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3D Product Animation Success Story


3d product animation success story of delivering exceptional services to a leading commercial seating company in Ireland

Client’s requirements

The client, an established designing and manufacturing company of commercial ergonomic seating in Ireland, approached MAP Systems with their request to create 3D animation for products as per their unique project deliverables. Despite being one of the first companies in the niche, over the last three years, their business has been steadily declining as their competitors have been making use of several state-of-the-art software programs to change the tide in their favor.

As such, the client approached MAP Systems, one of the leading and reputed names in the business, to provide 3D animations of the ergonomic commercial seating. This would so enable the client to deliver their customers with comprehensively meticulous and effective details of the designs, unique traits and functional capabilities of their products to recover their lost market share.

Project challenges that we faced

During the execution of the project, our design professionals had to face a range of challenges. As the client was keen to get the most comprehensive details of the seating, the team was required to not only render the most accurate virtual representations of the seating akin to their real-life counterparts but also to bolster the ergonomic features of the seating with respect to a range of seating movements and patterns of the customers all through the day. Each of the seating design came with a trove of traits that included the functional elements, features and advantages of the same. As such, the team needed to be extremely attentive and paying fixed attention to details to display the aspects connected with each design with profound precision.

How MAP Systems was able to approach and meet the challenges?

After scrutiny of the requirements of the client, MAP Systems, with the help of the its experience in rendering several difficult projects in 3D animation services, conceived the following approach to meet the challenges

A special project team was formed: We immediately formed a team that consisted of experienced 3D designers and a team lead who was tasked with leading the team and monitoring the quality of the project.

Advanced infrastructure: The team was also given all the required infrastructure support with all the needed applications and programs to execute the project effectively.

Continuous testing: The final drafts of the design were reviewed several times and undergone diverse QA checks before being sent for client review and feedback.

Working towards the client’s need: Being a client-centric services provider, we constantly push ourselves from our comfort zones and so was the case with this project as well. As such, we strived constantly to meet even the specific requirements of the clients.

The result of the project

As our team was extremely adept in creating 3D product animation, we were able to meet and execute the project as per the client’s requirements without ever compromising on the quality or the schedule jotted down by the client. The association with MAP Systems helped the client save over 63% of their cost maintaining better quality benchmarks, at the same time.

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