List of 10 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Companies

Are you struggling to find the right partner for high-end real estate photo editing for your property business? Or are you worried about the average-quality images hampering property sales? Keep reading this blog, and you shall get a solution to all your worries!

Why do estate agents edit property photos?

Over 99% of millennial property buyers search online for their dream home, and over 83% consider photos to be pivotal for a seamless home-buying experience. This alone is enough for realtors to support their marketing and promotional activities with impactful and highly attractive photos of their properties.

Enticing property photos have now become an integral lead generation tool for realtors, as they appeal to a larger audience and create an appealing view of the property for potential buyers.

Why hire a professional real estate photo editing service provider?

Professional photo editing not only enhance the quality of real estate photos and attracts more prospects, it also solidifies the brand credibility of the property developer over the long term.

A attractive photos of the houses and surrounding amenities is a great marketing tool for the company’s website and social media channels. Professional image editing companies use advanced tools and techniques to deliver professional quality property images.

Also, considering the major post-pandemic hit that the real estate industry faced with prices fluctuating in the market, it is best to team up with a dedicated offshore photo editing service provider for quality photo edits. This can help realtors reduce their production costs, invest more time in core business development areas, as well as utilize their workforce more effectively.

Qualified photo editing services companies offer the following high-end architectural phoro editing services:

  • Fixing exposure
  • Virtual staging by digitally adding in virtual furniture
  • Reduce visual noise and grains
  • Fixing perspectives distortions
  • Addition of relevant objects and elements
  • Removing objects that are deemed unwanted
  • Declutter rooms
  • Remove flash shadows and object reflections
  • HDR blending
  • Effectively adding blue skies
  • Lawn replacements
  • And much more

Simply put, professional real estate photo editing companies ensure all the edited photos they deliver must be flawless and effectively capture the beauty of the particular property.

How to find the best real estate image editing companies?

Nonetheless, the prime challenge remains finding the right real estate image editing service provider for your purpose who can deliver the best quality photo post-processing service. There are two options that you can opt for you can go for freelance editors online or choose a professional company. Freelancers might be a wiser option if you have limited edits. But if you have batches of images that require editing frequently, selecting a professional company is the best choice.

So if you are asking yourself how to find the ideal real estate photo editing companies online, thorough with the latest image editing tools, technologies, and photo editing techniques – stick with us until the end.

This blog enlists the top 10 best real estate image editing service providers who give you the best value for your money with competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and outstanding customer support. Let’s dig in!

List of top-ranking real estate photo editing agencies

  1. MAPSystems


    Based in: India, USA, UK, UAE, & Jordan

    Inception year: 1993

    An reliable photo editing studio that offers stunning image post-processing and enhancement services to worldwide photographers. They are backed by a team of highly skilled and professionally trained photo editors who possess years of experience across diverse industries. They have solid real estate photo post processing expertise, such as panorama stitching, day-to-dusk conversion, sky replacement, lawn replacement, reflection and shadow removal, HDR blending, etc.

    MAPSystems is one of the top image editing companies, offering advanced real estate photo editing and retouching services with top-notch quality. They provide the final deliverables in all the industry-standard formats and also share the files in the preferred formats by the clients.

    Apart from premium photo editing services, they also offer high-end 3D architectural modeling and rendering services, 3D furniture models for AR/VR, 3D real estate models for virtual tours, video editing etc.

  2. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions


    Based in: India, USA, & UK

    Inception year: 2013

    ProGlobalBusinessSolutions have carved a niche over the past few years with stellar photo editing and retouching services, designed especially for the real estate sector. Their main specialization lies in custom image retouching and enhancement, including color correction, fixing perspective and lens distortion, 360-degree view images, virtual staging, virtual twilight, and many more.

    The agency has the best customer service and round-the-clock support for clients across the world. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, ProGlobalBusinessSolutions or PGBS rejuvenates your plain raw photos.

  3. Trupp Global

    Trupp Global

    Based in: India & USA

    Inception year:2017

    One of the major photo editing service providers specializing in object removal and addition, color cast removal, image stitching, photo manipulation, 2D/3D floor plans, and real estate HDR photo editing services.

    Their professional services have boosted significant sales for realtors. Over the years, Trupp Global has accumulated a huge clientele from all over the world.

