Importance of Interactive eBooks in Education Domain

With the arrival of digital content, the way via which people share and gain access to information has changed on almost all platforms. With it, novel, improved and more effectual communication channels have opened up that radically transformed how people connect and converse. Getting news to making new friends and shopping to downloading a movie or book, there is virtually nothing that can’t be done with electronic devices. Publishing industry has been impacted immensely by this revolution. These days, interactive versions of digital books are ruling the marketplace owing to attractive features like audios, videos and other media capabilities. Interactive eBooks for education have become too popular. The whole educational experience has got redefined with this.

Interactive enhanced eBook creation
Interactive ebook creation for education

Elevate learning experience with interactive ebook features

Let it be an author, publisher, corporate entity or an advertiser, there are significant advantages of interactive books. However, education is one of those fields which has benefitted hugely and in many ways. But, there are still people arguing that traditional printed textbooks are the best means for educating children. This is a mere misconception and as per experts in psychometrics and behaviour analysis, things are on the other way round.

Enhanced digital books in fact complement the effort of teachers and students. Popular opinion on how to create enhanced eBooks is that the publishers involved in educational publishing must be careful and focus towards creating more interactive products with improved features.

The enhanced eBook creation process for educational books must be carried out in a strategic manner as the purpose here is to ease learning. When multimedia is added, chances for distraction can’t be ignored; to overcome it and assure that learning is properly aided with digital conversion, planning is inevitable. Experts in digital publishing companies in India are adept in using the right features at right places and in an optimal manner so as to ensure that the actual intention is served without fail.

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Mobile devices including tablets are sure to intrude education domain. However, what matters the most is the way in which interactive eBooks and applications are shaped for optimizing learning experience. Children's interactive books are not just the digitally converted versions of printed materials. In other words, the aim is to assure deliverance of exceptional quality content rather than digitizing and making content accessible on mobile devices. It is obvious that when you create interactive eBook with video, it would be accepted more that those lifeless digital versions. This is why companies offering quality interactive eBook conversion services are always in demand.

Other noted benefits

In addition to the above said, there are several other upsides as well. When content with interactive eBook features is produced to be distributed electronically, a wider range of technologies can these days be leveraged by publishers to achieve more reader engagement. With an HTML5 platform, authors can add multimedia capabilities, interactive quizzes and graphs, gamification tricks and recreations along with other web graphic and mobile tools for incorporating animations, videos and audios.

Engaging materials with interactive multimedia features are more meaningful and add value to the learning experience. Learners can opt for the methods that are most suited for them. With the incorporation of audio detailing, self-assessment options and other similar features, more connection is established with the materials. With interactive eBooks, information and material both come alive. The other benefits of this digital publishing are readers can highlight the text and they can search the text.

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