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When realtors or real estate firms have appealing visuals and videos on their sites, it can attract potential buyers and drive more sales. So, it is essential to convert the raw videos into impeccable footage that can impress and grab the attention of the prospects. At MAPSystems, we have a team of drone video editors who can convert the raw videos into striking footage that can impress customers and compel them to make a purchase.

Our drone video editing services include

Our efficient editing team has immense global work experience in the real estate realm. Our editors are adept at handling all the video editing technologies and methodologies to deliver high-quality results in a short turnaround.

Shot arrangements

Shot arrangements

Our video editing professionals can properly sequence drone footage in order to be able to create attractive and perfectly timed videos of each property.

Cleaning the footage

Cleaning the footage

We delete blurred video shots, cut extra minutes, and edit or delete unwanted footage from the original drone video. Hence, the remaining footage becomes the best outcome.

Stabilize aerial videos

Stabilize aerial videos

We correct the unstable drone footage and stabilize it to produce high-quality, high-definition real estate videos that boost sales.

Remove unwanted noise

Remove unwanted noise

We eliminate the noise from the video background, and we can also remove defective pixels that are more likely to affect the video quality.

Color Corrections

Color corrections

We make your property appear lit up by adjusting contrast and highlights. These make them the best version to be displayed to the clients.

Remove unwanted noise

Impressive special effects

We add music, subtitles, text transitions, or other effects that match the client’s specifications, thereby ensuring optimal aesthetics.

Our drone video editing work process

We have a well-structured workflow pattern that involves four simple steps. They are as follows:


Client briefing

Once the order is confirmed, our video editing experts will initiate a requirement-gathering session. The client is requested to share the creative brief and project scope. This requirement briefing session is vital for our experts to understand the client's exact requirements.


File Upload

The client shares the existing video source file, raw footage, images to be incorporated, corporate brand guidelines, etc. The editors utilize these during the post-production process. The file-sharing process happens via a safe and secured file transfer protocol to ensure maximum data protection.


Initial Brainstorming

Once we gather all requirements and data, our video editing specialists start their brainstorming and initial conceptualization session. They analyze all the collected data and project scope and develop a custom solution to follow. In each step, we keep our clients in the loop and share updates on the developments.


Video editing

Following the roadmap and plan of action developed in step 2, our expert video editors start with their editing workflow. Leveraging the latest tools and technologies, we sort raw video footage or the source files from the existing video to edit. The dedicated project manager regularly updates the clients with the stages in post-production.


Review round

Based on the feedback and revisions we receive, our post-production team makes the iterations. Once again, we share the revised video file with the client. We perform multiple rounds of revisions until the client is happy with the final file.


Final Video delivery

Once the client confirms and approves the video ensuring no further changes are required, we start the final delivery process. The final deliverable contains the edited video in optimized file formats. We support all the universally compatible formats that ensure the video can be opened with any software or computer.

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Why outsource video editing services to us?

MAPSystems has been providing its clients with quality real estate video editing services for years now. We have an efficient team of drone video editing specialists and real estate video editing experts who are well-trained in advanced video editing tools. They would work closely with you throughout the entire project and always do their best to guarantee high-quality outcomes. We offer our clients benefits in terms of skilled personnel, on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Apart from these, other benefits that you can experience include:

Top-notch Quality

Given our years of hands-on experience and expertise, we deliver world-class quality.

Highly affordable

Our video editing rates are extremely cost-effective to suit all budgets.

Fast delivery

Our video editors maintain a rapid TAT for each project, keeping the quality uncompromised.

Data security

For each file transfer, we implement a secure FTP server to ensure maximum data protection.

Experienced team

When you hire us, you get unlimited access to a vast team of experienced artists.

Advanced infrastructure

We have a robust infrastructure and use advanced tools and software.

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What do our customers say

Highly satisfied with the video outcomes. From communicating the project requirements to the final delivery of drone videos, everything went smoothly. I will definitely use their drone video-making services again. Keep up the good work!


Travel Agency, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Partnering with MAPSystems for drone footage editing services is one of the best decisions made by my company. The quality of video edits was outstanding. I would highly recommend MAPSystems to anyone looking for aerial video editing work.

Chief Executive Officer

Real Estate Company, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.