3D Case Studies

3D technology has become one of the most preferred and adopted choices in several mainstream industry sectors. Be it for real estate, fashion, eCommerce, or manufacturing - 3D is everywhere. MAPSystems, with its 30+ years of experience and expertise, is a leading name in providing premium-grade 3D services and solutions.

One of the most sought-after services among eCommerce marketers from MAPSystems is 3D design modeling, given our vast technological skills. They also have several 3D rendering requirements, which our talented 3D artists cater to. Most real estate properties require captivating 3D walkthroughs to impress prospective buyers and give them better clarity about the property. Our skilled workforce can develop custom 3D walkthrough animations for such critical real estate projects.

We are an ISO-certified company and therefore ensure all the projects adhere to international industry standards. If you are an online marketer or a 3D professional requiring professional assistance for high-end 3D sculpting or 3D texturing services, we are just an email away. The case studies below will give you a better understanding of our expertise and the quality of our 3D artwork.

3d rendering services

Project: 3D Rendering Service Provision for an Interior Design Firm

Challenges confronted: We always enjoyed taking projects that were domain specific as it provides a new experience every time. But in this case, there were some challenges that needed to be vanquished. This is what makes this 3D renderings case study a bit unique.


architectural 3d walkthrough project

Project: 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Case Study

Challenges confronted: The client had huge expectations in regard of output but the issue was lack of funds. They needed services at bottom-rock prices. This was a challenge as we had to do some internal planning to ensure that quality of services never get compromised because of client’s financial constraints.


3D sculpting project

Project: 3D Modeling and Sculpting Case Study

Challenges confronted: Targets were decided at the inception of the project. However, as the project proceeded, the volume initially forecasted leapfrogged and moved way beyond the originally set target. The challenge was to manage the volume by harnessing the existing resources and infrastructure without allowing the cost to escalate.


3D product animation project

Project: 3D Product Animation Case Study for Commercial Seating Company

Challenges confronted: During the execution of the project, our design professionals had to face a range of challenges. As the client was keen to get the most comprehensive details of the seating, the 3D team was required to not only render the most accurate virtual representations of the seating akin to their real-life counterparts but also to bolster the ergonomic features of the seating with respect to a range of seating movements and patterns of the customers all through the day.


3D products modeling project

Project: 3D Modeling of Aluminum Cast Products for UAE Based Engineering Company

Challenges confronted: By the very nature of the project and the stringent requirements of the clients, the team carrying out the 3D modeling for products faced with many challenges; the deadline of the project seemed to be affected as the specifications of the product were lacking in details. Adding to the issue were the product’s internal grooves.


3D Rendering Solutions

Project: 3D Rendering Solutions for an Australian Building Company

Challenges confronted: In order to facilitate impeccable drafting and flawless designing, the client had provided us with columnar diameter, dimensional specifications, resolution, angular inclinations, lighting exposure and scene rendering particulars. The assortment of images of building design that were sent to us had certain hazy pictures. Also, while drafting in 3D, we had to conform to the requirements of Australian AS4100 construction standards and state wise geographical benchmarks unfailingly.


Perfect 3D Models

Project: London Based Online Retailer Avails Perfect 3D Models

Challenges confronted: Our client has its online retailing operations managed from London based headquarters. The online retail outlet of the client is reputed for showcasing top brands of LED lights and torches.


3d furniture rendering

Project: How Our 3D Furniture Rendering Services Created Beautiful Kids’ Bunk Beds for an Online Furniture Store in London

Challenges confronted: A London based online furniture store contacted us to perform furniture 3d rendering for their Kids Beds and study tables.