TikTok Video Editing Services

We have been armed with crucial industry knowledge for more than two decades now in the field of post-production services, and we have served numerous clients during this tenure with our uncompromised TikTok video editing services, which gave us a flight, and we are among the global leaders today.

Apart from the experience and domain expertise we possess, a sound industrial network is also among the many other things that keep us updated with the latest and upcoming trends in the market. This robust knowledge of trends enables us to create custom short video editing solutions, which is why our global clients put their trust in us.

Our TikTok video editing services include

Our TikTok and social media post-production services as a whole are designed to suit all sections of the industry and their diverse requirements. Here is a list of all types of videos that we edit as per our clients needs-

Setting aspect ratio of TikTok videos

Setting aspect ratio of TikTok videos

TikTok videos have a 9:16 aspect ratio that needs to be maintained to ensure the best viewing experience. Otherwise, the entire effort of creating a video is futile. Our expert video editors adjust the settings with the latest technologies and make the video look beautiful in the frame.

Custom sounds / background music

Custom sounds / background music

If you aspire to add your own custom sound or background music to TikTok's library, we can help you get it. We use the latest software that allows us to add the music or any custom sound, even your voice, to the video to make it how you want it to be delivered to the masses.

Subtitles & captions

Subtitles & captions

Social media platforms like TikTok offer limited time to present content. Hence, these videos require supporting subtitles or captions. Our expert video editors can add perfectly timed subtitles in any language and font that make your videos understandable by the masses.

Voiceovers in TikTok videos

Voiceovers in TikTok videos

Product explainer videos, travel Vlogs, and tutorials usually have voice-over narrations explaining the content to the viewers. Well, adding a perfectly synced voice is tricky. Our highly-trained video editors effortlessly sync voiceovers to your video and make it more presentable.

Eye-catchy video effects

Eye-catchy video effects

We offer a range of video effects that make your TikTok reel videos look awesome just by adding them. Be it any video, we have effects for all, and we understand the nature of every video and what kind of effects will do wonders for it and make it trend-worthy.

TikTok reels

TikTok reels

The growing popularity of TikTok reels has increased the demand for flawlessly edited reels. Here at MAPSystems, using the latest tools, our professional TikTok reel editing experts can transform an ordinary TikTok reel to an extraordinary level to dazzle your followers.

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Why outsource TikTok reel video editing services to us?

At MAPSystems, you’ll get to work with the top video editing professionals who will understand your needs and perform the required edits to meet your requirements. With our customized video editing services, you’ll get help carrying out the most basic video editing tasks as well as the more advanced ones, so that your footage is powerful enough to win the hearts of your viewers.

MAPSystems is a professional video editing service provider that provides solutions to all your video editing needs, be they related to social media or any other vertical of the industry. We have been present and serving our clients for over two decades, and thus we have become their reliable business partners.

Whether you are a business that wants to turn up as a brand or an aspiring star who wants to reach more and more audiences to get their love, we can help you get what you like with our expertise and hands-on experience.

Highly flexible team

Our stalwart TikTok video editing team offers high scalability and flexibility based on the project scope and client's requirements.


We keep our service accessible to all. Hence we keep the listed price for our TikTok video editing at a very affordable rate.

Rapid timeframe

Our expert video editors ensure a superfast turnaround time for every project, all the while keeping the quality uncompromised.

Data security

Here at MAPSystems, all client data remain safe. Because we implement a secure FTP server for all file transfers and data sharing.


MAPSystems is an ISO-certified organization. Therefore, we follow international quality standards in all our project workflows.

Robust infrastructure

Our robust infrastructure and access to the latest technologies help us deliver the highest quality for our TikTok video editing service.

Want TikTok video editing support? We are just a click away!

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What do our customers say

We collaborated with MAPSystems to edit some of our testimonial videos. We were so impressed with their work that we retained them as our permanent outsourced partner. Great job, team!

Marketing manager

IT company, South Africa

The video testimonials on our website failed to create the desired impact on our target audience. Thus, I was quite concerned about my company's online reputation. But after hiring MAPSystems to edit the videos, our site traffic increased twofold, indicating our brand's positive online reputation. Thanks, MAPSystems!

Lead-gen manager

Creative agency, Australia