  4. Fixthephoto


    Based in: Estonia

    Inception year: 2003

    A trusted online photo retouching service provider with line straightening, color changes, virtual staging, object removal, and sky replacement as its prime services, Fixthephoto is a notable name in the industry. An Estonian photo editing company, Fixthephoto has solidified its name as a brand and offers its services across the globe.

    They have a team of expert professionals with years of domain expertise and hands-on industry knowledge; they also offer great customer support service.

  5. BoxBrownie


    Based in:Australia

    Inception year:2014

    A professional agency for property image editing, floor plan redraws, virtual staging, day-to-dusk conversion, object removal, 360-degree virtual tours, exposure correction, and more. BoxBrownie is a young and happening organization founded by a tech enthusiast and a professional photographer, offering a 24-hour TAT and seamless customer service.

    Besides photo editing, they also offer copywriting, custom jobs, 3D renders, etc.

  6. Photozworld


    Based at: India

    Inception year:2013

    Photozworld is a known name in the photo editing industry with a strong command over editing photos for real estate, product photos, portrait photos, and much more. Their primary expertise includes HDR blending, image stitching, floor plan conversion, digital decluttering, virtual staging, day-to-dusk conversion, etc.

    They offer affordable rates best-suited for businesses of all natures and sizes, as well as a quick TAT. Their editing team is comprised of skilled photo editors and graphic designers.

  7. Phixer


    Based at: USA

    Inception year: 2015

    Phixer is a large company having a stronghold in advanced real estate photo editing services spanned over 40 countries. Its key expertise includes virtual twilight, virtual staging, sky and lawn replacement, and digital decluttering.

    Phixer also offers a DIY app aimed at realtors for standard editing; the listed prices are reasonable, with a fast turnaround time and premium quality outcome.



    Based at:India, USA

    Inception year:1999

    An experienced offshore photo editing company, Suntec India excels in end-to-end real estate retouching, image blending, virtual tour, and perspective correction services and offers outstanding quality. They are adept in handling bulk images with zero quality compromise.

    Other than photo editing, Suntec India is also into software development, website and app development, copywriting, etc. Suntec India’s high efficiency makes it one of the most sought-after photograph editing service providers in the country.

  9. WinBizSolutionsIndia


    Based in:India, USA, & UK

    Inception year:2013

    A relatively new company with photo editing and enhancement as its prime forte, WinBizSolutionsIndia is now a go-to solution for most realtors and professional photographers. The outsourcing company has a robust infrastructure and a bunch of highly skilled photo editors, which make it immensely reliable to partner with.

    Their specializations lie in virtual staging, HDR blending, color changes and correction, digital decluttering, day-to-dusk conversion, green grass addition, panorama stitching, and many more.

  10. PhotoAndVideoEdits


    Based at:USA

    Inception year: 2017

    PhotoAndVideoEdits has an amusing inception story; the founder of the company Colin Forte was himself a client who required high-end photo edits for his business. Over the years, he realized the industry’s potential and stepped into it.

    After more than a decade, PhotoAndVideoEdits have come a long way. The company is focused only on real estate photo editing and everything that comes within. From replacing skies and brown lawns, straightening crooked lines, and removing objects, to color correction, shadow removal, window masking, and TV & fireplace addition – all these services are provided by the experienced professionals at PhotoAndVideoEdits.

    There you have it, the handy list of some of the top-notch providers of real estate image editing services, with their expertise and area of excellence. With so much of technological advances happening, how do you edit professional real estate photos on your own? You can definitely go for DIY software available online.

    However, when it comes to building or maintaining your brand, it is always better to leave the work to the professionals. Hope this compilation helps you to find the right partner to outsource your photo editing requirements. Real estate photo editing outsourcing will no longer be exhausting for you. So find the right dedicated resource for your brand and gain a competitive edge. Good luck with your search!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to edit real estate photos?

The project timeline depends on the length and scope of the project, the complexity level, and the efforts required. MAPSystems has a proficient team of elite photo editors and professional image retouchers who can turn the final delivery around within the stipulated time. Given our team strength, we can effortlessly handle bulk work and complete them within the deadline with the utmost quality.

How much should I pay someone to edit my photos?

Just like the turnaround time, real estate photo editing prices also depend on the project’s scope, effort, and manpower required. The more the complexity and scope, the higher the project value. MAPSystems has an extremely competitive listed pricing, with flexible payment terms, and it also offers customized packages.