Working methodology

One of the main factors that attributes to the success of MAPSystems is the clarity and prudence of its working methodology. The way we work assures faultless, preciseness and swiftness. Though we regulate our operating style to suit the unique demands of different projects, the underlying procedures are almost the same.

Initial discussion with customers

Once an inquiry is communicated, we try to comprehend the requirements of clients in an exact manner. We carry out some detailed inquires and finally send a questionnaire to completely perceive needs, expectations and specifications in entire aspects of the work. Budget constraints are also considered.

Complexity of processes involved

Obviously, we consider the time, taken, effort involved and resources utilized before charging of customers. Prices vary based on the level of complexity. Some projects can be done with ease, pace and by lesser people. In such cases, price will be reduced drastically.

Suggestion of optimal solutions

After the questions are answered by the client, we start a detailed study of their business, niche, competition, feasibility and a lot of other related factors. Based on the insights gained, we brainstorm and propose a cost-effective and best operative solution to the client. After that, we wait for the approval.

Initiation of work after approval

Once approval is obtained, we frame a strategy to proceed further. Then the most expert people are sorted out to create a team. Project is divided into modules and each module is assigned to different groups within the team who work together towards the result. Milestones are set and work is instigated.

Delivery after series of quality checks

Throughout the process, quality is continuously monitored by a specialized team. Even after the project is completed, a series of quality checks is conducted before the work is delivered. Post submission of the work, in case of any further tweaking has to be done, it will be carried out till customer satisfaction.

We have an operative and vibrant communication channel in place that is alert all time round the clock. Client will be sent regular project reports and can also contact us through mails, chats, telephone and all other advanced communication systems.

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