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The use of videos in marketing is constantly increasing, and businesses are looking for new and enhanced communication methods. MAPSystems is listed among the top service providers trusted by businesses across the globe. If you plan to use them as a part of your marketing strategy, connect with us, and we will assist you with our expert editors.

Our specialist editors at MAPSystems understand the importance of ready-to-share videos, and that's why we focus more on creating stunning outputs while keeping the target audience in mind. We have also added video cropping services to our editing services. Our experts are well trained in editing technology and related advanced tools.

Our video cropping services include

Videos are the best marketing tools these days, and our video editing solutions can be of great advantage for those searching for a trusted partner for their editing needs. Of course, there are different tools for detecting and eliminating unwanted details than in the manual process. But as said, manual touch cannot be replaced with any technical tool. It successfully brings out desired outcomes only when our editor's skills and expertise work hand in hand with the technology.

We provide customized support for our clients to understand their editing needs. We render expert support to our clients, ensuring adherence to international quality standards. To crop with perfection, an editor needs to understand the limitations involved in the process. Combining our techniques, we help in cropping and saving the finalized output in any required format.

canvas video cropping services

Canvas video cropping

In the process of canvas video cropping, we remove unwanted portions of a video, check the aspect ratio from all angles, and remove distractions in the background. This is done for aesthetic or functional purposes, such as making a video more visually appealing or reducing the file size.

video text video cropping services

Video Text Cropping

We have skilled professional editors who meticulously utilize different text enhancement methods to achieve the desired text cropping level. We are experts in changing text position and setting the key frames that reveal the text at a specified speed to adjust the narrative appealingly.

cinematic video cropping services

Cinematic Video Cropping

Outsourcing video cropping services to MAPSystems ensures perfect video cropping that aligns with your requirements. We have experts who can leverage different advanced editing tools to add classic cinematic bars at the top and bottom.

split screen video cropping services

Split-screen Cropping

This Split-Screen cropping technique helps make videos of comparisons to drive audience engagement. Our highly trained professional video editors have substantial expertise in creating split-screen films perfectly timed to gain more video impressions and drive maximum engagement.

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Why outsource video cropping services to us ?

Uncropped videos are always a concern when they need to go live within a specified time. MAPSystems can help you with our expert video cropping services to get rid of this problem.

So, if video cropping is your need, we are here to help you. Our experts help you find the most reliable services for your shots. You need to Outsource video editing services to us, and we will do the rest for you.

Certified Service Provider

We are ISO-certified, and our editors maintain international quality standards in their video cropping workflow.

Cost-effective rates

We offer the best custom package according to your budget and requirements. Also, our rates are highly affordable.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our team of experts is well trained to work toward achieving the targets without compromising quality.

Data Security

Our experts are focused on adhering to strict guidelines to protect your data from internal and external threats.

Highly scalable

We offer highest scalability and can increase/decrease our team strength based on the clients' requirements and project scope.

Robust infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to leverage the latest technologies and tools for our editing processes.

MAPSystems delivers professional video cropping services at the most competitive rates. Call us for a free quote today.

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What do our customers say

Being a professional videographer, I always have to work under strict deadlines. Therefore, I required some expert help to assist me in the post-production. The video editing team at MAPSystems does an excellent job, especially with flawless video cropping.

Wedding videographer

London, UK

We had a few marketing videos that required some touch-ups. Several of these had certain unwanted elements that must be eliminated. The editors at MAPSystems effortlessly removed all redundant components from the videos, rendering a clean and polished look.

Sales personnel

Advertising agency, Massachusetts, USA