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Looking for professional testimonial video editing services that present the best of your business to potential customers/clients? Do you have testimonial videos that need some professional hands to work on? MAPSystems is among the best video editing solution providers. We have served our clients on global platforms with our top-notch testimonial video editors. With over a decade of experience in editing testimonial videos, we provide high-quality business videos at the most competitive rates, and we help you build a brand by providing the most appealing footage that will make your business rise more than ever. Our edited testimonial videos speak the exact language you want your business to convey to customers. As testimonial video editing requires unique skill sets, we have video editing specialists who have a keen eye for detail and understand the work to the core. This knowledge of the subject and the updated technology we use give the best output, which speaks for itself!

Our testimonial video editing services include

We are a hub of professional services, providing 360-degree support to our clients, and we serve round-the-clock.Our team works in the most professional way to give our clients the most satisfying outputs, and we are known for it. We have a sound work portfolio and numerous clients around the globe who trust our services.

Narrative creation

Narrative creation

We start by developing a narrative or storyline to convey your brand ethos through customer testimonials. We make the edits in a way that hooks your audience right from the start!

Adding title slides

Adding title slides

Our video testimonial post-production workflow involves adding relevant title slides and cards. This makes it easy for the viewers to understand and engage with the content.

Color correction & grading

Color correction & grading

We make strategic color corrections that make the video testimonial look vibrant. Also, our high-end color grading sets the tone of the video. We utilize all the latest tools for this.

Adding B-roll footage if required

Adding B-roll footage if required

We skillfully add B-roll clips along with the main shot. These intercut supplemental footage establish the context of the testimonial video, spike interest, and hide cuts in the scenes.

Adding smooth transitions

Adding smooth transitions

To prevent any visual jerk, our skilled editors incorporate effective transitions, such as fade-in/out, dissolve, cutaway, wipe, cross-dissolve, and many more, utilizing the latest tools.

Brand identity guidelines addition

Brand identity guidelines addition

We add the right tone, brand logo, colors, fonts, and themes aligned with your brand guidelines. Our skilled video editors ensure the entire content is consistent with your brand.

Fillers and unwanted noise removal

Fillers and unwanted noise removal

Our professionally trained video retouchers can eliminate all filler words, pauses, stutters, microphone feedback, and other environmental noises from the video footage.

Fillers and unwanted noise removal

Video stabilization

Does the video testimonial footage shared by your client appear too jerky? Fret not! Our prolific video editors can effortlessly stabilize any shaky hand or camera movements.

Testimonial video editing process we follow

Our professional outputs are the result of hard work, and the most organized process we follow includes


Briefing on Requirements

A good briefing on the requirements should be the first step to achieving the most satisfying work. We understand this step quite well, which is why before starting the work, we have long discussions with our clients on their requirements and what exactly they want us to derive from the clip.

In this session, we create a blueprint of the work and share some of our suggestions, keeping in mind our understanding of the business and the latest market trends.


Transfer of Raw Work

The next step includes sharing the required files and the raw footage on which the modification work is to be done.

We provide the most secure method (FTP) to our clients so that they feel safe sharing their information.


Allotment of Responsibilities

Once we receive all the necessary documents from our client, we start allocating the work and responsibilities department-wise; this makes the process seamless and error-free.

We separate each team according to their expertise, then switch to the next step.


The Editing Part

This is the fourth and most crucial step of our process, where various teams work as allotted on the various parts of the footage. We use best-in-class software and modern technology to modify your recordings and make it the most satisfying experience for you.


Quality Check

Once the modification process is done based on the client’s brief, the output goes through multiple checkpoints, and a quality check is done via various team members based on various factors. Once our work gets the green light, it is sent to the client.


Feedback & Delivery

In the next step, we share the final output with the client for feedback and revisions, if necessary. And once we receive the go-ahead from the client, we share all the files in the most secure file transfer process.

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Why Outsource testimonial video editing services to us

MAPSystems always works in the direction of helping our clients achieve their video editing project objectives. With sound experience in handling complex tasks, we always meet strict deadlines without fail.

Adherence to ISO Quality Standards

We are an ISO-certified organization. Hence, all our editing processes and workflows maintain international quality standards.

Cost effective

Our pricing is highly cost-effective and value-based. Therefore, when you work with us, you can save a lot of money.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Our video editors maintain a super fast delivery time frame for each project, given their mastery and expertise.

Data security

With us, all your confidential data are forever safe. We implement a secure FTP for all file transfers and data sharing.

Huge Team of Expert Editors

MAPSystems is backed by video editors who can edit the best testimonial videos to boost your online reputation.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our robust infrastructure and access to the latest tools and technologies facilitate a flawless video editing workflow.

We are trusted by our global clientele! try us

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What do our customers say

We had a lot of client testimonial videos to edit. But we had very little time to do all of that. Thankfully, we hired MAPSystems to edit the video footage. The team did an excellent job within a rapid timeframe. Excellent work, team!

Business Development Manager

Marketing agency, USA

The video testimonials shared by our clients had certain flaws, like jerky camera movements, numerous pauses, abrupt cuts, and fillers. The expert team at MAPSystems eliminated all these flaws and made the video look highly professional. Loved the work, guys!

Marketing Manager

IT/ITES service company, Germany