8 Ways to Reduce the Cost of 3D Product Rendering Projects


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Whether you're an artist, a business owner, or in another field requiring an attractive visual of your product, there are tons of reasons why you would want to hire a rendering professional.

From creating a replica of your product to having it look natural in the virtual world, 3D product design is often the best way to keep costs down. Many companies have been able to cut costs from their projects simply by improving how they approach 3D rendering services. If you're interested in lowering your costs, here are some tips to help you reach your goal.

 3D Product Rendering Projectst
  1. Prepare a thorough 3D rendering brief

    When creating a 3D model, it is essential to have an accurate brief. Without one, your artist will end up looking for reference material, which can cause the cost of rendering to skyrocket.

    It is vital that you mention the background of your image, its texture, and its presence or lack thereof. The 3D model's resolution greatly influences the 3D product rendering cost, so make sure that you've mentioned it.

  2. Interact with the 3D artists

    Another way 3D product rendering costs can increase is by not being specific enough when describing your 3D model. If you lack 3D skills and do not know how to provide accurate 3D visualization briefs to rendering companies, take the time to explain in detail what you're looking for.

    The 3D modeler should understand what you require, so make sure they have all the necessary information to ensure 3D product rendering prices remain low. Before handing your brief over to product rendering firms ask questions and make sure you know exactly what you want before reaching out.

  3. Make use of pre-made 3D models from a CGI library

    Did you know that 3D product modeling agencies often have 3D models they can use to cut down on the cost of rendering? Computer graphic libraries are a lifesaver when you're looking for three-dimensional models to aid your 3D rendering.

    Not only are there pre-made models that will help you save on 3D rendering costs, but they will also let you choose from a variety of objects. If your product design requires any customizations, use the library to find an object with the exact specifications you need. This way, 3D product rendering services provider can use CGI libraries as a base model and add any customizations you have requested.

    At MAPSystems, our CGI library is constantly growing to provide renderings of all types of 3D products.

  4. Consider the necessary elements for final images

    Why do 3D design services cost so much? Did you know that the model's cost is dependent on the model's complexity? The more polygons the model contains, the higher the 3D rendering services prices.

    The product model's output resolution will also determine the 3D rendering cost per hour. If you're looking to reduce the budget for rendering services, consider what is necessary for final images and base your model specifications on that.

  5. View the mistakes on intermediate results

    With the process being monitored and checked regularly, errors can be detected early on. Making changes in case of any product design alterations will save 3D artists from having to redo considerable amounts of work, which will naturally increase the final price. The earlier an error is spotted during the rendering process, the less money will be wasted and the lower your budget will go.

    Although it is not always possible to state precisely what you want from the beginning, you should let your artists know as much as possible about what you are looking for.

  6. Further revisions

    Even after careful checking of the 3D model, a few things need to be adjusted.

    Final revisions must be considered as time spent adjusting the 3D model is time spent on rendering. Product design firms may charge extra for extra work, significantly increasing the project price.

  7. Avoid making or removing changes

    Removing the background is easy to do, and it evens out the workload for 3D services.

    For example, if you need a different background, it should be requested before any project begins.


Before contacting 3D product visualization companies, you should create a list of the work you want to be done and make sure to send it in full. Keeping all of these things in mind will help you reduce the rendering fee.

Artificial intelligence, CGI, and automated processes are changing how we live. These days, 3D products can be rendered within hours, a huge cost saver compared to the traditional product rendering process.

By following these simple rules, you can cut render costs and enjoy the benefits of the latest technological achievements.