is appealing it acts as a magnet to get the serious buyers and is quite welcoming.

  • Triggers emotions & influence customer’s intention

    As we mentioned above, every buyer has an imaginary dream house. Virtual staging triggers that part of them by touching the emotional string with beautifully staged interior and exterior that makes them say, ‘this is where I should live.

    When a property looks close to what a customer is looking for, it influences their intention resulting in a purchase.

  • Offers property decluttering

    The virtual staging process comes with manifold benefits, including property decluttering. If you want to list a pre-owned property by someone, it is always good to scrub your pictures before being listed because no one likes cluttered places.

    With the help of the latest tools and modern technology, virtual stagers declutter all the old furniture, pale walls, dirty curtains, and more, barring the vision from property potential.

    Virtual estate services convert the property into real estate heaven!

  • Brings more serious buyers to listing

    Beauty attracts all, and this statement is very true for the real estate vertical. Where will they go if buyers find beautiful property pictures and virtual tours listed in one place?

    The process speaks of professionalism, and the artwork acts as word of mouth for the seller, bringing more and more buyers to the listing.

  • Easy for buyers to visualize the property as future home

    Just Imagine, How easy it is for a buyer to look at property pictures and visualize the space as their future home; your pictures must do this job at least.

    With virtual staging, a buyer can visualize various possibilities for furniture settings, usage of extra rooms, and the overall look and feel of when they are at home.

    If you create pictures that are most natural and buyers visualize them as their homes, you have done a good job!

  • Gets you a presence in the market even before the construction starts

    One of the major advantages of the process of real estate CGI designs is you can present them in the market to attract buyers even before the physical space is yet to be constructed or just halfway to completion.

    Many builders and real estate owners use this way to generate leads and inquiries, get them converted beforehand, and then use the profit to get the structure ready for them later.

  • Robust virtual experience sitting at home

    Before the COVID19, the buyers always got the opportunity to visit the property they were interested in, but post the global pandemic, the situations changed, and now everything is present online, and that can give you live virtual tours of the space, then what’s the point of visiting the place when you can sit on your couch sipping coffee and taking a virtual tour.

  • Staging helps in increasing the property price

    Home staging is the most powerful and effective real estate marketing strategy as it comes with many benefits. And when something is so beneficial, it may be profitable too.

    If you have aptly presented the property following all the stages of professionalism and have a pool of interested buyers, you have a window of opportunity to increase the selling price. Even with inflated prices, your property will be gone like hot cake.

Now you have an inside-out idea as to how real estate photo editing services can be of real help to your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your property virtually staged with a professional real estate virtual staging service provider like MAPSystems and showcase your property’s full potential.

We have a high success rate in providing the best and most trusted virtual staging services, and we hold a sound position among industry leaders.

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