How our Video Clipping Services was a Leap of Success
for the US Based Production House?

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About the Client

The client who approached us were a US-based production house. Their business venture was quite famous for video production, especially online businesses. Starting as an ad creator, the business reached a new heights with many new add-ons in the portfolio in a very short time.

As their business grew, they started searching for professional video editing services, and after quite some research, they landed with us.

The Requirements

As the business grew, they couldn't get the multiple jobs done single-handedly. They had limited resources and were piled up with video editing and clipping requirements. So they also needed some professional video clipping service providers to outsource their work.

Here are the requirements our client came up with

  • They wanted us to work on their Real Estate video clipping of drone shots.
  • As per them, the drone shots are shaky and blurred that need some fixing.
  • For the project completion, they set a deadline of 1 month.
  • For reference, they also sent a sample to be used to ensure consistent quality

Project Challenges

  • The videos of the client were not generating leads for them, and they want us to work on visual appeal, for starters.
  • Next, they wanted us to fix the shakiness and blurriness in the raw footage shared by them.
  • During the discussion process, we found the precision distortion in the video as well, which needed to be fixed.
  • Also, we informed the client about the other shortcomings in their footage, like many distractions created by objects, no focus on property, etc.
  • Apart from the above, there were some video clipping challenges faced by the client on which they wanted us to work.

Our Solution

We followed a step-by-step process for our work; we briefed the client about these shortcomings and then addressed the obstacles to get the most refined output.

Here are the solutions we applied to the project-

  • As we always do, after a detailed discussion with the client, we allocated responsibilities according to the expertise to get the desired results.
  • The video editing department worked on fixing the shakiness of the video and retouched it to clean up video bits using the most advanced technology.
  • Talking about the video clipping solutions, our editors clipped the footage to make it look flawless, eradicating all the hindrances.
  • Field of View (FOV) correction was applied to fix the precision distortion.
  • Also, we focussed on video clarity, color, filters, sharpness, light, and audio.
  • We also eliminated all the unwanted objects from the footage.
  • Once the video edits were made, multiple quality checks were done before sending it to the client for feedback.

The Result

The Client was pleased to see such a phenomenal improvement in the quality of the footage, and they compared it screen by screen and were awestruck. They praised our team for the output and are still connected with us for their video editing work.

Our team always keeps a keen eye on the project to get what is desired. We deliver high-quality real estate video editing, including drone shots correction, video enhancement and more.

At an affordable price and custom-made packages, we deliver the best output and curb your expense of in-house editing.

Words of Appreciation from our Client!

“We have no words to thank the team at MAPSystems for the kind of work you people have done for us. At first, we were stuck with our video editing needs and were hoping for a miracle. And just like that, we landed with you!

Our drone footage looks flawless and is praised by many viewers. All thanks to you guys!

Also, we liked the type of commitment you make and how professional your team is when it comes to project completion and delivery.


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