Delivered exceptional image background removal
service to a German interior designer

MAPSystems is a pioneering photo editing company employing the best practices for background removal and editing. We have more than a decade of experience in providing the best background removal services and have assisted numerous clients with their varied image post-processing needs.

The Client

The client is an interior designer residing in Berlin, Germany. She owns an interior décor and organizing company and designs beautiful interiors for the client’s residential or commercial spaces. Being passionate about interior design from an early age, she established her firm two years ago. However, the COVID-19 pandemic badly affected her business.

She had loads of background removal work for her property photos and was unable to find a reliable image editing company offering photo editing support at affordable rates. Since it was a crucial time, she was looking for cost-effective options but did not want to compromise with the quality of the image.

In this case study, you will learn how MAPSystems supported her by completing her background removal tasks with the expected quality and within her budget.

background removal

Project Requirements

The client reached out to us with her requirements and explained to us the project details. The work mainly involved background removal, replacement, or editing to increase the appeal of the property pictures. Apart from that, here are a few other requirements she had.

  • She needed 30-40 images on a daily basis.
  • Operating costs should be within the budget.
  • Outputs must be delivered on time without fail.
  • Image retouching should be performed, if required.
  • Secured file transfer should be used for delivery.


The client’s project offered us the following challenges:

  • Shortage of time for completing the bulk amount of editing.
  • The rising cost of the infrastructure due to the pandemic.
  • The need for other editing processes apart from background removal.


Our team carried out a detailed analysis of the project and devised the following plan for solving the project challenges.

  • Hiring a qualified and experienced team of photo editors for Photoshop background removal.
  • Assigning a project manager to supervise the task and ensure completion on time.
  • Allocating adequate resources to the team for carrying out the background removal work.
  • Taking stringent measures to ensure that the data and information of the client are safe.
  • Employing an anti-spyware and spam filter for accessing internet and mail servers.
  • Restricting the access of the project apart for the assigned team or the client.
  • Employing a QC team to check the quality of outputs before it reached the client.


We were able to fetch the following results for the clients.

  • The objective of achieving quality and affordable images were fulfilled.
  • Visibility of the client’s website increased by 30%.
  • The client could save time and money on hiring resources.
  • Business efficiency also increased even in this crucial time.

The different projects we have handled speak about our dedication and commitment to meeting the clients’ needs. So, if you have similar needs and want to gain the benefits of our services, then contact us to get started today. We can help you gain the competitive edge you are looking for!

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