Cost of Hiring a YouTube Video Editor: Factors to consider

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Today, YouTube is among the top-notch platforms for watching videos, and more than 1 billion hours of content are watched across the world each hour. With the wide expansion of YouTube, businesses now rely on videos to reach the target audience, and hence demand for professional video editing services are on the rise.

But, it is also obvious that these days video editing rates are completely dependent on the type of videos and the unique business requirements. YouTube generally pays its editors far less than normal industry standards when we consider video post-production services.

Cost of Hiring a YouTube Video Editor

But how much would a professional YouTube editor cost?

It is to be noted that they might charge high rates per hour, of course, for a good reason. Because a professional editor will go far beyond just creating proficient videos, but also in depicting the narratives in the best ways possible.

Now, before hiring a video editor for your service, it is necessary to observe their reels to understand:

  • What type of videos they have worked on
  • How do they work
  • What kind of clients they have served, etc.

And also, a clear sample that is somewhere similar to what you are looking for!

The next big thing is you start briefing your editor on what are you looking for. It is good to opt for an editor with a proven track record of editing short promo videos, commercials, or advertisements.

Hiring a video editor for YouTube content

Now, when you think of hiring a video editor for your YouTube content, you must also realize that even a one-minute video will have multiple hours spent by the editor to work on it. Whether you choose to go with a freelancer or a professional editor, the hourly rate may not give you clarity on how much it will take to complete the video editing. A professional video editor will charge you $5 to $12 USD per minute based on the project's difficulty. That is because the time taken may vary to a large extent depending upon the desired output. Hence it would be better if you help from the best video editing companies out there!

Outsource YouTube video editing

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the source material that will be supplied to the video editor. Consider a 10-minute video that needs to be shortened to one minute. It is very much possible even with minimal alterations this can be done because the whole process is straightforward.

However, consider if you have 4 hours of video to be shortened to one minute - it might take a day or more to get the desired output. It is because firstly the editor must go through with the complete footage thoroughly before cutting or trimming the video. So, the preparatory actions will take more time before jumping into editing to deliver the final output.

About the Source material - If you plan to send lengthy source material to the video editor, then you must include as many instructions as possible to make the job easy. But, complex productions will drag the Turnaround time and cost more as it may take multiple rounds of feedback before finalization.

What kind of graphics would you need to include?

If you want animated effects in your video, then you must be patient enough to wait for a longer duration and be ready to pay more. Motion graphics inclusion is rather time-consuming.

Soundtracks in the video

Depending upon the duration and context of the video, the editor will have to choose the appropriate soundtrack from the library to get the right feel while watching the video.


With the rising demand for businesses to reach their target audience, it is inevitable for them to rely on video platforms like YouTube. Highly professional and easily convincing videos gets more hits and more impressions. Hence, it is necessary to hire the best YouTube video editors to fulfill the business requirements. Now, the cost of youtube video editing services may vary depending upon the context and the video types. The predicted number of hours may also vary when you get the final output and so does the hourly charges. While opting for the best YouTube video editors, one must also be clear with the final version of video expected - how it should be, what kind of footage would be required to craft it and what instructions will make it easily understandable and some of the factors which we have.

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