Video Tagging Services

Result-oriented video tagging services that help your target audience to find your videos easily

Video Tagging Services

MAPSystems delivers highly professional video tagging services, allowing videos to be found easily by their target audience. By getting your video files tagged accurately, you will be able to drive results from your video marketing campaigns. Our video editors have strong expertise in using video tagging tools and in efficiently handling the process. With our services, we ensure that your video gets discovered without considerable efforts. We would ensure that your video gets accepted by search engines, which, in turn, would ensure better visibility. As a reliable provider of video tagging services, we apply the most appropriate tags to ensure a higher degree of accessibility of your video content.

Types of video tagging services offered by us

We make your video making project successful with our targeted services. We ensure that your audiences are able to find your videos online without any hassle.

Categorization of Media

Categorization of Media

We use modern techniques for video analysis and facilitate a systematic video categorization process into a proper group. With this approach, you can make your content accessible to your audience. For instance, if you are running an apparel brand and want to access a customer-group that enjoys buying party wear online, we would perform video tagging in such a way that your video would become visible to customers demonstrating an intention to buy clothing online.

Labeling of Annotation

Labeling of Annotation

Our professionally trained video editors perform annotation labeling, including multi-label video tagging, taking the hassle of handling this time-consuming task yourself. We would even take care of the tedious process of labeling individual items that help you locate, tag, and objects frame by frame. We have thorough expertise in handling this process most efficiently, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Try our labeling of annotation service today!

Processing of Visual Search

Processing of Visual Search

Visual search is an amazing SEO process to help one find the right video quicker and has become a latest online search trend. Our highly trained professional video experts use special visual phrases in order to control processes that engage same type of videos. With the technical prowess of our team, we are able to tag similar environments, objects, and faces with the right phrases and words to describe a video content. Try our visual search service today!

Identification of Emotions

Identification of Emotions

With the use of advanced AI-based software, our video tagging experts recognize various types of emotions in videos and classify them along with other videos based on similar sentiments. This is indeed a tricky thing considering human sentiments and feelings involved. Owing to our extensive experience in this domain and our proficient technical know-how, we can categorize your videos in an appropriate manner on the basis of emotions. Try our services today!

Identification of Appropriate Keywords

Identification of Appropriate Keywords

Our exceptional video editors specialize in identification of right keywords to make the tagging become easier and more accurate throughout the Internet. We create tags that are not just appropriate and relevant, but also help to optimize content visibility. The highly talented team at MAPSystems assigns separate keywords to each item in the video that describes what it is about and helps in faster locating. Try our keyword and tag generation service today!

The video tagging process that we follow at MAPSystems

We maintain a very simplistic and transparent workflow that allows us to let our customers remain aware of what is being handled at the backend. With our approach, you will be able to get a clearer understanding of the project scope and the project status update as well. We follow a six-step process, which we have listed below

Project briefing

Project Briefing

At this stage, we analyze the client’s requirements while ensuring that we receive all files from the client via a secure medium such as user-authenticated FTP folders.

Categorization of Video

Categorization of Video

In this stage, our video experts categorize the video based on the topic or subject. This categorization or sorting allows the user to find the right content faster.

video tagging

Video Tagging

Our video editors use specific tags as per each content that describe the content clearly. We deploy the latest tools to deliver high-quality video tagging services.

emotion categorization

Emotion Categorization

We would accurately categorize your video on the basis of emotions. This would give your footage a greater chance of getting discovered and an all-round exposure.



This stage involves cross-checking of the tags using advanced analytics tools. This allows us to evaluate the effect that every tag causes to deliver optimal outcomes.

Data Security & Confidentiality

Data Security & Confidentiality

Once the tagging, categorization, and task review are done, our editing experts send back the final outcomes to the client using a secure path to ensure data security.

Why should you outsource video tagging services to us?

We have the industry’s best video editors working with us and they are proficient in carrying out video tagging in a professional manner. You may want to choose us over other video tagging service providers because we would help you with

Quality Outcomes

We would ensure that your video reaches your target audience.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our support team always remains live 24/7 to address your unique needs.

Fair Pricing

When you outsource your video tagging requirements to us, we would quote affordable pricing, thereby helping you to overcome budget issues and reduce your video tagging expenses.

Project Efficiency

We use updated technologies, which allow us to deliver projects on-time and with the high level of efficiency.

We are delivering video editing services including YouTube video editing services, social media video editing services, and corporate video editing support, allowing businesses operating in diverse industries to make the most out of their video marketing initiatives.

When you outsource your video tagging requirements to our reliable video tagging services company, we ensure that your target audience will be able to find your videos easily. We have the expertise to devise effective video tagging strategies, which would make your videos highly accessible to your target audience. Contact us today for a quote now.

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