Guide on Professional Fashion Photo Retouching Process

Photo Editing

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Photo manipulation differs from editing. In editing, a photo undergoes professional retouching and it is enhanced and corrected to render it crisp and appealing. In contrast, manipulation uses the techniques used for photo editing for presenting the subject in a different perspective, contrasted with newer background or other subjects. In order to manipulate photos aesthetically and accurately, you have to adhere to proven photo manipulation tips as discussed below for spectacular results.

fashion photo retouching process
Professional photo retouching techniques
  1. Work with skin

    Audience these days can easily distinguish imperfection in skin as most of the photographers hugely rely on skin retouching services providers. Wrinkles, small pores, hairs etc. make the whole thing get completely wrecked. You must remove all the flaws, defects and inadequacies in the photo. Special care has to be taken so that the artistic feel is retained. If you are not that expert in removing blemishes, cover the subject’s skin with the help of blurring tools. However, the fact is that professional people never use this technique nor they use filters.

    Firstly general beauty retouching process has to be done and main features of the face are to be focused. Then narrow down your attention in order of minute to the minutest features. Step by step editing is always endorsed by experts who master the job. Get rid of larger marks such as zits, birthmarks and scars etc. with the help of Healing Brush or Clone Stamp. Both perform almost similar functions but certain upsides and pitfalls are there for both. Based on your exact need, you can select the one best suiting the purpose. Professionals usually spend a king part of their time in perfecting skin with skin retouching services; this matters a lot.

  2. Eyes need your attention

    Eye retouching needs you to take care of many factors. Removing extra veins and redness of eyeball are the basic things to do. Also strengthen the makeup as well as eyelashes density. Fixing shades of iris saturation may also be needed. Eyes speak a lot and have an unexplainable power to move people. Attracting viewer’s attention to model’s eyes is possible if you add a bit of contrast and brightness to the pupils.

  3. Face colours should be manipulated

    No face is uniformly coloured in real life. Reasons for this are many. Firstly, the blood circulation is inhomogeneous and secondly diverse light reflections from cloths make skin appear in slightly unnatural colours. You should unfailingly allocate entire colour transitions for assuring successful color correction and thus professional face retouching; Photoshop helps immensely in that.

    You have to always keep in mind that portrait retouching doesn’t means painting the face bluntly but it’s about removing the defects and highlighting certain features to avail the snap more appeal. With above mentioned image retouching tips, you can definitely gain great outputs when it comes to fashion photo editing and enhancement

  4. Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening is the real challenging goal for every photographer. Brightening teeth in photographs are the most often asked request every time. It is very necessary to retouch the teeth in Photoshop and make it shine and brighten. With the help of our Photoshop headshot retouching services you can quickly retouch your teeth for brighten smile.

  5. Adjusting the shape of the body

    A seamless model, photographed to perfection looks alluring indeed. These images are often used in magazines to attract the viewers. With the inception of sophisticated high end fashion retouching, models need not adhere to strict diet plans, or spend long hours in sports gyms. Seamless fashion retouching services from the experts ensures that every drawback can be overcome through technology. Well, the experts leave no marks of retouching in the final product post portrait retouching in Photoshop..

  6. Enhancing apparel

    Besides showcasing beautiful images of models, fashion magazines contain information on the latest fashion trends in the industry. It is important to consider different options for fashion clothes photo retouching. The experts incorporate the latest apparel photo editing technologies to enhance the appearance of fashion clothe. These include recolouring the apparel, smoothening them and integrate necessary adjustments. These changes enhance the appeal of fashion clothes and make the images look fresh, bright and eye-catching. This is why fashion magazines are in demand of sophisticated commercial shots.

  7. Hair fixing

    Hair fixing can leverage the quality of images to a great extent. However, this needs expertise and all photo editing companies are unable to integrate these changes. It is a time-consuming process and difficult to be incorporated. However, our skilled professionals are well-versed with the techniques needed to integrate changes in the hair in photographs. They are experts in the domain and can make the necessary changes in the images, as per the requirement of the clients. Through our beauty photo retouching services, we assure high levels of satisfaction to our clients. You may want for specific changes in the images, like brightening the hair, changing hair colour, editing curly hair and so on. We adhere to these instructions and deliver the edited images on time.

  8. Editing lighting

    Editing the lighting in fashion photos is not obligatory. However, it makes the image look more professional and attractive. Established studios have the necessary equipment to integrate to set up the lighting while taking the shots. However, the beauty of the images is many times spoilt due to faulty lighting. Unwanted shadows, too, spoil the beauty of the images. These flaws can be fixed through commercial photo retouching.


With this, we summarize our comprehensive guide to the professional fashion retouching process. Well, as you know, images developed for the fashion industry must be not only aesthetic but also trendy and quirky. Fashion keeps changing; hence, the criteria for editing photos for the showbiz sector must also evolve.

The tips above are just a start for any novice fashion photo editor. Anyone wanting to make a mark in retouching or manipulating fashion photos must keep experimenting with the techniques. Professional photo post-production agencies have a fleet of expert photo retouchers adept at editing fashion images. They assure the utmost quality and unique look for all the photo editing.

So if you require professional fashion industry photo retouching services, contact a professional photo editing company for the best results.