Video Color Grading Services

MAPSystems falls under the list of the top-most providers of video color correction services, and we provide you with the best post-production work with the use of our cutting-edge technology and creative video editing team. With the use of art combined with the science of image enhancement, we have become color correction specialists, and our work and a decade of experience reflect in the output you get from us. With an upgraded infrastructure and highly efficient team, we serve clients globally and have become the most trusted professional video editing services provider. Our global clients trust us. We are serving various industry verticals with our color grading services, like corporate companies, filmmakers, advertising agencies, and production houses, both at the national and international levels.

Our video color grading services includes

With over a decade of experience and supreme knowledge of the market and its trends, we are offering various solutions, including

Corporate & Commercial Video Color Correction

Corporate & Commercial Video Color Correction

Get the most refined corporate and commercial visuals in just a few clicks. Yes, our team of designers is a real talent pool, and they strive to deliver the best visual output to the corporate videos or any other footage to rectify and resolve any corrections or imbalances in the shades so that it gives a visual appeal to the eyes.

Documentary Video Color Correction

Documentary Video Color Correction

When it comes to documentaries, the editing approach is different as it requires a separate kind of modification. Most of the documentaries are related to wars. In the sense that a separate approach with different color grading is required when some are of a happy and motivational sense, they require a warm and bright hue.

Wedding Video Color correction

Wedding Video Color correction

Color grading helps you enhance and alter the tone of the shades of the motion picture your eyes want to see. And when it comes to wedding footage, color correction is important to make the work look like the event. With our wedding video correction services, you will get the best of both worlds output and a memory that your clients will cherish.

Business Video Color Correction

Business Video Color Correction

Color grading is an essential part of the business process as well. In this modern world, a business is mostly conveyed by professional visuals, and they have the power to make your business a brand. Whenever you choose video editing service providers, make sure they focus on grading the footage.

Real Estate Video Color Correction

Real Estate Video Color Correction

One of the fastest-growing sectors these days is real estate, and when we talk about it, we visualize beautiful videos of the property or any building to be constructed. And if the footage is not properly color graded, it will not have a real life look. It is very important to use a proper shade palette while editing.

Drone Video Color Correction

Drone Video Color

When it comes to FPV videos, it is always important to keep in mind the basics like curves, shadows, gradients, and more. The first-person view (FPV) is always a mix of adjusted intensity, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, and more. So, it is important to go to professionals.

Video color grading process we follow


Client’s Brief

As a first step, we take the in-depth brief from our clients and try to understand their requirements; then, we decide on the framework on which our editors work.

A brief is a way to get a better idea of what our client desires from us and in what direction we should work to maximize satisfaction.


File Transfer

The second step includes sharing a secured FTP with our clients to get the raw footage from them to work upon.

In the case of video color grading, we ask for the sources where we find the content and establish an integration for footage captured then and there (Mostly in the case of live videos).


Editing & Color Fixing

After receiving the raw footage and the brief, the work is shared with our expert editors, who edit the long-tail footage and make the corrections as per the client’s brief and add filters to meet the requirements of the client, and then the first draft is sent to the team for QC.


Quality Check

In this process, a dedicated quality check team reviews the work and matches it to the brief given by the client. Once satisfied, the final work is shared with the client.


Revised file sharing

In this stage, we work on the iterations shared by the client and make the video 100% error-free. After the edits, we send the revised file to the client for their review.


Final Submission

After the detailed review by the team comes the final submission, where the file is sent for the client’s feedback, and once we receive a green signal, the finalized output is transferred to the client in a secured manner.

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Why outsource video color grading services to us?

MAPSystems is a globally trusted name for providing the best and most affordable video color grading services. With a stand-by approach to work, we believe in delivering quality, and respecting the timelines given for the completion of the project.

We have a pool of talented editors who understand your requirements and deliver the best and most custom video editing services required for your business needs. Our work will engage potential buyers and bring in more conversions.

Affordable Prices

We keep our prices extremely competitive and budget-friendly. Businesses of all nature can afford our nominal rates.

Shortest TAT

We ensure a fast delivery while retaining top-grade quality. Our team strength ensures a rapid TAT for every project.

Data Security

Our stringent data security measures ensure 100% data protection and confidentiality. We value our clients’ privacy.

Robust Infrastructure

We have unlimited access to the latest technologies and software, that make our infrastructure extremely robust.

Highly scalable

Based on clients' requirements, our video editing team can increase or decrease their resources and strength.


We are an ISO-certified organization and maintain world-class quality standards in our color grading workflow, assuring the best outcome.

Let our highly experienced video color grading experts make your videos more aesthetic and vibrant! Reach out today!

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What do our customers say

We have been working with MAPSystems for all our video editing requirements for the past two years. A special mention goes to their color-grading skills. Their color grading processes make all our videos more vibrant and stylistic. Highly recommended!


Wedding videography studio, New York, USA

We are a small team of short filmmakers and only get a little time for editing and post-production. That's why we solicit the experts at MAPSystems to edit our content. Their color grading work is super detailed and highly aesthetic. Two thumbs up!


Film-making agency, Sydney, Australia