Top 7 Uses of 3D Rendering for Real Estate Companies


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The real estate realm has seen a huge development in the past decade due to the introduction of 3D rendering. The technology has ushered into a new era that has allowed 3D interior designers, architects, and architectural design service providers to achieve project efficiency.

What Is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. 3D renders may include photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic styles.

3D rendering provides real estate projects the needful upgrading that propels them to the doors of success. It allows designers to experiment with ideas in a whole new way and develop stunning architectural masterpieces.

In this article, you will understand what architectural 3D rendering is and the advantages of using it for real estate marketing. This will also give a clear idea on why it might be profitable to your business.

3d rendering for real estate
Real Estate Rendering

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

3D architectural rendering is the process of converting the architectural 3D models into life-like representations. These representations are usually provided in the form of 2D images, however, can represent 3D building objects. A powerful 3D rendering software is also used to develop the same.

The 3D rendering artists often try to create detailed 3D renders of the property structures. The level of detailing added helps in achieving photorealism, which is a great factor for driving sales. With the right technique, it is possible to make the 3D renderings look indistinguishable from a real photograph.

Some of the best software that can be used to develop these renders are Blender, Autodesk, Revit, SolidWorks, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, etc. However, only a professional can leverage the full potential of the software. Companies that do not have 3D rendering artists opt for outsourcing their needs to 3D rendering service providers.

7 Benefits of Architectural 3D Renderings for Businesses

There are several benefits of 3D architectural rendering for companies. The below 7 are the most important ones.

  1. Materializes real life models in visual perspective

    In real estate business, your success depends on the extent to which you can convince prospects of the viability of your ideas so as to extract investment from them. With three dimensional rendering, you can project the blueprints and floor-plans in lifelike mode so as to enable prospects to visualize the concept from different angles. It enables each dimension to be accurately mapped in visual space with soothing lighting and photorealistic textures that would inspire potential consumers to invest in your project. With photorealistic 3D rendering, you can trigger the flight of imagination of the prospects and extract the desired action from them. This is one of the main advantages of opting for three dimensional rendering.

  2. Brings consumer satisfaction

    Happy consumers would recommend your real estate company to others. This word of mouth promotion is critical if you want to sustain in a fast paced competitive world where pitfalls are many. With a 2D design, you are sure to leave the potential consumers perplexed whereas with a 3D design, you can articulate your plans in lucid manner. Designs rendered by a professional 3D design company would cause the prospects to envision the project from the comforts of their homes without having to pay visit to the site in person. When you would launch your campaign, your prospects would be highly satisfied with the smooth and facile manner in which you have presented your ideas. The bulk of customers feel satisfied if they find themselves catered with adequate, relevant and comprehensive information that helps in making conscious and informed choices. Your campaign is bound to be successful as it would succeed in accomplishing optimal customer satisfaction.

  3. Creates a distinctive niche for your real estate company

    To be noticed and to secure sustained investments, you need to emerge as a company with a difference that separates you from the rest in the market. 3D rendered floor plans, blueprints, projections etc. are the tools that empower you as a frontline, mainstream real estate service provider. This would help you stand apart from the crowd and create your own appeal that prospects can identify with. It offers you the needful competitive edge that keeps you ahead of the rat race. Your company enjoys the loyalty of prospects and is thus insulated from the vagaries of the market and quirks of economy. Realistic 3D rendering helps you create powerful advertisements and sales pitches that would help you make a bold and effective statement of your vision. You would not be regarded any longer as run of the mill brand. This distinctiveness helps in entering uncharted business territories and to expand your business at a rapid pace. It is not a costly affair when compared to the huge returns it is assured of offering. With the aid of a creative and proficient 3D artist, you can easily get created attractive and trendsetting images and plans that prospects would find hard to resist.

  4. Makes your presentations an instant hit

    To secure business consistently, you need to have a loyal stream of clients and constant access to newer market segments. In order to accomplish this, you need to create persuasive, statement making presentations that instantly endears you to potential customers. With three dimensional rendering, your presentations are streamlined in a cushy manner that prospects would love. You also enjoy the added advantage of making needful changes or tweaks in real time as and when the presentation is in progress to reflect the aspirations of the clients. In a live meeting, if your customers demand to view the floor-plan from a different perspective, you can easily cater to this by deploying the hired rendering artists to make necessary changes. Within minutes, the tweaked output gets ready and you can delight your customers by crystallizing their ambitions. This would help in pulling off more business than expected. Further, the clients would also treat your company as the single stop destination for all the future needs. With the help of 3D artists, you can render lifelike projections and make your otherwise dull presentation an instant hit with clients.

  5. Saves your time and energy

    Real estate is a demanding job. You have to constantly hop between site, office, client destinations, suppliers’ place and other strategic locations to ensure that everything is in order. But have you ever though that you can curtail this time economically with the aid of 3D rendering. Almost all state of the art 3D rendering software have provisions to input the dimensions of the proposed structure so as to accurately predict the cost estimates, material requirements and other needful supplies. You can easily share the relevant details online with your clients and customers without having to visit in person to their locations or inviting them over to the site. This helps in saving your time which you can invest in more useful and productive jobs that would strengthen your revenue streams.

  6. Enables customization as per market expectations

    With 3D architectural rendering, you can incorporate various perspectives into your real estate proposition with ease. You can design a virtual walkthrough wherein customers would be given a visual impression of proposed facilities of the installation through lively animations etc. Your marketing campaign can easily align itself with market expectations through three dimensional renderings.

  7. Reduces production, operation, and additional costs

    Many customers usually express dissatisfaction with the finalized design and ask for changes. They might even threaten litigations if they are not offered the same.

    Such late changes can imbalance your budget. However, with 3D rendering, everything would be finalized prior to the commencement of your project so that there is no scope for disputes later.

    Besides, going for the traditional production and operation method is costlier. But, with 3D rendering, you need only need a designer and software. Another good way to reduce this cost too is by using the help of 3D architectural visualization services. Make sure that they have proven track record and are charging genuinely.


Today, there’s a steady demand for professional 3D rendering services in the real estate sector. Almost every real estate company is relying on it for selling their projects since the industry has become more competitive.

Whether the companies are using it for effective design and development of architectural projects or cut down their overall cost, using 3D rendering has proved itself to be a boon for them. So, one should surely avail it if they want to be successful in the real estate business.