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Alpha Channel Masking Services

  • Unlock the New World of Photo Retouching With Our Alpha Channel Masking Services!
  • We Create Extraordinary Results By Separating Complex Image From Its Background.

Alpha Channel Masking, also commonly known by the name Bitmap Masking or Soft Masking with Transparency is an image enhancement technique that falls under the umbrella of image masking.

In Photoshop alpha channel masking, a critical image is separated from the background of the same color tone to create an Alpha Channel. The designers are utilizing this to set the color scheme, brightness and exposure per the requirement.

This process demands the correct tools, technology and some professional hands to yield the most pleasing results. And for this, we are here to serve our clients with our most professional alpha masking services.

We have a team of subject matter experts who understand the whole process and its importance in image clipping to get the most satisfying results that will help you reach new heights in your business. We are the trust winners of most professional photographers and photo studios who believe in what we create for them.

With a good market presence and an experience of more than two decades, we have reached the level where we are known as the most sophisticated and professional alpha channel masking service provider, and our clients count on us!

Types of alpha channel masking services we offer

Background Protection & Subject Editing

Background Protection & Subject Editing

In this masking process, we use the opaque mask technique to protect the background and to make edits to the subject available. Many clients reach out to us with the image-making requirement of this type as they want to keep their beautiful background intact and create new versions of the subject present.

Subject Protection & Background Editing

Subject Protection & Background Editing

In this masking type, we protect the subject in the image and mask the background to make edits per the client’s brief. This process creates a background compatible with the issue and helps enhance the beauty inside-out of the picture.

Semi-Transparent Masking


This process is a bit complex in terms of editing as it requires more attention to detail. Sometimes many clients come up with such a requirement that they want to edit their background and subject partially.

Thus, our subject matter experts understand the requirements and mask the partial areas of the subject and the background to deliver what is expected.

Our alpha channel masking services include

Being the industry leader in providing best photography editing services, we have a vast service portfolio that benefits the businesses of our global clientele. We understand the image enhancement process inside out, which is why our services are widely accepted by companies, photo studios and professional photographers in various geographical landscapes.

Background Removal

Most of the time, the background that looks apt to the eye doesn't compliment the image output, and some colors overwhelm the subject, which looks cluttered and not up to the mark. This is where the image background editing and background removal come into the picture.

We use the most updated tools and modern infrastructure to get what is expected by editing the background, completely removing it with the white base, or adding some natural elements.

Perspective Correction

Using our perspective correction technique, we provide multifold benefits to our client by providing the best result possible with distortion removal, changing the angle of the object in the image or shifting the perspective of an object to make it blend smoothly with the background or any new addition in the picture.

Detailed Retouching

Being layer masking experts, we provide detailed photo retouching services to our clients. We can give sharpness and blur the image per the requirements, using the best technology and expert team.

Image Clipping

If you believe in a more refined presentation of your work, then image clipping is the service you need. We remove the unwanted objects and backgrounds from the image to enhance the subject's beauty and keep the focus on the image subject and the message it wants to convey.

End to End Image Post Processing

Apart from the above mentioned services, we provide many more, including-

Our other image masking services

  • Color Masking Services
  • Layer Masking Services
  • Fur & Hair Masking Services
  • Translucent Masking Services

Why choose MAPSystems for alpha channel masking services?

  • We follow a unique & professional photo editing procedure
  • A pool of talented minds and updated tools
  • We strive to achieve 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Multi-step quality check
  • Highly competitive price
  • We maintain 100% data security
  • We provide top-notch business solutions
  • We offer the shortest TAT and quick project deliveries
  • We have an extensive service portfolio to choose from as per your requirement

MAPSystems, an industry leader and professional business solution provider in the field of photo editing services for over two decades.

We are the risk-takers that strive to deliver to the best of our abilities, which reflects in our clients' growth both monetarily and as a brand. This is why our clients count on us for their projects.

We provide a quick solution to even a complex issue; hence, we are the trust winners in the global industry landscape.

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