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Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

At MAP Systems, we excel in offering ghost mannequin photo editing services for helping the retail or e-commerce businesses to display their product images in an appealing and personalized manner for attracting more customers. We make sure that the images we produce help them in gaining an edge over the competitors and increases their chance of generating more sales.

Our services are of top-notch quality where each customer is personally assisted to meet their desired needs or specifications. Our superlative product image enhancement services add realistic touches to the images along with the ghost mannequin effect for offering vibrancy to the clothing or fashion accessories that compel customers to purchase the product. At our site’s gallery, you can go through some of the artistic works that we have elegantly executed for our clients.

Types of Image Mannequin Services we provide

Pack-Shot Ghost Mannequin Effects

We have the expertise to deliver spectacular e-commerce photo editing services by providing

  • 3D and 360-degree images of fashion mannequins
  • Rich media dedicated to e-commerce sites
  • Pack-shot photography triggered animation videos
  • Images wherein missing parts of the mannequin such as the bottom, sleeves, neck, and top are joined
  • Pack-shot retouching without the back sections

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint Services

When mannequin is removed from the dress, an empty region is created around the neck. Thus, we offer the neck joint service for bringing the full shape of the clothing by joining the back of the neck with front parts of the mannequin. The spectacular effects are applied to products such as trousers, lingerie, jackets, tees, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint Services

We apply Photoshop effects to the long tail garment pieces, i.e., the attires whose rear section is longer than the front such as the Composer Tuxedo which has to be dealt tenderly. We can remove the mannequin from such attires and then join the bottom section in Photoshop.

Ghost Mannequin Sleeve Joint Services

Mannequin is removed from the hollow section of the sleeves for imparting a ghost appearance. With this, we provide 3D shape by utilizing the hollow effect in shirts with long sleeves, jackets or tees. Mannequin is later removed in an expert manner and empty space is filled up by joining sleeves.

Product Image Cutout Services

We can create ghost mannequins for immaculately displaying clothing line on the e-commerce portals. Slinky clothing on mannequins would be done carefully in an aesthetic manner. We can cater to fashion designers, e-stores, tailors, dress manufactures, jewelers, etc.

Our Ghost Mannequin Editing Techniques include

We offer the following techniques for high-quality enhanced images for your e-commerce product photographs.

  • Enhancement of colors of clothing
  • Adjustment of Brightness and contrast
  • Addition of Black and white effect
  • Inserting of white background
  • Removing Stain from clothes
  • Image straightening services
  • Elimination of unwanted accessories
  • Isolating and extracting images
  • Clipping path services without impacting shadow image
  • Resizing, cropping, and enlarging of images
  • Background Photo Cutout services
  • Front and back clothing sections combination
  • Enhancement of images of Fashion apparel
  • Scratches, spots, stains, and wrinkles removal and elimination

Why Choose MAP Systems ?

Strategically partner with us or outsource your mannequin apparel photo editing services to us for enjoying a host of advantages.

Some of the main reasons for trusting us include

  • Extensive experience in product photo editing for e-commerce domain
  • Expertise in rectifying errors for rendering display-friendly images
  • Delivery of high resolution images that attract attention of customers intuitively
  • Experienced fleet of image editors who can justify your needs
  • Flawless editing and enhancements for making dummy images look visually attractive
  • Displaying of your brand logo or cloth line details on fashion range
  • Offering competitive edge by reducing the lead time to market for fashion labels
  • Delivering ghost mannequin photo retouching services at cost-competitive rates
  • Assuring lowest turnaround time in the industry

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MAP Systems has been offering impeccable photo editing services for more than two decades now. We take pride in the competence of our expert and seasoned photo editors who have been catering to our global and domestic clients without violating the industry standards or rules . We put every effort to understand your business requirements and align ghost mannequin image editing services according to the specific industry niche for optimum outcomes. We have access to contemporary and cutting-edge digital tools and image editing software to emulate any style for fulfilling your unique needs.

Receive the needed assistance with our ghost mannequin image editing services to create optimal photos for accelerating your business sales and profits.

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