How we helped USA-based Wedding Studio Owner succeed
with our Video Editing Services

We always consider clients to be the core of our business. Satisfying them is among our top business goals. We are excited to onboard new clients for our services; however, we are equally overwhelmed when we meet their expectations while delivering the output.

Here is one of the success stories of our US-based customer who approached us for the wedding video editing services, and the journey we had together was awesome.

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About the client

The client is an entrepreneur based in the USA who has been running a Wedding studio for many years. Most of the wedding events were captured and shot by the client in and around the city of Nashville. The events captured the users' attention, and the client had been favorable to the industry. Starting with just the Wedding photography, the client had expanded with many sub-branches opening across the city and then gradually started undertaking the Videography for the wedding events.

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How did the client approach us?

Being on the lookout for the best video editing service providers, the client had been evaluating many other competitors before signing the project with us. We were new to the client who was looking for the most transparent and reliable company for providing the professional video editing services.

The search finally ended with us when we agreed to provide the free trial before closing the deal, to which the client agreed. That’s how we started with the project amidst the challenges.

What were the challenges faced by the client?

Well, even though the client was among the most preferred wedding events coverage partner, there were many hiccups the client was going through.

Some of them are listed below :

  • Huge tons of requirements for video editing, which the client was not able to manage. On average, we know that editing a video requires a lot of work; the client was not able to capture, edit, and deliver the videos.
  • The deliverables to the client were taking a hit because of the overload. Priorities were missing out because most of the time was spent editing the captured videos.
  • Getting new projects was a little challenging for the client. At the same time, the client had fewer chances of getting new events because there were no dedicated resources for the same as all were occupied with editing the existing projects.

How did we Resolve the Challenges?

The client first approached us through a Website enquiry. While we took the query and addressed it within a short period, we were able to understand the challenge of the client, and hence we gave them a free trial period to do some samples for them.

With our expert video editors in-house, we delivered the best outputs to them, which satisfied the client to get on a long-term association with us.

Their wedding video editing challenges were easily managed by us, and we gave them the best outputs possible. Some of the activities involved in the process were

  • Removal of blurred portions from the shot
  • Color grading services
  • Checking the flow of the content
  • Merging different shots taken on multiple devices
  • Cinematic highlights and replays for an extreme experience


  • Completely personalized approach with complete focus on the project
  • We had to source all the raw videos to refine them with enhancements, quality issues, rendering and applying special transition effects, and more.
  • Initially, we took the first steps of creating a process storyboard before confirming with the client to minimize the revisions. The client liked the approach and was satisfied with the final output.

The Result

Most importantly, by partnering with us, the client could grow and expand their business by getting new opportunities all around. It was very comfortable to onboard new clients for them as the major task of wedding video editing services was handled by us.

Through the words of our happy client

"I would appreciate how you work and give us confidence that you can do it. Ultimately proved it! You are one of the best service providers we have ever associated with, and we would love to continue working with you guys. Absolutely brilliant work done by your team. We were completely out of track when we struggled to manage the tasks that came by - we were even on the verge of losing many opportunities because of the lagging in the delivery. But you did it for us. Great going, guys. Cheers and always recommended.” quoted the client after receiving the delivery of the ongoing project.

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