Email Archiving -15 Essential Benefits for Various Businesses

The main objective of email archiving for personal use, small business, or even the bigger established ones is to maintain a record of any mail received and sent in a separate storage space. For this, it is essential to have certain features in place.

advantages of email archiving

They are as follows:

The question should be in original draft and it should be archived before sending the mail to any concerned user

There should be a secured process while accessing one’s account that has been archived in order to check their data

Reliable, absolute, robust and independent system to safeguard all the crucial information of an organisation

Easy and compatible console while sorting through endless emails from a common domain

  • Uses of email archiving solutions

    According to a popular survey, an email storesnearly sixty percentage of important information of any business organisation or entity. This means, it is essential to implement a separate platform for email archival for the sake of storage management, proper governance, ethical support, data backup, eDiscovery, access of information and sustaining of business.

    Mostly relied onfor finding any specific data, recovering information that was seemed to have been missing and obtain useful data

    The entire emails can be vouched for being safe and together in one, common place, before they are received by end users. By having a central domain for all email information, there is hardly any scope for internal mistakes in regard of searching information in various places and handling lost or deleted emails. Moreover, such common access ensures that one effortlessly finds all the data meant for obligation or contractual reasons, legal issues and mandatory submission in course of in-house audits. Also, a centralised platform allows one to recover missing or lost email data in no time or obtain important business acumens by assimilating data.

    Enhancing end-point and mail server performance through simplified mailbox

    One can improve the end-point and mail service performance by having the most recent mails on top storage while moving down old mails to lower stage. It helps in reducing the time taken to sync and search emails besides streamlining the organisation of email data. For instance, if you have two mailboxes – MS Outlook and an archived account – then you can choose to keep the first one crisp and organised, retaining only the recent emails. Whereas the second mailbox can archive all the other and less important email information.

    Safety from risks and adherence to compliance

    This further testifies the importance of archiving emails. Business ventures can be expected to have email information which needs to have backup for future use and mandatory compliance. Combined with easy method to export and search data, archived gmails will safeguard a company from any kind of situation where there is high risk of losing data including deleting email through malicious or accidental way, corruption of data saved in computers or laptops, virus attack, loss of device and so on

    Streamlining email information management

    When it comes to saving email data, the process involves several things such as tools for backup, backup tactics, storage space for backup, procedures, termination and alternative plan if the backup or drive fails. In most cases all the email information is stored in a systematic order, that is, in a chronological pattern. It is impossible to sort through and find specific information from a huge pile. With this, all the information will be kept live, ever ready to search and consistently available online. This allows you to access any old email within no time thus ensuring perfect email data management.

  • Different forms of email archiving

    As per professional digital archiving service providers, email archiving technique comes in three types, from which any business enterprise can choose the one suiting their needs. Here’s how you can choose the one that suits you the best:

    1. SaaS email archivalon shared basis via cloud

    All you need is an internet for this one. While using Saas email archival, you have to just subscribe, then configure and start using the services. For this, you don’t require any kind of management or infrastructure in place. The cloud-based technique will allow mail to be shifted from primary mailbox to the archived one.

    2. Private email archival via cloud

    For this, you have to rely on your own cloud account – on whicha server and storage needs to be setup. You then need to install the selected software. It depends on the user base and maintenance period, to take an account of the storage capacity and format type. Next, one has to organise the set-up for archiving on the cloud for using consistently.

    3. Email archiving on premise

    For this, run storage infrastructure and server in premise that is virtualised or bare metal. Then position the email archiving softwareon the infrastructure and configure for accessibility and safety. Both, the storage and server capacity will depend on user base and retention time. The user will be able to access this through LAN or WAN. Organise the set-up for archival and storage infrastructure for regular usage.

  • Points to consider while selecting a particular email archiving module

    Maintain independent operational setup

    Having a separate infrastructure for operational purposes is always advisable because of obvious reasons. By doing so, it offers an extra coverage for safeguarding as you have an alternate copy safely tucked away elsewhere. Plus, on being aware that there’s a separate copy saved in another place, you will have no doubts in editing your data on the primary mailbox to acquire efficacies.

    Flexible, Easy to Scale, Safe, Efficient, Reliable via Cloud

    The cloud based facility makes it more feasible to develop highly efficient and reliable infrastructure to sustain the archiving component. The biggest advantage is that it is extremely flexible in terms of storing information and can resort to automated scaling when needed. Now you see, it’s not a wonder that most of the IT giants majorly depend on the cloud.

    Low maintenance and High on Durability

    Safety is a matter of concern of businesses of all types. And the safest email data storagefacility provided till date is by cloud, without doubt. Its high level performance and robust storage capacity can be vouched for having your electronic mail data last for lifetime. With cloud taking care of everything, you don’t have to worry about maintaining backup anymore.

    Opt for SaaS to Obtain Total Assurance through SLA

    Companies can be carefree in utilising the services offered to the maximum, since the cloud service provider backs SLAs with authentic warranty thereby making it more ethical to use.

    Retrieving Data is Effortless No Matter of What Size

    Yet another plus point of cloud is that an incredible on-demand calculation is required to process huge amount of information and various methods for retrieving any size of data.

    Eventually, what melts down is the fact that best email archiving solutions help considerably in boosting up businesses. Every data received or sent will be always available online and can be accessed consistently, forever. Further, it helps in finding any kind of data within a blink of an eye thereby making a business organisation solely depend on its large volumes of rich information. Alongside, the end users can enjoy immense benefits by unlocking trapped knowledge and enhance communication which in turn helps in escalating positive response for business growth.