Effective Tips for Distributing Interactive eBook For Optimum Sales


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Deciding The EBook’s Availability Mode

Prior to publishing interactive ebook, if you decide the mode of availability i.e. free or paid, it would help you in developing the promotional strategies for marketing effectively. Such a decision would not impact the content quality adversely as your focus should always be on creating engaging writeup. All ebook stores experience maximum downloads for free eBooks. Saleable eBooks fetch maximum orders in the price spectrum of $.299 -$3.99, as indicated by analytics. This price range must not detract you because ebook publication does not have to go through the cycle hardcover books have to i.e. printing, packaging, transporting, retailing etc. If you want to spread an idea, offer the ebook free or else have a justifiable price tag. To market your ebook more effectively, publish a free chapter beforehand to generate curiosity among prospects. This is what even established authors have a loyal reader base do.

Protecting Your Original Work

To safeguard your original ideas from getting plagiarized, you need to secure the coverage of copyrighting. Anyway, once your ebook is published, it automatically becomes copyrighted as per legal statute. You can also get your ebook protected with DRM or Digital Rights Management wherein the reader is prohibited from executing actions like copy, print and share. You can enforce DRM while designing ebook apps for distribution.

Devising Right Marketing Strategies for Optimum Sales

The moment your ebook is published, it would not experience landslide sale. You need to patiently wait for the marketing efforts on your part to pay off. Promotion is needed to tell readers about your literary work. For making prospects learn about your upcoming ebook, you must utilize all potential media to publicize your work. Launch social media campaigns on all popular platforms like Facebook and engage with subscribers to motivate them to promote your work through word of mouth promotion. However, paying for advertisements would grab more eyeballs.

Publishing the eBook

For effectively distributing interactive ebook, you can rely on aggregators which would get your work listed on proprietary ebook stores as well as overseas inline retail outlets for ensuring optimum exposure sooner. You would have to pay a small fee or a part of your sales income as commission.

If you can afford time, you may decide the platforms where your book would be submitted. However, you still would have to pay a part of ebook royalty to retail platform.

Getting Your Ebook Distributed On Various Platforms

If you want to take the effort of publishing the ebook without the intervention of aggregators, you can resort to publishing software which supports specific platforms. Software usually supports mobile applications, desktop applications, Epub, and web applications collectively or individually.

Publishing ebook as mobile app

If you want to go with ebook mobile applications, the major platforms are:

  1. Google Play Store

    Google Play Store

    Here a fee of $25 has to be paid for registering and then you have to share 30% royalty for every sale with the App store

  2. Apple App Store

    Apple App Store

    The fee over here is collected annually at $99. Also, 30% of royalty amount has to be given to store.

Publishing ebook as desktop app

You can use a host of services for facilitating download and sell of ebooks from your site. The online sale feature can be integrated with the help of sites like payloadz.com, selz.com, pulley.com, instamojo.com and sellfy.com.

Publishing ebook as web app

Uploading the web application to your server would allow you in free distribution of ebook. However, selling the ebook would be a bit challenging as a customized function has to be developed for the site. However, cloud solutions are available wherein the ebook is encrypted on the server and the customer after paying through the desired payment gateway gets to download it directly from cloud.

Publishing as Epub book

The Epub version of ebook helps in widespread promotion and triggering massive sale. EPub books can be published on various stores like:

  1. Google Play Book Store

    Google Play Book Store

    You have to pay one time $25 for registering. You have to pay 30% of the revenue for every ebook sold. The platform is not so popular and hence it is desirable to use aggregators for distribution over here.

  2. iBookstore by Apple

    iBookstore by Apple

    You can register here for free, but have to part with 30% of your royalty for every ebook sold.

  3. Barnes & Noble Nook Press

    Barnes & Noble Nook Press

    You have to pay either 40% or 95% royalty based on the listed priced of ebook.

  4. Kindle direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon

    Kindle direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon

    The majority of ebook market is owned by Amazon. You have to pay either 35% or 70% royalty based on the price range in which your ebook is listed.

Publishing via ebook aggregators

Pay a small fee or commission and you can distribute your ebook to literally all online retailers through aggregators. Most writers, in order to optimize on the number of sales they would get through Amazon, first get the ebook published to KDP and then seek aggregators’ help to reach out to other platforms. Aggregators also help in designing cover, copyedit etc. in return for suitable fees. Prominent aggregators are:

  1. Smashwords

    The site design is modest, but the aggregator is hugely popular because of maximum value offered by this automated platform for your money. It has its own ebook store and can distribute to all international retailers by virtue of being in business since long. You can register free, but have to pay a royalty of 60% when the ebook is sold on another platform or 80% if sold by Smashwords store.

  2. BookBaby

    The aggregator does not take any royalty percentage on sales. Instead, you have to pay an amount of $299 for getting distributed to all popular retailers like KDP by Amazon.

  3. BookTango

    Here, the registration is free and you don’t have to pay any royalty. Instead, you can pay for services such as ebook conversion and formatting. You may create an interactive ebook on BookTango and enjoy commission free sales on major retailing platforms.

  4. Lulu

    For a royalty sharing percentage of 90%, you can get your ebook published on Nook store, iBook store, and Lulu Store.


This is officially a wrap to our comprehensive article on handy tips for distributing interactive eBooks that boosts sales. Hope by now you have gathered adequate insights on how to market your eBook content most effectively on multiple publishing platforms and through aggregator sites. Follow these tips religiously and soon you shall see visible rise in your sales, as well as a grown subscriber base.

And if you ever require any help or an external assistance, you may contact any of the professional eBook conversion service providers. These professional agencies have eBook conversion experts who can deliver top-notch interactive eBooks with engaging functionalities. These are also optimized for multiple platforms and eReaders. Good luck!