Education video editing services

Are you a marketer, an educator, a corporate professional, or an individual entrepreneur looking for ways to make your training and process videos stand out in the crowd? Your videos need great editing and post-production services, curated by expert editors.

Receive a straightforward, dependable, and incredibly cost-effective education video editing solution from our qualified team.

With clients across all corners of the globe and a legacy spanning over two decades, MAPSystems is a leading educational video editing company and is just what any business entity requires to take their educational videos one notch up.

Incorporating cinematic edits, custom sound mixing, color grading, noise reduction, and much more, our video editing stalwarts can turn any raw footage into a compact story.

Our educational video editing services include

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

Make your eLearning videos much more interesting, especially for the younger crowd. We can custom-create effective transitions and animation elements that make the online learning process a fun-filled activity.

Interview videos

Interview videos

Each interview contains valuable data that the HR team can always refer to while training. We can edit raw interview footage, highlighting the key points, thus creating handy video references for HR and recruiting departments.

Employee onboarding videos

Employee onboarding videos

Onboarding videos boost a new recruit’s morale and educate them about the new company. Our trained video editors combine all insights, core values, and job roles, showcasing them through a compact onboarding video.

Student admission process videos

Student admission process videos

Often, parents and students find the admissions process unclear. This is truer for non-native students. We can create simple, easy-to-understand videos that break down every process step-by-step.

Training and tutorial videos

Training and tutorial videos

Employees lose attention during training videos owing to the lengthy duration as well as a lack of engagement factor. Our experienced video editors edit the training modules in a way that keeps the viewers glued until the end.

Corporate branding videos

Corporate branding videos

Elevate brand awareness and customer interaction with perfectly edited corporate branding videos incorporating your company logo, brand theme color, font styles, business slogans and taglines, and core business UVPs.

Course material videos

Course material videos

Course materials, like chapter-wise explanations, notes, lectures, trivia, etc., are integral to eLearning. We edit and convert them into easily accessible video formats that students find interesting to watch and easy to remember.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos from past-alumni or happy clients are both equally effective in instilling confidence among prospects. We can clean up blurry, out-of-focus, and noisy testimonials and make the video look professional.

Who can benefit from our educational video editing?

  • Corporate houses
  • Government organizations
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large-scale enterprises
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Coaching centers
  • Individual tutors
  • EdTech companies
  • eLearning app development companies
  • Training centers

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Why outsource educational video editing requirements to us?

Choose the ideal provider of the best video editing services, backed by a robust infrastructure, unparalleled expertise, and a highly scalable team, and get all your educational videos flawlessly edited. Whether you need testimonial video editing, or YouTube video editing services, we are just an email away.

So, what makes us different from others in the video editing industry? In all these years, our success rate has been more than 100%, with happy and satisfied clients worldwide. Below are a few reasons why they choose our educational video editing services on a regular basis.

24*7 supports

We offer round-the-clock tech and customer support to address any issues our customers face.


We abide by international standards only when it comes to designing and developing digital assets.

Use of the latest technologies

Our highly trained video editors have thorough knowledge of how to leverage the latest innovative tools and technologies.

No quality compromise

Multiple layers of QC are done at our end to ensure flawless sound editing and syncing, color grading, lighting, etc.

Cost-effective rates

Our cost-effective rates are best suited for businesses with all kinds of budgets. We also offer special value packages.

Utmost data privacy

Our editors work in a specially secured work environment that guarantees 100% data security and confidentiality.

Let our educational stalwart editors make your corporate training or course content videos more engaging and easily understandable by all!

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What do our customers say

The video edits done by the MAPSystems team were perfectly to the point, just the way we wanted our training videos to be. We handed over a huge set of our training sessions and modules to the expert team at MAPSystems, who created stunning videos out of those raw clips. Super impressed!

Education trainer


We just loved how the raw footage of our interview sessions was edited and made into compact video references. The exact key pointers were highlighted that have helped our HR managers, as well as newly recruited HRs, refer, train, and brainstorm.

Owner, IT enterprise