23 December


advantages of html5 in elearning

Converting flash to html5- Merits in e-learning

You may have invested hugely on eLearning technology based on Flash. However, the disappointing fact is that they never work perfectly on tablet PCs and smartphones used by your students or employees. It is at this point that you realize the relevance of converting flash to html5. For a detailed understanding regarding the advantages, read ahead.

Courses are made accessible on multiple devices

As said earlier, the courses based on flash can’t be accessed through most of the mobile devices. Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more popular. People use a wide variety of mobile devices with advanced browsers that support only HTML5 content to view online courses. Recently Google revealed that almost 98% of web users use multiple devices having different screen sizes on the same day. Thus to meet the requirement of readers using varied devices, migration from Flash to HTML5 has become unavoidable.

Learners can access the content offline

Sometimes, sales and service team or technicians etc. may need to refer the learning materials while they are travelling through areas with restricted internet facility. In the case of Flash-based eLearning, providing offline accessibility to content is not possible. On the other hand, with HTML5 in eLearning, learners can download the concerned courses when there is internet connection and later on it can be accessed offline.

Best use of mobile learning apps

Mobile apps provide learners an easy access to the online content. Studies point to the fact that 90% of online content on the mobile devices are accessed via apps. However, Flash is incapable in handling mobile apps. Existing content is different formats like PPTs, PDFs and audio-video files etc. can nowadays be converted to mobile apps. HTML5 also facilitates web apps creation which can be easily accessed on all computing platforms thus ensuring hassle-free online learning on every device.

You don’t have to download plug-ins

For accessing multimedia content in courses based on Flash, plug-ins need to be installed. This problem gets eliminated when it comes to HTML5 format. There is no need for any plugins and multimedia elements are played seamlessly.

Know more about how HTML5 supersedes flash when it comes to E-learning

Flash based courses get a new life when they are converted to HTML5. For the same, flash to html5 conversion services must be sought after but only from an experienced and expert service provider. Need assistance? Let’s talk.

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