How Our High-End Sales Video Editing Helped the UK Based
Bank in Cross-selling & Up-selling

The Brief of the Project

A leading bank from the United Kingdom was searching for sales pitch video editing services, and after a reference from another client of ours, they approached us to get the job done.

Before reaching us, they prepared some videos and testimonials for their customers and potential buyers for cross-selling and upselling. And wanted us to work on the editing part to polish the footage to make them look professional.

About the Client

The client was a UK-based leading bank, and their client servicing branch approached us for the video editing solutions.

They wanted us to work on the raw footage they created to make it ready for launch to cross and up-selling their products and services.

They already saw our work process and the kind of professionalism we deal with our clients who referred us. The customer support branch of the bank was excited to work with us, which is why they gave us the bulk project in one go.

sales pitch footage editing

The Project Challenges

The client informed us about the sales pitch video editing challenges like lack of connection with customers in the introductory videos; hence they were not generating leads. Especially for the loyalty program they were running, these videos could not attract potential customers.

Apart from that, the cross-selling and up-selling videos were not performing as expected, so they wanted a team to research that part for generating the content that would derive what the buyers were seeking.

Our Solution

We had a long discussion with the client, and our subject matter experts understood the pain points well and provided the solutions like

  • On the lack of connection bit, we researched the latest market trends and considered the preferences of customers in terms of services they require from banks.
  • We changed the editing approach for the loyalty program-related videos and picked only those parts to show to the customers that generate curiosity for the program.
  • We made edits that presented the products and services on an upgraded level for the cross-selling and upselling videos. We added some infographics to educate the potential buyers about the services.

Our Sales Pitch Video Editing Process

At MAPSystems, we work most professionally, following a step-by-step process for project handling. This way, we make the whole task seamless, eradicating the scope of error.

We followed the brief given by the client and considered the research we did on the task to derive what was expected from us.

Our team of the most creative and skillful video editors strives to achieve perfection. And they worked on edits to provide a professional touch to the videos.

Starting with the research, our team sets the agendas and works accordingly. The process included the following steps

  • Step 1: Formation of various teams as per the knowledge and expertise.
  • Step 2: The research team extracted the reasons hindering the videos from reaching potential customers.
  • Step 3: Once we found the reasons and pain points, the improvement phase began using the most advanced technology and human intelligence.
  • Step 4: We worked on the editing part, keeping both the client’s and viewers' perspectives in mind to get the output that suits all. Our video editors worked on fixing the content in terms of editing and arranging the sequence to make it look presentable.
  • Step 5: Our team of editors also ensures angular correction in every frame and improves the video quality by color grading, etc.
  • Step 6: The final touch-ups included multiple rounds of quality checks.

Once we were done with the above steps, we provided the first version of the final work to the client. The updates were made based on the feedback, and then we sent the final version to them via secured transfer protocol.

The Result

As soon the client received the final work, they were so satisfied that they signed a contract with us for further projects.

The videos turned out well to the client in terms of reach and conversion. The videos generated interest in the products and services and the kind of approach used to address customers' needs were appreciated. The videos stood out from the competition and raised the bank's goodwill in the eyes of the customers.

Words of Appreciation from Client

“MAPSystems is a synonym for satisfaction. We are beyond happy with the kind of professionalism you have, and it is reflected in your work. We want to thank the entire research and editing team who channelized life to our videos.

Thanks All!”

MAPSystems has had a market presence for over a decade, and we are serving clients with utmost professionalism. Our video creators and editors strive to deliver the best-in-class output.

With sound knowledge in the field, we have earned the trust of our global clientele, and this trust is driving us to give the best to them.

We are known as one of the best sales pitch video editing service providers in the industry, and we always ensure delightful working experience.

Our team is waiting to support you!

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