Furniture Photo Clipping Services Furniture Photo Clipping Services

Furniture Photo Clipping Services

  • Clipping furniture is an Art, and we are the Artists!
  • We transform ordinary-looking furniture into Artwork.

MAPSystems is a reputed furniture photo clipping services company in the business landscape. We have a pool of young and talented artists who transform the images of ordinary-looking furniture into a masterpiece that can scale up your business.

Backed with ISO certification, we are well-known for our professional work among our local and global clients, and they put their trust in us. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we consider ourselves as one of the best photo clipping service providers, serving clients globally. With our extensive work portfolio and trained professionals, we provide unbeatable service at an affordable price.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we consider ourselves as one of the best photo clipping service providers in India, serving clients globally. With our extensive work portfolio and trained professionals, we provide unbeatable service at an affordable price.

Furniture photo clipping services we offer

Furniture Background Removal

Furniture Background Removal Service

Furniture photos, even clicked by professionals, don’t appear appealing due to the background. A less effective background for a furniture product photo shoot affects the outcome and diminishes the brand name. Worry no more. Our highly skilled expert photo editors can flawlessly remove unappealing backgrounds from any furniture image. We can also add an enticing background to the photos as required.

Furniture Photo Cutout

Furniture Photo Cutout Service

What makes an attractive furniture catalog? The images. However, we do not always get the desired result. Let our talented and skilled photo editors make each of your furniture images exemplary. Our professional photo editors make your catalog more sellable and engaging to look at with our top-notch furniture photo cutout services. It makes furniture photos look professional and natural and helps close deals faster.

Image Shadow Correction

Image Shadow Correction Services

Often, unwanted and incorrect shadows affect furniture images, making them look too dark and dull. Fixing the shadows can create magic. Here at MAPSystems, we have a bunch of prolific photo editors who can remove any such unwanted shadows with prowess. We can make the images look great and appropriate for displaying on your website or any eCommerce site. Try us for a trial and experience the service.

Furniture Image Tracing

Furniture Image Tracing Services

Professional furniture photography is intended to make the furniture items look good and highlight the key features. But sometimes the photos end up unfavorable; and in such cases, image tracing is necessary to revive the photos. Our photo editors are highly trained and have years of experience in flawless image tracing, which makes any furniture photo exceptional. Try our world-class image tracing service and attract more customers.

Furniture photo editing services- our process

Client’s Brief on Project Details

This step is the first and foremost when we deal with our clients as it is quite important to get an idea about the whole project and the requirements of our clients.

Also, during this briefing period, our experts and the team of editors sit together, brainstorm, and give suggestions to the client to generate the best results.

Allotment of Responsibilities

Once we are done with the briefing part, we allocate the work and responsibilities department-wise to ensure the work is done systematically and the correct resource is engaged with the right briefing and work in which they have expertise.

We follow a proper flow of information within the team in case of updates or any new requirements by the client.

Transfer of Files (Original Photos)

Once the allotment is done, we ask the client to share the original photo/s with us in a most secured format FTP. The allotted project manager, the single point of contact for the client, provides them with a secured FTP. Once we receive the files, the actual work starts.

The Photo Clipping Part

This is the fourth and most important step in our process. We follow our client’s brief wholeheartedly and work on the image editing and clipping part to produce the best of our abilities in the most professional format.

QC & Feedback

Once we are done with the image editing, the final output is first undergoing many quality checks within the team, and improvements are made beforehand and sent to the client.

Once we are satisfied with the output, we send it to the client for further feedback and revisions, if required. The number of revisions in our work is quite low, though.

The Final Transfer

The last stage of our process includes the transfer of final output to the client once we receive a green signal from the client. The transfer is made via a secured transfer protocol to maintain data security.

Benefits of outsourcing furniture image clipping services


Our certified team of photo editors works across the globe and offers 24/7 support to our clients to give them quick resolutions to their queries.

Quick TAT

Our strong team of image editing experts adheres to an efficient workflow, enabling them to deliver the edited photos within a fast turnaround time without compromising the image quality.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

We are proud of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and usage of cutting-edge technologies. Irrespective of any complexity level, our proficient team can pull off a project with incredible prowess and artistic mastery.

Exceptional Quality Assurance

Our global clientele partnership has acquainted us with international quality benchmarks. Thus, our team strictly follows that standard quality.

Exclusive Scalability

We are immensely scalable regarding the team size required for a particular project. Based on your project requirement we can reduce or extend our team strength.

Cost-Effective Pricing

We keep a cost-effective and flexible pricing model that is of great value to all our clients.

MAPSystems has attained the expertise to handle any furniture photo editing project. Rest assured that you shall get the highest level of international quality and excellent customer service with us.

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