Offered world-class 3D rendering services to a prominent
interior design company in Sydney, Australia

Industry- Graphics

Company- The client is a prominent interior design company located in Sydney, Australia. The company offers complete interior designing services and its customer base includes schools, colleges, apartments, restaurants, and resorts.

3D Rendering


We had extensive experience working with a number of large scale interior designing companies based in AU. We could execute all the projects successfully. This was the reason why the company approached us to get 3D rendering done.

The requirement of the company was to get 3D interior room renderings for one of their school projects. They documented and forwarded to us certain rigid specifications. Also, we were asked to submit a pilot work as the company wanted to ensure that they were choosing the right people.

As demanded, we submitted the pilot project on time and the client was pleased to proceed further.


We always enjoyed taking projects that were domain-specific as it provided a new experience every time. But in this case, there were some challenges that needed to be addressed. This is what makes this 3D renderings case study a bit unique.

The turnaround time was very quick and the size of the project was huge compared to the resources we had allocated initially. In due course of time, the client came up with some extra requirements associated with the project. They also wanted every resource involved in the project to meet their company’s quality standards that were set by them.


As far as the nature of the 3D rendering project was concerned, it was important to assure the client at every phase that we were moving in line with the client’s specifications and requirements. Being a professional 3D designing company, we made sure that the client got no opportunity to complain about our quality.We divided the 3D interior visualization project into different modules and assigned each module to different groups within the team. A veteran project manager coordinated with these groups effectively

Though the team working with us was experienced, we still made them to undergo a strategic training session to familiarize them with the client’s business and standards expected by him. After that, we added a few more experts into the team to ensure that the project proceeded smoothly and swiftly.


Our team with its expertise and dedication completed the task way before the initially committed deadline and we got yet another 3D rendering services success story to share. The client made huge saving both in terms of cost and time.

If your requirements are similar and you are looking for professional 3D designers, we are the right people to assist you. We have professionally- trained staffs to provide world-class results. Still in confusion? You can check our portfolio and go through our client’s feedback here.

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