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3D Rendering solutions for an Australian building company


3D Rendering of legacy omages of an australian column building company

Client description

The client is in real estate development sector of Australia and operates from Canberra. It has a team of architects and civil engineers who design building columns according to the construction peculiarities of the structure. It has been in this industry for a relatively longer period and commands a major share in the Australian construction landscape. The eclectic and decorative columns manufactured by the client is in huge demand for building imposing structures. The client caters to entire Australia with its top notch columns and is calculated as a mainstream leader in this segment. The columns built are compatible with residential and commercial properties alike and are customized as per the needs of the clients

Requirements of client

The client wanted to launch its online promotional campaign to make in-roads to new regions. Accordingly, it has planned to develop a catalog, to be put up on its site, for highlighting the choicest building columns it has constructed over the course of past many years. In order to lay emphasis on the luxurious designs and complicated way of construction, the client wanted to strategically partner with a 3D design firm that could produce 3D rendering of the building designs in superior quality without compromising any aspect.
In order to facilitate impeccable drafting and flawless designing, the client had provided us with columnar diameter, dimensional specifications, resolution, angular inclinations, lighting exposure and scene rendering particulars.


The assortment of images of building design that were sent to us had certain hazy pictures. Also, while drafting in 3D, we had to conform to the requirements of Australian AS4100 construction standards and state wise geographical benchmarks unfailingly.

Our solution

We collated the client’s requirements and potential challenges to chalk out our strategies to remove bottlenecks and streamline the drafting process. MAP Systems prides itself of lowest turnaround time in the industry without compromising on quality when it comes to 3D drafting services.

We put together a team of seasoned 3D artists and modeling experts under the guidance of a dedicated Project leader. Each picture was retouched to heighten its crispiness and visibility quotient. Once the optimal level of clarity was accomplished, processing of the pictures was started for 3D drafting, rendering and final digitization. The project manager kept the communication channels open so that each team member was apprised of changes and workflow requirements in real time. It was also ensured that the dimensional and legal requirements provided by the client were being optimally integrated in each image. Meeting client’s expectations in regard of 3D engineering designs was our top priority.

Our team efficiently worked on an array of building designs and developed attractive 3D models with proper textures, lighting exposure, minute alterations, compatibility with various rooftops and building types, and other details. This would allow prospective customers to visualize how the design would enhance the aesthetic value of buildings under construction and how support would be rendered. Depiction of models from the point of view of ease of installation was done through 3D product models developed in Autodesk 3DS Max. We could complete the 3D modeling and rendering of more than hundred columns within a month, much before the deadline. The client was extremely happy when the output files were shared with it.


MAP Systems was able to successfully vault over the challenges posed in 3D drafting and rendering of images that don’t conform to the present standards of online technology. Our team was also able to orient the outcome in perfect alignment with the construction standards of Australia. State of the art infrastructure support, huge and dynamically allocable resource base, and team of experienced professionals help us successfully execute any challenging assignment with flair.

Over here, we were able to deliver spotless 3D renderings of more than hundred legacy pictures well within time. We would have sessions with you to map your requirements fully so that the outcomes measure up to your unique needs. MAP Systems exhibit compliance to international quality standards and have a rigorous quality assessment process in place to give our clients the competitive edge they deserve.

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