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Epub for e learning industry

EPUB for e-Learning - Why EPUB 3

Content nowadays are designed in such a way that they run comfortable on all possible devices. Many learning management systems are even incorporating offline players to ensure that the content is readily available for readers. As far as the format of delivery is concerned, e-learning materials are commonly developed on mobile apps as well as web-based applications. With the arrival of ePub 3 format, eBooks have gained more mileage in regard of e-Learning.

EPUB for eLearning

It is a standard format for documents and digital publications that are published by IDPF. There are certain features that allow the most recent EPUB 3 format to create interactive multimedia-rich matter.

  • Multi-device support

    It is based on XHTML and as it uses CSS & JavaScript, different content types, as well as inter activities on diverse platforms, can be displayed. In regard to layouts, there are two options for digital books- fixed layout and reflowable ePub. Both can include images, text, audios, videos, and graphics. Layout choice is dependent on the use intended, nature and the treatment of content.

  • Accessibility support

    Media overlays are supported by EPUB 3. Using this feature of epub3 media overlay, functionality of screen reader in which a pre-recorded audio is played as matching portions of text are highlighted synchronously. Besides, e-readers normally have their exclusive setting options for manipulating text formatting including font, size and colour.

  • Multimedia support

    Semantic mark-up technologies and SVG format are supported by EPUB 3. Tags can be used for including media components such as audios and videos into eBooks. Thus eBooks can contain theoretical and process animations as well as software simulations. Custom graphics and complex equations can also be included; they need not be treated as images which scale up or down as per the size of devices. This is one of the most useful features of ePub 3.

  • Interactivity support

    As it also provides support for JavaScript, all forms of rudimentary eLearning interactivity can be included in eBooks. Say, choosing text or else an image for displaying text or choosing marked parts of a graphic for displaying text etc. These are more effective for fixed than reflowable layouts; the default page breakdowns can hinder the interactivity design and thus its functionality. E-learning interactivity is a real boon.

  • Multilingual support

    It supports more than mere left-to-right scripts, eBooks be distributed to varied audiences and geographical locations in a surfeit of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Swedish, and Arabic etc. Multilingual epub3 thus removes linguistic limitations.

About eReaders

eBooks are read through eReaders and they have small dissimilarities in regard to content display and the properties supported. So, variations can be there on display, pagination as well as the behavior of media and interactive elements based on the readers. Multi-device eLearning is facilitated. A peek into different aspects of devices and considering them in light of your needs will help you to select the right one.

Additional considerations

When assessing eBooks to distribute learning content distribution, underlying additional considerations have to be made based on your requirements and needs.

  • EPUB 3 is an open standard which is free and content can be accessed online and offline.
  • EPUB 3 helps in tracking of data continuously. While online, it uses xAPI (Tin Can). For offline tracking, certain inconsistencies and limitations are there. It also supports local storage; this means data can be kept followed by transferring it towards LRS when connectivity is again obtained. But, data that be stored has some limitations. Besides, data can be deleted or emptied via user actions. Local storage efficiency is also reliant on e-readers and device OS combination.
  • With enhanced ePub format, output can be distributed easily via iBooks, Google Play Books as well as Windows App Store. Still, it is difficult to handle content updates as there are no ways for pushing notifications. Users, when receive notification or email in any different format, will have to eliminate the eBook that already exists and download the latest version.
  • Simpler eBooks can be created easily without any remarkable programming skills.

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