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Video Stabilizing Services

MAPSystems is known for its runaway success in video stabilizing services. With a hub of creative minds, we create brilliant visuals which make their way into the market and captivate the viewers.

So far, we have worked on multiple projects with absolute perfection and 100 percent satisfactory output, and we are known for our standing behind the work approach till the project is complete.

We have a strong portfolio of delivering high-quality and highly stabilized visuals to our global clients. Apart from the stabilizing work, we also make edits so that it looks appealing by reducing the noise and performing lens distortion corrections, removing camera panning, hand jiggling, and others.

Our video stabilizing services include

When you outsource video stabilizing services with us, you receive a complete package of services, including:

Optimum Video Stabilization

Optimum Video Stabilization

Video quality drops down due to hand movement and blurriness. Thankfully, there's an solution, video stabilization. This technique eliminates all the camera shakes, jitters, and other movements that affect the image quality. We offer best video stabilization service that can bring the stability your videos deserve.

Multicamera Transition & Stabilization

Multicamera Transition & Stabilization

Multiple devices can create in certain videos. But fret not! Our expert team can make your visuals look smooth and properly stabilized, eradicating the shakiness and making cuts on the low-quality captures. Whether for a professional video or a personal one, our expertise will make any video content aesthetic.

Tilted Horizon Correction

Tilted Horizon Correction

This happens when a beginner shoots footage against a skewed horizon to create a sense of movement and speed. It often creates imperfections and the whole effort is wasted. We offer an exceptional tilted horizon correction service stabilizing the visuals, ensuring they remain on the correct horizon.

Dynamic Motion & Blur Correction

Dynamic Motion & Blur Correction

When a video is created, it includes certain quick movements or dynamic scenes that are sometimes blurry and require tweaks. We have extensive experience in tackling these issues and ensure non-distorted, highly tuned footage with all the blurry segments removed, thus making the video look professional.

Temporal Noise Reduction

Temporal Noise Reduction

Reducing temporal noise from a video is highly crucial to ensure best quality. This usually occurs when a video has poor lighting, or the camera used to record the video lacks the right specs. Our team improves the quality of your videos with first-rate temporal noise reduction service.

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Timelapse Correction

Time-lapse videos are highly captivating as they are trippy and immersive. But, even slight editing issues in these videos are visible to the audience. Hence, one needs an expert to edit such time-lapse videos. Our team can make your shaky time-lapse footage smooth and coherent without losing any quality.

FOV/Precision Distortion Correction

FOV/Precision Distortion Correction

Cameras with wide-angle and fish-eye lens, have built-in autofocus mode, that hampers the distortion accuracy, making the clip look unprofessional. With Field of View (FOV) technology, our expert video editors remove the zoom artifacts making the clip look extremely professional.

Our video stabilizing services process

Client’s Brief on Project Details

This step is the first and foremost of all, as it is always important to understand what our clients demand from us. Also, during this briefing, our experts give suggestions if required to generate the best results.

Team Allocation

Once we have a full brief of the project, we move towards allocating the correct resource to it to form a proper team to work on the project.

Transfer of Files & Documents

Once the team is formed, our project manager, who is the point of contact for the client, provides them with a secured FTP and asks them to share the required files and raw footage in which editing is to be done.

The Stabilization Part

This is the fourth step of our process, where we start working on the raw footage to stabilize and make the necessary edits and bring out a professional version.

QC & Feedback

Once the visual edits are made, the final output is first checked within the team for more improvements if required and later sent to the client for feedback and revisions.

Storing & Final Transfer

The last stage of our process includes storing and transferring the final output once we receive a green signal from the client. The transfer is made via a secured file transfer protocol.

Our other most demanded video editing services

Apart from the services mentioned above, we have a huge portfolio of video editing services as well, including

Benefits of outsourcing video stabilizing services with us

  • Adherence to ISO Process Standards
  • Huge Team of Expert Editors
  • Round the clock support
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

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