Reasons for the Inevitability of Document Scanners for Accountants


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Scanning is crucial for smooth functioning of the accounts section of a business. Because even today, a king part of invoices are in the paper format. That's the reason why business entities give a lot priority to document scanning.

These days accounting transactions are accompanied with soft copies of receipts and invoices. Generated by scanning tools, these soft copies are a standard now. Earlier, this was affordable only by huge companies given the cost and resources involved. But today, even small businesses can get them at reasonable rates from the tools.

The main reason why accountants prefer scanning is because it facilitates access to documents faster. You don’t have to go through piles of files. This is the main reason why businesses and accountants are fond of the scanning process.

There are a lot of accounting automation tools like Receipt Bank, Entryless, Datamolino. These help to automate data processing without any manual intervention. The user doesn't need to enter the data manually or one by one. This makes the process faster and comfortable and no scope of human error.

Yet, the main concern is carrying out this process perfectly and speedily. If you proceed with imaging of documents one by one, the time consumed is longer and it may even take more time than data entry.

Check out why scanning is the go-to option for financial professionals.

document scanning for accountants
  • Batch scanning

    A good scanner can leverage your productivity by saving a large amount of time. You should get one of the best scanners for business, and get your documents scanned in batches.

    This speeds up the process to a great extent, simultaneously scanning all the documents in a batch. When you get a scanner that comes with an automatic feeder, it can save around 2 hours of time for 200 invoices.

  • Datamolino prefers multi-page scans

    On uploading a multi-invoice scan, Datamolino finds the receipt data and relevant invoice. The file is then split into individual transactions.

    This makes document scanning for accountants simplified and saves a lot of time. The accountants need not scan an invoice for every page individually. Datamolino can deal with all the receipts and invoices scanned in a single file, both single-page and multi-page at the same time.

    Most of the scanners are capable of sending emails. They will email the scanned documents to the Datamolino folder. You can deal with scanning paper documents efficiently in this way.

Choosing a good scanner for accountants

If you are an accountant or a financial professional consider the following factors. Also, if you are an individual requiring book/document scanning, check them out. All these factors will guide you while you buy an office scanner.

Speed : Professional service providers and accounting professionals always consider the speed factor. Hence check the speed of the scanner.

Duplex Scanning : t should be possible to scan both the sides in a single shot.

Resolution : The quality of soft copies provided must be high. Also no software needs to be used. Since accounting professionals have no time or may lack the expertise for such things.

Automated Document Feeder : If you have a lot of invoices to process, ADF would suit your need perfectly. The ADF feature is very handy when there is a paper tray in a multifunction scanner that can hold around 50 pages.

Jam-Resistance : Accounting involves a lot of responsibilities to manage. A poorly designed one can pave way to many issues. Such as missing out pages, wear & tear, misprinting, ink leakage, etc. All of these can hamper the scanning. Hence, one must ensure the scanning hardware has adequate technologies to avoid such mishaps. Like an ultra sonic sensor feature that can immediately detect overlapping of pages.

Compliance with the standard : The scanner must have drivers for for WIA, ISIS, TWAIN interfaces. These drivers are a must-have for any scanner. They acquire the physical images from the scanner and store the digital images. Drivers for Mac and Windows operating systems are also important to have. These help in integrating with any software and hardware configuration.

Image enhancement : Image enhancement solutions for hardware and software, such as Kofax VRS Pro come with a scanner. Users don't have to pay any extra charge for it. These applications come with automated routines, that do the following functions:

  • Square and straighten crooked images
  • Detects between color images and black/white images
  • Remove dark backgrounds
  • Normalizes background color
  • Suppresses visual noise
  • Skip all blank pages, and,
  • Make the text crispier

Duty cycle : Accountants should understand the benefits of document scanning in business operations. The range of benefits offered by a scanner should guide the user to get the right tool. The device should come with a rating to scan the number of pages, that you might need on a busy day.

Availability of repair parts : The moving parts of the scanner may have to be repaired or replaced. These parts should be easily available, so that you can get them fixed in quick time.

With technological advancements, document scanning trends are evolving. You should get the right device to ensure a seamless scanning process.


If you are huge corporate entity with tons of invoices to process, hiring an external agency is ideal. A professional document scanning services agency can offer the best help. Not only quality, but also fast turnaround are assured from such external agencies.

However, you must first inquire about the tools they use for the document scanning. Moreover, the OCR technologies they are adept in. Once you are confident about their team strength, start checking their customer testimonials. This will give you more insight into their abilities.